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Forum Protocol Question about Friends on Red   Friends

Started Sep-2 by Lisadengel; 613 views.

From: Lisadengel


I have a question for both PC and iPad players.

I have several players who have been on Red almost since I started playing.  Some are Event players only which is fine.

I have gone into the ones on Red to see if their private room is that first room or an Event room.  If it's the private room, I think about Declining them.  If they are in any event room, I leave them so their room is available when the event comes.

Is it rude for me to make a post to All under Friends and list my players who are on red and not in any event rooms?  I would love to know if anyone thinks I should delete them, or knows of those players and has deleted them in the past due to continuous Red status?

I keep all friends who have an Event Room (extra rooms to play when the current event is active). When an event starts I keep track of friends who are in the Castle Room or an Event Room with no HOS, if they don't change to an event room within 2 weeks I put them in my deleted folder (I do check them while they sit in the folder to see if anything has changed on their card just in case they are playing). 

I don't see anything wrong with posting a list of players you're wanting information on. However, remember to only post part of the player's id number. For example ***123 or 123***.

Hope that helps!!

One thing to remember is that not all players come to the forum or even know about the forum.

My card goes red in my "junior games" as they are now event only games.  If people choose to delete them it is no problem to me.  I have some friends on my main game who have been red for ages, but I decided to keep them because we have been friends for ever.

I keep others for at least 6 months as these days, we don't know who is still around to play.  My son has a sealed envelope to use if anything happens to me, so that he can let the forum know.  That could take a while as he is in Europe and I am in Australia.

Having said that, there is no right or wrong way to play the game.  Whatever works for you is the way you should play.  If friends delete me, that is no problem.  They may be back next event as some people don't like a large friend list on a regular basis.


From: AEGram


Lisadengel said:

Is it rude for me to make a post to All under Friends and list my players

Most players don't want their user ID and game name posted to an open forum. 

This forum can be read by anyone.. You don't have to have an account. The account is necessary if you want to post.

Even the list of PC, iPad, and Android players on this forum does not include the player's ID for privacy reasons. Those who want to request friends will sometimes post their ID and then later remove it from that post when they've secured all they want or can handle.

I do not recommend posting an entire game ID from your friends' list. .............Just my personal opinion.