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Email from Elephant Games team   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Jun-15 by Cambio (Kambio); 1140 views.
Cambio (Kambio)

From: Cambio (Kambio)


Hello All,

As with everyone, I am wondering about an event, so I inquired and this is the response:

' We do plan on releasing an event this Summer, but I can't give you any dates right now. Times are very turbulent and things change really quick,

we are doing our best to keep everything as stable as possible.'

Best regards,
Elephant Games team 

So I guess that's something to have hope for.


From: AEGram


A response in any manner is a positive. 

I'm sure they have lots of things on their mind and they will create new content or an event if time permits them to get back to the work of being creative.

My personal opinion is that we don't need an event, per se.

If I were to offer any recommendation to them it would be to just open the Anniversary Room for about 35 days so new players could play the room, gain a few additional coins, and get a pet they haven't been able to get.

There's no need for floating objects, new scenes, new pets, new achievements, new puzzles.....just activate what's there because many missed that one year the room was opened.

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From: Honeyphan


AEGram - I so agree! That would be wonderful if they would do that, if they cannot do anything else at this time....

Cambio - thank you for reaching out to them! At least it is hopeful...

: )

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From: Moonki


I would also love to have the Anniversary Room opened.  Anything would be nice.

Thank you, Cambio for this info. It does give hope. Moonki

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From: datsalotta


Thanks for the feedback from EG. Can appreciate their situation. Other players suggesting to open the Anniversary Room again would be great. Something better than nothing. But in so doing would we get HOS to play. I wonder.