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Henry's Blue Key Quests starting in Level 69   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started Jun-3 by Lisadengel; 1034 views.

From: Lisadengel


Hi All, 

I am on Level 69 in my PC game and I have started getting Henry's blue key quests.  I have already opened the chest because once I had lost my game the first time, the BFG guy gave me enough blue keys (and the special pets!) to open the chest before doing the blue key quests.

Anyway, I'm on Henry's quests and I swear they keep going and going, but no one else has any blue key quests.  

Does anyone know if each character has a certain number of blue key quests they give you before moving on to another character??


Lisa (910622)


From: LvlSlgr


Lisadengel said:

Does anyone know if each character has a certain number of blue key quests they give you before moving on to another character??

No, that's not how it works. There are usually 5 different characters with the blue key quests. I know they can change from time to time. Meaning that if you stop doing the blue key quests (just don't click on the character to bring that up) and work on the updated story, then when you get to the end of the updated story and the blue key quests are available again ... the characters might be different.

I'm at Level 115 - the end of the latest update - and the characters with the blue key quests are: Innkeeper "Salty" Took; Skull Pete; Gretel; Hansel; and Storyteller Cat. 

You may have to go into every area to check out where the characters with the blue key quests are hiding. I know that's what I had to do in the past to find them. Good luck!


From: Lisadengel


Ok, so if I understand, there should be 4 other characters with blue key quests right now in addition to Henry, right?  I just have to find them?


From: Lisadengel


Hi again,

I just checked every character in all my open areas (Castle, Town, Cloud City, Elven Forest and Dark Tower) and there are no other characters with blue key quests right now.

I'm wondering if it's because I have six characters currently with active quests (each for their own blue key) in order to satisfy what the Crow wants.  Some are in the middle of their number of quests but some I haven't started yet.  I have:

Anabel - Knight (4 Tasks) and Magma Sphere, then eventually 2 more quests.

Knight - I haven't started his tasks which are 4 tasks of 2 labs each.

Chamberlain - Valeria (the 3 remaining tasks) and the Innkeeper (also the 3 remaining tasks).  Then he has two more sets of tasks I guess after Valeria and the Innkeeper finish theirs.

Valeria - Examine the passenger car and two additional quests to follow.

Innkeeper - 3 more tasks - each with 2 labs.

I had read somewhere that in order to get the blue key quests from characters, you should leave your other tasks open in case they overlap, and not advance in the game, so not to do any of the outstanding tasks.  Is that incorrect, and I won't get any new characters having blue key quests until I finish each of these from the crow?  In other words, should I complete all these open quests for the crow, but not open any NEW crow quests when I am done with these so that only blue key quests come up?

I hope that made sense!

The blue key quests usually only come when there is no content update to be done.

It is some years since I did level 69 and the original blue key quests, but I seem to remember we needed to do them to get the keys for the Special Quests.

Maybe if you start to do the Character Quests to advance the story line, you will find that the Blue Key quests will disappear.

I have noticed that when I start a new Character quest when we get updates, the Blue Key quests will disappear, as their original purpose seems to have been to give players something to do, along with the Daily Quests while waiting for updates.   

The only use for the Blue Keys seems, to me at least, to be used for getting the special pets.   I have so many in my inventory that I may never use them.   Mind you, we all thought the same about the gift for a friend that we use at Christmas for the first two years of the game.


From: Lisadengel


Thanks...I'll continue in my story while also alternating with Henry's blue quests.  I see that until Level 71, he doesn't have any regular quests so I'll just keep going and see what happens!


From: LvlSlgr


It's really best not to be playing characters with the Blue Key quests at the same time that you're working on updating your storyline. This is something our resident expert AEGram has emphasized because it can cause problems. My advice would be that after you complete Henry's Blue Key quest, then don't click on him again and let him sit there with the blue exclamation mark over his head. It will eventually go away.

