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Really? This is a rooster?; CC event reward early?   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Jan-18 by Larian (Eredain); 3428 views.

I listened carefully, and the kitty makes three cat sounds— meow, rarrrr, and purr.

Hi, Debbie has not played in at least a year. 

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I really miss her!


From: misstracy22


I miss Debbie too and I’m sure so many others do too sweat

Does anyone have Debbie’s email? I just can’t delete her from my friends listcrying_cat_face. We were both fellow health care workers. Different parts of the country.


From: Cynbrat1


Hahaha just saw this! I said the same things about Smol Roosty. If you have never seen the Roosty viral video on line, I highly recommend (not cock fighting, Roosty attacks a pigeon and the pigeon wins. Called in background by referee). They definitely phoned in that old cat pet and I wanted the Hoody Cat as a pet as well!