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If anyone has EGGS to spare...   Gifts, Wishes and Random Pleas for Help

Started Jun-16 by Lisadengel; 2405 views.

From: Lisadengel


If you are not already a friend of Lisa (910622), and you have eggs to spare, can you please send me a Friend request?

I'm almost out of cash since we have not had a Spring Event, and I'm opening up things left and right in the Harbor plus I'm about to sail to Atlantis.  

To my friends who have been SO generous, I appreciate it more than I can say!

Thanks in advance...Lisa


From: AEGram


At this point, when low on cash, it's best to set aside leveling up for a week or two.

Play, play, play, play every available HOS as often as you can and you will be amazed at the amount of coins you will have collected by the end of the two weeks even with just receiving the 50 coins at HOs completion.

As long as you don't craft for profit, you will also have a plethora of stamps, pet food, and airship items.......just from playing the game.

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From: Lisadengel


That’s great advice especially since I just opened Atlantis.  I used to sell off stuff but I’m keeping everything and not making labs for profit right now.  Thanks!!!


From: AEGram


Just for grins....write down coinage, and amount of each stamp.

Play as often as you can....just the HOSs for 2 full weeks.......then look at coins and stamps.

Would you do that? And document it here in 2 weeks just to show others what can be done?

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From: LvlSlgr


AEGram said:

And document it here in 2 weeks just to show others what can be done?

It would also be helpful to keep track of how many HOSs you complete during that time. You can get that number from the following - 

My number is relatively low for my level because of all of the problems I've had in the past.

Sorry, I haven't been paying enough attention!

Of course I can send a few eggs your way.  =)


From: RavenofGA


Raven of GA here (Janice).  I have lots of eggs so I'm sending an invite.

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From: Lisadengel


Hi!  I'm so sorry it took me so long to reply to you!!

Of course I am happy to do anything to help my Forum friends!!

I've started on this "project" but I wanted to let you know how it's going so far (not totals or anything  yet, but just info so you know how to use it when I'm done).

At first I wasn't sure I could hold out for 2 full weeks, so I was going to probably stop after one week which would have been this Friday night.  However...I'm not always able to play so I thought the second week would be better.  My biggest issue is not being able to gift anyone because I'm trying to get a completely accurate count.  So after I post this, I'm going to post a message to my in-game friends to tell them what I'm doing and to be patient because gifting will be back very soon!

That said, here is what I'm doing...

First, I'm a casual gamer, not hardcore or anything.  So that means some days I can play an hour, some days 3, or some days (like Father's Day when I was busy all day), I can't play - except to make sure I go in and get the daily gift bonus, and the free spins on the wheel and in Trina's lair.  

Second, I was one of the lucky masses who lost their game not once, but twice, in the Great Game Crash of 2021.  So, like many others, I was put back to the very starting # of HOS items (which had a benefit all on its own), and because I have locations open through the first area in Atlantis, it's taking me much longer to get to the maximum recharge time (with 22 items) for the HOSs.  That said, as of now, I have the following open in all my locations:

22 HOSs which recharge after 30 minutes

50 HOSs which recharge after 10 minutes (I'm getting closer with some of them to leveling up)

So I don't have any yet that are maxed out, which means my coin totals will be lower than people who have all their locations maxed out, which is actually a good thing - because it will give casual players like me a better idea of what they can earn when they aren't even maxed out. 

So you see the breakdown, I have

*4 10-minute HOSs in the Castle left

*18 in the Town

*13 in Cloud City

*all 6 in Elvyn Forest

*3 of the 4 in Dark Tower

*the 5 in the Harbor

*the only one open so far in Atlantis

So that's that...Here's the rest (stay with me smile because you're running point with me on this project!) :

Here is what I am NOT doing while I'm working on this:

* Leveling Up

* Feeding Pets

* Gifting (disappointed_relieved - my Jewish guilt is killing me!!!!!)

* Sending the Airship

* Trina's Quests 

* Playing the puzzles

Here is what I AM doing:

After I log on, I immediately head to the Fortune Wheel and Trina to see if I'm ready for the free spin.

Then, I go right into the Private Rooms and collect my and a friend's chests, plus all 6 butterflies (I have a hard time seeing the stupid flowers everywhere, so I almost never bother with them - unless it's during an event)

Now I start my rounds, beginning in the Castle.  Here's the main thing that I think is VERY important:  After each room/location like the Castle Vicinity and the Tavern, etc., I go back to the Private rooms and collect the 6 butterflies.  The amount of shards I'm building up just doing that is crazy.  Sometimes I forget to go in there but I don't forget for long.  Then on to the next "room", the butterflies, and so on, and so on.  I timed the Castle yesterday, and due to where I am level-wise on the Castle HOSs, it took me just about a half hour to do all the HOSs once plus going to the Private Rooms in between each of the rooms/areas in the Castle.

After the entire location (Castle, Town, Cloud City, etc.) is visited, I go to disenchant any puzzle pieces I have built up.  Even if I only have one piece left at the beginning of my trip round the castle, it doesn't matter about extra pieces even if you finish the puzzle, because as long as you remember to disenchant,  you're good to go.

My chart, which I will attach at the end of my two week jaunt (plus a template if anyone wants it for their own fun) basically keeps track of these things:

* Total # of HOSs completed

* Total # of coins earned

* Total # of diamonds earned

* Total # of magic shards earned

* Total # of Energy units earned

* Total # of postcards earned

* Total # of gift boxes earned

* Total # of stamps earned

* Total # of pet food earned

* Total # of airship items earned

I haven't
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From: Lisadengel


No worries - you are always so good to me!!


From: Lisadengel


Thanks so much!!!!