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If your game (PC) is starting to really act up, READ THIS!! You're in danger of    Technical Issues

Started Jul-18 by Lisadengel; 1508 views.

From: Lisadengel


Hi All, 

Over the past week or so, my game has gotten harder and harder to play because it was constantly freezing (even more than usual) while gifting, in the private rooms, etc., with the Please Wait message, and also when I wanted to leave the game.  I would click OK and nothing would happen, and I couldn't do anything but restart the entire computer in order to exit out.  This part happened almost every time I wanted to exit the game.

If you notice that your game is getting harder to play, start making a list of your ENTIRE INVENTORY (including Friends and crafted items) and your ACHIEVEMENTS because you are in danger of having your game lost to the SAVE glitch which is what happened to me!  

It's incredibly important - especially since we're all playing the Event and racking up tons of coins to make a note of the following - and I am HIGHLY recommending you do this upcoming list EVERY night or at the end of your gameplay for the day - because it's the first thing they ask for and honestly the most important:

Your Friend (Player) ID

Your Player Name

Your current Avatar

Your # of Coins

Your # of Diamonds

They will sometimes ask if there are any items you have a lot of...I put down EVERY item I have and the quantity.  

I personally make sure to note:

Your # of Magic Shards

Your # of Energy Units

Your # of Trina's Golden Keys

Your # of Blue Keys

Because these lists are very extensive, and I don't like using Excel (I know that some people have made Excel charts for this purpose), I use my own Word document that I created, so if you want me to send that to you, just let me know...

This is the THIRD time I've lost the game this way, and interestingly enough, the last time was during the Winter Event and it was very near the end so I lost ALL winter achievements, items, album things, etc. and BFG and EG CAN'T restore those.  

So be especially vigilant during this event because I'm wondering if this is related to the Events...the only other odd thing I can think of is that I forgot to reboot to exit my game the night before, and I exited the next morning - and the next time I opened the game is when I got the SAVE loss.

Sorry for the length of this post but I don't want ANYONE ELSE to lose their game - ESPECIALLY during the Event!!!!!

Lisa (910622)

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


Thanks. All good ideas!


From: dairrr


i find the only reason my game acts up when gifting or in event rooms is from folks trying to CODE themself onto my active gifting with friends list over and over and over again.. those folks games are unstable from their own antic's.

i personally don't want to hear why folks think it great grand and wonderful to code themself into another person's game.i get i can't stop them,but i can throw them off my active  with gifting friends list & do just that over and over and over again.. the nerve of those folks like hell your not inviting yourselfs onto other folks friends  list....

bs when ever there is a update no matter the reason for the update you who code onto  folks friends lists and into the game itself dis a freakin pear,destabalizing your own damn game.. which should be the case.. 

i could be wrong but it appears as if you can't remove yourself when in the declined list matter of fact i just watched in real time such a person who codes as i have complained about magically disappear off of my declined list as they put themself  back onto my active list.we did that over and over and over dance few days back didn't we dear.

don't expect sympathy from me because you code yourself into the game itself destabilizing your game environment. may you be caught at it and may those in who can ban you and all others from coding into the castle in any way shape form or fashion... damn hacking hags

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Well, you left me in the dark! I can sense your frustration, but have no clue what you are discussing. Code? Codes? Coding?

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From: LvlSlgr


dairrr said:

i find the only reason my game acts up when gifting or in event rooms is from folks trying to CODE themself onto my active gifting with friends list over and over and over again

I have no idea what you're talking about. Can you explain this to the rest of us?

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From: Hirento


Hello Dair,

Do I understand you correctly in that you believe that other players somehow just appear on your friend list without invitation or acceptance from you? And that the same people do this again and again?

Sometimes players will change their game names - I do this typically to let my friends know I'm on a break, or on holiday, or something like that. Others do this simply for the fun of it. I had one friend who started out calling themselves India, then changed it to Carolyn, and are now called Caro.

But they have the same player ID number, so I have made it a habit to write down the player numbers of all my friends. This way I can track them if they change their names.

If this is not the case in your situation, I wonder why your game is plagued with unwanted people. I have never heard of this happening to anyone else, but perhaps you should contact Elephant Games to ask them how this is possible.


From: LadyAstra



     Dairrr would have to confirm, of course, but what they may be speaking about is a very rare glitch that I have had happen myself. 

     Every once in a while, I log into the game and go to the Friends list, and I see that I have an extra friend in the count (so not a name change).  If I scroll through, I will find a completely random friend inserted into my list.  This friend acts otherwise normally, and if I chose, I could gift, visit their Private Room, and treat them like a friend acquired in the usual way.  I do usually delete them, though, out of safety. 

      I assume it's another server glitch like the lost game and hijacking glitches, only far less severe.  In any case, in the six years I've been playing the game, it's only happened three or four times.  Given that I seem to suffer fewer of the other problems (Please Wait, freezing, etc.) than some, I'm okay to just live with this one.


I've never just had a random person show up in my game. The only time I've ever had friends just show up in my game is if they went missing out of the blue and they reappear without my having to invite them. That has happened 3 times during this Event so far. 


From: LadyAstra



          I've had that happen as well, but again, it's extremely rare for me.  It's happened maybe three or four times in six years, and the friends are usually only gone for a day or two before reappearing.




From: dairrr


BS that none of you have people appearing on your friends list that you did not invite onto it from you requesting friends with or they you and you accepted.

it's not my one & only players problem that folks are able to code themself into the game itself and onto people friends list they have the ID# is MIDNIGHT CASTLE'S problem,it violates them the developers and us the player's of their game.. 

my friends list grand total #'s change and NOT from the friends list loading come on now take me for a fool or yourself.. when ever there are  updates when ever the game bots or who ever clear our declined left the game for why ever list. 

 i watched in real time one such person able to code themself onto my list from having my ID# disappear from my game because their game is chronically unstable.i have caught on that when ever those people games are  acting up on them anything to do with having  to do with castle FREINDS becomes wonky...

this person who i will NOT name publicly  and  by the way those people up to what i am talking about know who they are.. know what i am saying is a  fact and reality for them that their games are chronically unstable.

i watched in real time as ? left off my list and magically reappear leave off again magically reappear.. i put them in declined then and there, that person then coded themself not straight onto my  list but into requesting to be put on.. i declined, and then we did.. the put itself onto my list for me to  take them off dance several times.. oh yes we did.. they sit in declined as we speak.

how long before they wreck the entire game system, break into our inventory lits.MAY  THE MIDNIGHT CASTLE TEAM BE WORKING ON PROTECTING THE GAME by sealing off such intrusions into it.