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Eggs to give   The Consortium

Started Jan-27 by Azpotter; 1699 views.

From: Azpotter


I have eggs to give. Here’s a list: gold bearing turtle,

hippo, manticore, odd, owl, seal, pink piggy 2, hedgehog 2, phoenix 2, hopping tiger 3, sharp eyed snail 3, parrot 3, pegasus 3. Please let me know if you are interested in them for the consortium. 

willie aka Azpotter 


From: misstracy22


Hi Willie

Thank you so much for generous offer of your spare eggs. I’ll put them on my wish list and then I can pass them onto those in need. 

I hope you and your family are well and safe. Not long now before the end of the WE, so I hope you have stocked up on goodies. 

Hugs, Tracy monkey

Hi, Willie - thank for the offer! I have added some of your eggs to my wishlist, too. I’ll change them every few days as you let us know what’s left. Leave a message here or change you player id to include a hint :)



From: Azpotter


Great! Happy to help.


Catherine cc’d me about your message, I help the consortium, will be glad to collect the eggs and give to them or disperse to whomever they want them gifted to. Thank you for your generosity blush

Hello smiley_cat

collected 3 snail eggs, sent 1 parrot egg., will send other tomorrow.

which other eggs would you like me to collect?smile

Hi, Crystal - I've just been adding the ones on azpotter's list a few at a time so they can pass them. Of course I'm getting eggs from other friends, everyone is so generous.  Pass the ones you have on to me, or hang on to them.  I'll try to remember to add a snail egg tomorrow.

Thank you! ~Catherine


From: misstracy22


Hi Crystal, 

I’m going to agree with Catherine. All my friends are being so generous. I’ve had azpotter’s list of eggs and will change to suit both of you. Any eggs just post on here or pm me and I’ll put them on my list. Ready then to give to those in need for those glorious pets. 
Thank you for again helping. You’re wonderful. 

hugs, Tracy kissing_heart


From: Azpotter


Egg of gold bearing turtle, pink piggy, owl, phoenix, seal, hedgehog (2) , Pegasus (2), hopping tiger (3), sharp eyed snail (3), I still have am2 parrot eggs also.

Thanks! I will work through the list again starting with the first item, the Gold Bearing turtle.

You asked about the knitted eggs ~ everybody wants those! But of course I don’t have any; they were only available from the Halloween event room that never opened. They can be purchased with gems, but I don’t like to do that. I always like to earn the ingredients to craft the event pets rather than buy them. That’s just the way I play.  So I will wait until this year’s event to craft those pets. 

The only way for anyone to gift these eggs is to buy them, but you can do that yourself. The cost is the same.