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Ice Breath Friends   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 6/16/18 by Howdah (smitcheltree); 181889 views.
Howdah (smitcheltree)

From: Howdah (smitcheltree)


What is a cooling pad and where do you get one? When I was using it as my main PC, I would blow compressed air into it and angle a desk fan on it, but the heating has gotten worse. I think a new fan would solve the problem, but I dropped this laptop, and broke the DVD drive off, so it is a mess, not worth the expense.

I have been gifting from my inventory for a few months, but I do play the wheels so I end up getting more inventory. I was buying things that my friends did not have, and accidentally used up most of my diamonds to buy an expensive gift for a friend. My coins have gone from almost 2,000,000 to around 100,000, so I still cash in some inventory so I can continue to buy if someone wants something that I don't have. I also gift myself to my other game. I thought the computer would only last a couple months, maybe, but it has been hanging on since about August or September. It actually stopped overheating as fast during the winter, but with summer here it is overheating faster again, so I don't think it will make it through the summer. 


From: chilpep


Great.  We have placed you on the PC Master List.  Thanks for the info. 

I live in Australia and bought mine from JBHiFi, a store that sells T.V.s computers, DVDs etc.  I guess if you are in the States it would be Walmart or Costco or some store devoted to computers etc.  It works pretty well for mine and that computer has lasted several years longer than I expected it to.  I only play MC on that twice a day and just gift out from it.  I have been trying to close down Trixie Belle for the last 2 years, might finish it this year.


From: SharpEye1


Hi Howdah,

As Trixie Belle said, Walmart or a big box store, or I usually go to Best Buy (USA version of all things computer/phones/printers, etc.).  Happy to keep sending you Ice Breath for $290!

Ada (Sharp Eye & Sparky)

Ewa Poland (Ewa333)

From: Ewa Poland (Ewa333)


Hi, I swap Ice Breath too. I play as Ewa Poland ID 620698. Please add me wink


From: chilpep


Hi and welcome to the castle

I've added you to the Master List for PC users.

In reply toRe: msg 20

From: katiek2


Hi all - I'm adding my name to the "will swap Ice Breath" list.  If any of my friends have it on their wish list, I will send it rather than something else.


BlueSky (muppetmel1)

From: BlueSky (muppetmel1)


Question about shards. So before I had to reinstall MC and lost my progress, I was getting Trina requests for shards. It looked like I was collecting bunches of them but I could never find them or figure out how to give them to Trina to complete the quest. Suggestions?