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Knight Lord Achievement   Achievements and Musings

Started Sep-4 by Kricket357; 409 views.

From: Kricket357


I'm having problems getting the Knight Lord Achievements. 

I click on the knights daily and check to make sure it adds one day to the total, moving towards the needed total to get an achievement.  When I come back to the game the next day, however, what I did the day before is gone and it reverts back to an earlier number.  I have been up to 10/15 before, and it keeps reverting back to 8/15 when I leave the game and come back to it the next day.  What can I do?

From the MC Game Guide (thanks AEGram!!).................

Knight Lord – these are the knights to either side of the Castle entry. Move them x number of days in a row for each level of the achievement. If you miss a day, it resets to the beginning of the current part you are on. (The 24-hour day starts at GMT day roll and concludes when the next set of "new day" presents arrive.) 

So are you clicking on the knights for consecutive days?? 

One way to make sure of the knights is to click on them every time you pass them in the castle.

As Tammy said, the timing is crucial, so, to be on the safe side, figure out what time your time zone clicks over to Greenwich Mean TIme and work your day around that.  

Mine is currently 10:00 am, but later this month it will be 11:00am, when daylight savings starts.   The presents will stay up until you go to collect them so if I can't play in the morning, I can still collect the gifts at 20:00 at night.  They will reset again at my GMT time.  I could collect my gifts at, currently, 09:30 am and then again at 10:00 am IF, I missed playing the whole of the previous day.

Hope this helps you.


From: AEGram


Kricket357 said:

I'm having problems getting the Knight Lord Achievements. 

Knight Lord
1. Move knights 7 days in a row – 1000 coins
2. Move knights 15 days in a row – 3000 coins
3. Move knights 30 days in a row – Knight (avatar)

Level 1....for 7 days you must click on the Knights and make them move. These are the Knights at the Castle Gates. For me, my current "Game Day" runs from 7:00 pm to 6:59 pm the next day. IF I click on the Knights at 8:00 pm on Tuesday and then click on the Knights at 10:00 am on the following day, that is still counting as only one day. I must click on the Knights one time during 7 consecutive GMT Game days to fulfill the requirement for the first level.

Level says to move the knights for 15 days in a row, but this is a misnomer. You've already moved the Knights for 7 days (in level 1) and the game doesn't take away an achievement earned. So, to fulfill the second level, you must actually move the Knights 8 more days beyond that 7 for a total of 15 days. You can take a break after those first 7 days and not move them for many days and you will not lose those first 7 days; however if you continue on and get up to the count of 14 days (which is moving them 7 more beyond level 1) and forget a get put back to the beginning of Level 2...which is the end of Level 1....which is a count of 7. 

Are you still with me?  wink

Level 3 is to move the Knights for 30 days in a row....but (again) if you're now on that level, you've already achieved Level 2...You've already gotten the reward for moving them 15 days in a only need to move them 15 more days to complete this achievement and get the Knight avatar. The final level is extremely hard to do. I can't remember how many times I got close to that final 30 and then for some reason or another I forgot to move them or couldn't play the game for a day. I think I actually got to 28 or 29 and got busted back to 15 total............grrrrrr 

So, for that 3rd level, you must remember to move them 15 GMT days in a row without fail......easy to say; hard to do....unless you make a plan.

Every day.....log into the game at about the same time ..... first thing....move the Knights before doing anything else....every night, close the game on the Castle Gates location so the first thing you will see when you log into the game is the Knights. And you just might make it thorough those last consecutive 15 days.

But.....don't beat yourself up if you get to about 25 and miss a day because, well....been there; done that.....moved on. LOL

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