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Event Items   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Jan-17 by rodnocker12; 354 views.

From: rodnocker12


Okay, so I lost everything when my hard drive crashed but am wondering what happens to your event items when the event is over?  I believe when I had my old game that the items such as for Easter were just lost or are they saved somewhere until the Easter event the next time?

Also, is there anything you can do with the extra birds/deer/etc that you collect using your holiday wands?

A Special Thank You to everyone that's "Friend"ed me and helped me out.   But JEEZ!, I really don"t remember the game taking so long to Progress.....I guess "Time really does Fly when you're having FUN", LOL!

Items from events stay in your inventory until the next event. 

The items in your albums are just there to look pretty, no other use for the extra ones at this time.