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Spring Task Manager Event   Technical Issues

Started Jul-4 by Cynbrat1; 700 views.

From: Cynbrat1


I just had the craziest experience with the private rooms.

Started out on one friend's room, a little disappointed because it was the original first room and I need the fake money, but hey ho. As I finished it, instead of coming back to that page it went to the next room! Where I, of course played that hos as well and when done, it went to the next room! I ended up playing once in EVERY ROOM, still on the same friend. Thanks, PurplePrincess!

It happened with one other friend but only for two room that time.

We'll see what happens tomorrow and I'll hold off on the coffee this time, as it was quite exciting and my bladder is ancient.


From: LvlSlgr


Sounds like that player was also playing her/his private rooms. I have my private room as the newest one, but when I first go into the game at the start of the new day I go back to my first Spring room and play that HOS. Then to my next Spring room and play the 3 HOS in there ... and so on. So if another player just happened to go into my private room while I was doing that, he would most likely be able to play in all of my rooms.

You got lucky!

Have had that happen to me on occasion, though not very often.


From: Cynbrat1


It was quite the thrill as I usually play low on coins when levelling and I was around 2k at the time. Unfortunately, that player has been in the Halloween room (that NONE of us has played) each time since then, no idea why. Also didn't know that you could play all of your own rooms every day (after what, nine years?) so thanks for that too!

I have one long term friend with that room up, but am loathe to delete them because of the length of time we have played together.  How time flies when I realise how long I have been playing this game, albeit that my first 5 digit came is no longer playable.

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From: Cynbrat1


Happened again today. Different friend.

Not complaining.