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Do we get content , holiday updates anymore? Will we have a Halloween Update thi   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Sep-30 by Amanda Reece (AmandaReece); 3795 views.

Are we going to get a Halloween update? I stopped playing for a while and when I loaded it said their was an update but it was a bug fix update. Just wondering if Midnight Castle is going to have any more content updates since the game bans in Russia? If we will have a Halloween update, does anyone know when?

We had an update Aug 30. It contained a level update and a CC that ended yesterday.

All the items needed for the Halloween event are already in our game, but just need to be activated. They’re leftover from the cancelled event last year. Unless, of course, the decide to add additional content stuff. When they plan to do that is anyone’s guess. 

AEGram posted this in another discussion:


From: AEGram


The Spring Event was a "one off" in that it started much, much later than it normally does....usually it's issued by the Developers around Good Friday.

Fall last year was cancelled.....The previous dates for the Fall Event have been: 

October 12, 2015 both
October 17, 2016 PC;   October 19, 2016 iOS;    October 21, 2016 Android
October 19, 2017
October 25, 2018
October 19, 2019
November 3, 2020
Fall Even cancelled 2021

All anyone can do is periodically check the forum because someone will notice the download as being present and will post a new thread to tell everyone.

Plus, iOS has been very reliable to have the download/update available/showing in the App, if someone playing on iOS starts a "Fall Update/Download" thread, you can be pretty sure it will also be available for PC players.

I have been thinking about the updates lately and have wondered if the reason that we do not get the updates as regularly as we would like is because this is basically a free to play game and probably doesn't bring in as much money for the Devs as some of the paid games they have.

My thoughts is that this is a favourite game of theirs as they seem to listen to we players regarding different issues and we have plenty of ways to make the coin we need to progress with the season events giving us 250 coin per HOS once we have made it to the top level.   I have also been able to add a swag of diamonds to my Myrtle game through playing the puzzles.  We have amulets to help us if we choose to use them during the DQs.  

I know that many players will disagree with my thoughts and that is their right.  

We are not bombarded with constant adverts to buy this, that or the other thing as many of us who play other so called free-to-play games endure.  We can advance in MC as slowly or as quickly as we like.

On another note.  I now have my Pouncy Cat game which I have been unable to play since March 2021, since the password expired and I forgot which one it was.  I have also reactivated Cattipuss and Silky games.  


From: Honeyphan


Well, they have all the new content in game already! lol So all they have to do is flick a switch basically to open event - I hope they do it sooner than later ...

Am eager to get into that new room - and also really want one of their achievement avatars won from playing the event...

  • Edited October 2, 2022 4:48 pm  by  Honeyphan

I am looking forward to the Halloween Event even though sometimes these events are like hard work.  Just as well I am retired and no longer have to go to work.  I seem to spend so much time playing games that nothing much of other stuff gets done.  


From: RavenofGA


I too am retired.  Since it was 2003, not many games were on PC.  Now there are so many, I spend a lot of my time playing.  I'm looking at a dirty house and wondering how it got that way.  Then I remember, "Oh yeah, I spent most of my days playing games."  Gift or curse?  I haven't decided.  BTW, I taught for 30 years starting in 1973 when I was 21.  I was able to retire at 53.  I'm now 70 and I don't regret a day of my retirement,


From: LvlSlgr


RavenofGA said:

I'm looking at a dirty house and wondering how it got that way. 

LOL ... I know how mine got that way. Playing too many online games and also just reading, reading and more reading. But I have to admit the fact that I've had severe back/leg problems for the past 3 years made it almost impossible to do anything except what absolutely had to be done. I finally had back surgery about 5 weeks ago and I'm on the mend now. Fortunately, I was able to come home to a clean house because my wonderful daughter-in-law came over and cleaned it while I was in the hospital. God bless her!!!


From: RavenofGA


If only I were as lucky!  But, I have started in on the mess I call my living room and believe it or not, I have actually managed to get my sofa cleaned off.  Now for the rest of the room.  Take care and pamper yourself while you are recovering.  My thoughts are with you.  


From: LvlSlgr


RavenofGA said:

believe it or not, I have actually managed to get my sofa cleaned off.

Good job! A little at a time ... LOL