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Help! I didn't get the Christmas update   Technical Issues

Started Jan-28 by Mara1022; 519 views.

From: Mara1022


I just realized I didn't get the update that included the Christmas Event or the Daily.  I use 2 computers and it (the update) showed up on one but not the other.  I keep one of my secondary accounts on my 2nd computer (it's a light weight ... lol )  It's the one named Mara2.3

I uninstalled and reinstalled the Big Fish Manager, but that didn't give it to me.  I didn't get a "mail" in the game showing me the update.  How do I get it now?   I know I shouldn't have waited so long to check for it to catch up, but lots of personal stuff going on these days.

Can/will you please help me?   Thanks.

Hi Mara,

You're going to have to uninstall the game itself and then reinstall. 

To do this open your Game Manager. Next to Midnight Castle you'll see a trash can. Click on that to delete the game. When you're done, look in the upper left hand corner and click on PC Games, then type Midnight Castle in the Search Box. When it comes up click on it to download. Launch the game and the update should start downloading.

Good luck!!


From: Mara1022


Thanks Tammy, I'm burning the midnight oil trying to catch up.  I never will, of course, but like all little Castle runners, I'll keep trying.  lol

You're welcome, happy to help!!