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Started 1/9/22 by susiewastaken (susietaken); 1998 views.

ok, I lost my game last night, bounced from level 108 to 1

Middle of the challenge...just before the day to craft 30 things! 

Emailed bf and elephant...debated about waiting for help, then felt i better get busy if I dreamed of possibly finishing the challenge.

Yes, am on level one, but SURPRISE!   My sad little level one game has a bunch of mail...from my game friends, surprised that still works!  Please cross fingers that my game gets restored quick. THANKS

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Am up to level 6 now and have all my game friends, just re-accepted invitation from John. lol

Hoping to hit level 13 tonight...


From: LvlSlgr


So sorry. I just checked and you're at Level 7 now. Good luck!

I'm glad you're getting your game restored, I've known you for many years on the forum.  But it's not a good idea to continue playing on an unstable game.  Many players have tried and eventually lost that game too.  And I'm not sure your reconstructed game would include any of the Challenge progress you've made.  I really think it's best not to play and just wait for your game to be fixed.


From: Suenamie5


I really hope they fix your problem soon my friend!!  So weird that this happened after the supposed fix!!confoundedcry

Wishing you a speedy fix for thisheart_eyesblush

Thanks. Yep, no way to play the challenge with my tiny, haven't touched game today. 

Big Fish got back to me already!  Asking about partial inventory...mostly diamonds and coins and which pets i had. (That was easy to answer)  

Sending an extra email to remind them I had over 250 pet medallions and well over 100 each of the eggs (SCARLET and SHAGGY)  needed to craft the 2 new xmas pets. 

I know elephant will have to assist restoring a lot of stuff, but hooray, BF might get me back into attempting the challenge.  (I did find some old emails from the summer of 2020 when I had to have my game restored...a lot of back and forth and lists of achievements and avatars). 

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What's the name of the Christmas monkey??

(cute little guy, santa hat)

He is the pet I had displayed when game went poof.


Think he might be CLEVER MONKEY

Does that sound right?


From: LvlSlgr


That's right. Good memory! 

Thanks!  I reported everything she asked about (I know elephant will have to help me with other stuff later, like lost avatars and achievements). Meanwhile, I stopped playing til BF sends another reply.  



From: Cyberfox277


Oh no worried I still see you at level 108, only you have a white dummy avatar now. This game is so weird at the moment, please backup your game, at least you won't lose everything pray