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Santa's Medallions   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Feb-5 by ellenkcl; 595 views.

From: ellenkcl


The last task on challange is to get Santa,s Medallions.   Where can they be found ??

You get the when you put a gift box in you friend’s bag/box in their room 


From: ellenkcl


I will check tomorrow t0see if i can figure it out.  thanks for info.

Here's a little more info, courtesy of LvlSlgr (from another discussion):

From: LvlSlgr


Are you referring to the pink gift boxes? Those are called "Gift for a Friend" and stored in the Stamps inventory. You earn those by doing the HOSs but they few and far between.

If you're running low, you can trade with the kids to get more.  5 items for 1 gift.

Then when you enter your friend's room you'll see a Christmas Bag/Box, click on it, a message will pop up asking if you want to leave a gift, click on it to leave a gift and then you'll receive a medallion....................


From: AEGram


ellenkcl said:

Where can they be found ??

As previously receive a Santa Medallion by placing a gift under the tree or in a sack in your friend's event room.

You can trade items (see the list at the bottom when you click on sure to scroll to the right to see all items that can be traded) with the kiddos for 3 Gift for a Friend boxes. ....the game requires only 5 items be traded for a gift would then place one in 3 of your friend's rooms.

BUT....what wasn't mentioned previously is that you can put them on your wish list and hope your friends will gift them to you....but, please remember to not collect them from the mailman until that last task is unlocked!!!!