Of course, this isn't Henry - it's Salty Took - but this is what I mean. Leave Henry alone and don't start another Blue Key quest since you're also working on the quests for the storyline. That's just my two-cents worth. LOL


From: Lisadengel


Thanks!  I understand how it works now...when I did get to the end of each of my characters' final quests, then they had blue key quests.  Once I finished all of their last quests, I did whatever blue key quests I could easily knock off and then once I used the portal activator thing and entered the dark portal to go to the Harbor, they all went away because I downloaded the next chapter.  I think this next segment of content might be rather small only because I am only a few tasks in and already one of the characters has blue key quests going but I'm leaving him be for now.  

I have already visited the ghostly chest the second time to open the Cargo Hold, so if I am remembering correctly, I will have to open it a third time and then if I want to, I can do it afterwards only if I want to (I already have the pets from BFG, and if I have extra keys, I know people have them on their wish list so I'd rather share than buy the exclusive pet food when it will drop on its own.

Thanks again!


From: AEGram


Regarding the Side Quests and the Character Quests that advance you in the game:

1. Several players had their game lock up when they had the Storyteller Cat open with a Side Quest and then tried to advance with the Character Quests. Storyteller Cat was the first one you're sent to....he was locked on the Side Quest and wouldn't deliver the Character Quest. Once it got locked, the only recourse was to contact BF or EG to get a technician to resolve the issue.

2. The Side Quests present during Levels 69-71 because you need the blue Destiny Keys you get from the Side Quests to fulfill some of the character quests. So, they are part of the game during that time....until you're sent to the Ghostly Chest by Lord Chamberlain and get the Ocean Guide. The Side Quests go away when you attach the last piece to the Ocean Guide. The Ocean Guide then sends the ship to a "forgotten city," which is Atlantis.

3. Each time after Level 71 that the game was in "pause mode" while we waited for the next content update, the Side Quests were made available for players to entertain themselves with something different from just doing rounds. As a result, the MC Game Guide will have a note that says which task is the first task of the new content. When you click on that task, you should have NO opened Side Quests because the game can be confused and lock up.

4. After you get the items relative to the game (1. Open Ghostly Chest to get Portal activator, Level 69; 2. Craft Keys of Fate for Pete to open Cargo Hold, Level 70; and 3. Open Ghostly Chest to get Ocean Guide), there is no game reason to continue the side quests. However, if you want the 4 exclusive pets, you will want to continue to get sufficient Destiny Keys to craft the Keys of Fate at least 4 more times.

5. There's also a 5-bag Exclusive Pet Food in the Ghostly Chest......there is absolutely no reason to continue to craft the Keys of Fate to open the Chest to get the pet food. As soon as you get the first Exclusive Pet, the Exclusive Pet Food is randomly given at HOS completion. ......I recommend keeping at least 20 of the Exclusive Pet food in your inventory so the game will continue to give it to you on a regular basis. 50 bags would be better.

6. Once you advance past Level 71 and have all 4 Exclusive Pets, it is not necessary at all to do Side Quests. Some like to continue to do them for diversion. My personal opinion is that you use more of the inventory needed to open some of the ZZs than you get back. Some want the Destiny Keys to convert to shards. I've found that you actually lose shards by giving up inventory that could be converted. But, each player will decide for his/her self how they want to play the game.


From: Lisadengel


Hi there, 

That is so helpful!

Regarding #1 - I am currently on L 70 and haven't met Storyteller Cat yet so I haven't gotten any blue key quests.  But I had heard prior that you can have problems advancing in the game if you have open key quests so I am steering clear of them for now, as I have all 4 pets which were gifted to me by BFG when I lost my game the first time.  So I've opened the ghostly chest 2 out of the 3 times, and then I'm done with that...As there are so many levels beyond where I am at now in the game, and I'm at about 40 keys to open the chest for the last time (and the characters continue to give me the blue keys as the reward), I will just ignore the blue quests.

On #6, I had one clarification to make sure I was understanding it correctly - So since I will open the chest for the last time in the next level, which I should get to soon as I'm about 2/3 of the way through L 70, when I have more keys than needed and there will be no more side quests, it's recommended that I convert them to shards for myself rather than gift my excess keys, is that right?

I also had seen the 20 minimum exclusive pet food before and I'm following that advice.

Thanks again for the help!!!