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New event   Oh the Absurdity!

Started Jul-4 by Bingo (manybears); 221 views.
Bingo (manybears)

From: Bingo (manybears)


I don't do very many posts and have limited my rants to nil.  I do, however, have a couple of,  'What The!!" moments when I wonder what the game people are thinking.  The first problem I have, is how small can they reduce some of the items in the Spring 6 room?  If they get much smaller, I'll need a magnifying glass to find them.  The other issue I have is the d**n frog jumping back and forth...totally distracting.  So much so, I have glued a Post-it note to the left side of the screen so I don't have to see it.  Lots of my friends have not come back, but I usually give them a week or two to come back, although I doubt that will happen this time around, as Covid has probably claimed a few players and the others haven't been around since the Halloween fail.