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Found Windows Process Causing Freezes/Please Wait   Technical Issues

Started Jul-28 by JustMe2 (CantFindName); 299 views.

I have 2 games, and so 2 profiles, on my PC.  In my main game, I had no problem; the game ran smoothly with only the momentary Please Wait while progress saved to the server after finishing a private room HOS.  In my secondary game, however, the situation was totally different.  The mouse was sluggish as I played an HOS; it took several seconds to clear rewards after I finished; the Please Wait between HOS and room changes seemed interminable, and my entire system would lock up from time to time, necessitating a hard reboot. 

I went looking for something different between the two games, and I found it: In my secondary profile, about 5 minutes or so after signing in, the process UserOOBEBroker.exe would suddenly show up in Task Manager.  The Out of Box Experience runs after a new installation or upgrade installation; it's the one that pops up to "guide" you thru the changes, and it's only supposed to run one time.  After the last Windows upgrade, I ran through it in my main profile, and it went away.  However, in the second profile, I just dismissed it because I'd already seen it once, and there was nothing I needed to have repeated. 

Apparently, that act of disrespect upset the Windows gods because it kept coming back, not as the popup but as the running process that consumed rather massive resources.  Ending the process in Task Manager didn't work because it restarted itself a few seconds later. Neither did any of the other suggestions I found online until I came across one that said, Rename it!  So, I tried. The secondary profile isn't an Admin account, so I couldn't take ownership of the file in order to rename it, but I happen to have installed a small program called Unlocker that could do it for me.  I renamed the file to UserOOBEBroker.oldexe, a few days ago, and I haven't had an issue since. 

Unlocker is a safe app by IObit; my antivirus hasn't even balked at it.  I added it to the right click menu when I installed it, so all I had to do was right click the file, select Unlocker and tell it Rename when it asked me what to do. I would note here that, if you find the same process and try Unlocker, be sure to make the name change after the dot so the extension (the .exe part) is what changes.