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RIP QUEEN ELIZABETH II   Messages from the Heart

Started Sep-11 by SharpEye1; 1377 views.

From: SharpEye1


No disrespect intended, Miss Tracy, but I felt this deserves it's own thread.

My sincerest condolences to all those who lost their Beloved Queen!  I've been watching CNN all day, every day, since the news of her passing, and it's wonderful to see all the support for her and, now, King Charles III.


As I put in another thread, We here in Australia will have a public holiday on the 22nd September for a National Day of Mourning.  

Was brought to tears by the honour guard of tractors and other farm machinery, and the line up of horseman along the way from Balmoral  that the funeral cortege took.  We have had barely anything else on the television since the news broke.


From: misstracy22


No you’re quite correct. I think I was so sadden I put the post anywhere I could. I think the news has been expected. After her beloved husband Phillip died, Elizabeth II has rapidly aged and no doubt missed him so much. Bless her she is now together with him again. 
Thanks Ada,

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From: Moonki


When Kate, nowPrincess of Wales told her children GanGran had died, Louis, now Prince Louis, said now She’s with Grandpa. 

We knew she was failing, but it still doesn’t seem possible. She has always been  such a strong uniting force and a strong example of dedication to duty

She will be missed.

Here in Canada we have formally acknowledged our new King.


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I took much comfort in her address to Britain and to the world during Covid. 
A great lady, reunited with her beloved husband. Blessings and prayers for her family.bouquet



From: SharpEye1


I stayed up all night so I could watch the State Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.  It was worth it as I thought it was awesome!  I felt so bad for her horse and corgi's when the coffin went past them.  I know they grieve too!  But, all in all, a wonderful service, the likes of which I'll never see again in my lifetime.


We also watched the entire time, but what got us was the lament played by the bagpiper as the coffin was lowered. That was the saddest.  Once in a lifetime for sure :(


I couldn't stay up the whole time so I recorded it and have a friend coming round on Friday Night my time to watch with me.  It ended at 05:00 am my time which was why I couldn't last the distance.  These older bones can't pull 36 hour days any more.

We recorded it also and I added an extra hour just to be sure I caught it all. wink