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Boycott MC?   Welcome!

Started Mar-3 by Jenny MC (cbtx) (cbtx1); 41924 views.

From: mirka996


I have read your posts re Russian invasion of Ukraine. You’re right that it’s Russia that needs to suffer - you can’t seperate Russian military - it’s made up of Russian men & women & they all have families in Russia. Russians since after the Tzars have nurtured these violent despots &/or totalitarian regimes, Russia has always sought expanding it’s borders by violent invasion followed by Russification of the conquered population. Both my father & mother and their families lived under Russian rule. During WWll Russian soldiers were more brutal then the regular German soldier. Russians are behind Putin, Russians will go to a peaceful neighbouring country to rape, murder, torture and forcefully deport it’s citizens to filtration camps in Russia - but they will not risk their own lives in a civil uprising to overthrow a murderous despot in order to improve the future for their children/grandchildren - either Russians are cowards or they are a murderous nation. If you are on twitter  - this is disturbing but widespread in Russia

Everyone here (and everywhere) should see this.

Russians do not appear to have any regard for human life at all, and their behavior in Ukraine shows how barbaric they really are. And your post (I hope everyone looks at the Twitter link) is a clear example of the 86% of Russian citizens supporting Putin ---- and that would include ALL Russians, even those working for development studios.

Sorry, but this Ukraine affair is clearly exposing Russians for the kind of people they are.


From: Erin7770


I have no idea why Delphi keeps opening to this message, but I guess I'll be the one to point this out. You said:

In wartime you can't select just the people you happen to like or you feel "have given us so much pleasure" ---- that is complete nonsense. Did the world pick out certain Nazis they happened to like back in the day, or just declare Germany a pariah state? 

Yes. Yes, they did, as a matter of fact. They brought over literally hundreds of doctors and scientists. That's how they founded NASA. Instead of putting them in front of a firing squad for crimes against humanity, they became the heads of government programs, presidents and founders of pharmaceutical companies and very wealthy businessmen.

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


You are so right! Wernher von Braun was one of the most prominent “imports”.

All that was done AFTER Germany surrendered, so no,no they did not, as a matter of fact.

And I would really like to know which Nazis "became the heads of government programs, presidents and founders of pharmaceutical companies and very wealthy businessmen."

Are you really comparing scientists and doctors to developers of casual games? LOL

The fact is that Nazi war criminals were rounded up and tried for their crimes at Nuremberg before an international court. The defendants included Nazi officials and military officers and German industrialists, lawyers, and doctors. 

As far as von Braun is concerned, you should do a bit of reading ---- it's free, after all ---- and you would see the circumstances surrounding the SURRENDER of him and his team to the Americans in 1945 since he was very fearful of his work falling into Russian hands ---- as well he should have been.

And NASA was founded by law in 1958, not by von Braun ---- although he served as its first director.

And, insofar as von Braun being one of the most "prominent imports" ---- I wonder if you can name one other "prominent import" ? Without Googling it, I mean. 

Seems to me a little history refresher might be useful.

In reply toRe: msg 69

And you should all take a close look at message 68 in this thread.

In reply toRe: msg 74

I have said before to just play the game and spend no money that might go to Russian developers Elephant Games, but as I go into the game to gift (and not much else) I keep thinking of the unbelievable brutality of the Russians on their neighbors, I keep thinking of 86% of Russian citizens enthusiastically cheering for that savage leader they call President, I keep thinking of the families ripped apart by the criminal civilian attacks, and, now, I keep thinking of the latest attack on the train station ---- and I ask myself if it is really ok to be even playing ANYTHING that comes from this nation of people that seem to know nothing but cruelty and brutality. 

And, yes, I believe every Russian citizen bears a measure of responsibility for this horror that they have allowed to develop while they looked the other way and ignorantly applaud even now.

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


I think that your withdrawing from the game is a magnificent gesture!

Of course you do! Because I believe you support Russia's invasion in the first place. You obviously oppose my support for Ukraine since you always immediately post a snotty remark to me after I post. I know you are anti - USA and you don't live in the USA, but the general opposition to Russia is really a world wide phenomenon. Not just USA. not just me. Most everyone ---- but I guess you have your reasons ---- incorrect as they are.

But, truthfully, your coming in here to show your personal disdain for me every single time I post (because I have made comments in the past about MC that displeased you) is just making you look small, petty, and childish. I can't imagine why you would care whether I play the game or not, whether I spend money on the game or not, or anything else. What business is it of yours? Is life so shallow for you that you have nothing to do but check constantly on my remarks? Your comments don't come off as relevant, they are not cute or funny, they are not even insulting ---- they are simply pitiful trolling.

I hope everyone reads message 68.