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Spring Fever    Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Apr-20 by Lady Pirate (MCPirateLady); 976 views.

Wow! After going through the latest update, I have used so many resources and coins that I really need the spring event! I will have to do so many spring rooms to recoup my lost items and coins, so I hope it starts soon!


From: Playbelle


Right? Between dropping 8,000 coins left and right to open new areas and really expensive crafting it made a huge dent in my coins. Then with the CC, my airship items and pet food supplies are getting pretty low.  

The only thing I'm comfortably stocked up on is Trina request keys. 

To top it off, many of my friends are requesting only Spring Event gifts. I love gifting, but it gets on my nerves if all they ask for is Event stuff weeks before the Event starts (maybe one slot is okay, but all 4 gift slots just feels kind of greedy). I know, all I have to do is skip them, but it still bugs me a little. Geez people, wait until the Event starts and I will happily gift all the Event stuff I can spare.

I share your Spring Fever. Can't wait to see what the Event is like this year!  relaxed

You’re right! My friends can ask for anything, but until the event starts, I don’t have much of the spring things! I will have to be patient and keep checking until then. I’m also curious about the new room, etc.