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friends of Sun on ios   Friends

Started Jan-31 by Sun (sunriserain); 288 views.
Sun (sunriserain)

From: Sun (sunriserain)


I messed up and lost game on iOS. I uninstalled and reinstalled and have new game, new number, absolutely nothing else. 

please don’t send any gifts to sun last 4 digits 1707  until I get this figured out.

I’m not very tech savvy. Can I restore original game from Facebook or iCloud?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I was at level 118, had 407 of 411 achievements, 22000 diamonds , so much inventory.

I have sent an email to elephant games at  Hope that is the correct email address.

so upset, 


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Sun (sunriserain)

From: Sun (sunriserain)



big fish moved my achievements so all I have lost are my friends.

I have some recorded but I am not very good at keeping lists. 
if you are one of my friends, please invite me, my new Id is i2849730

thank you