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Ice Breath Friends   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 6/16/18 by Howdah (smitcheltree); 126685 views.

Oooh, I always went there just to pick up the daily prezzie. I never thought to actually click on her. Doh!

Ah, okay. Thanks for the info! Sometimes I think I should read the strategy guide but it seems like too much work. ;-D

Players, past and present, put one heck of a lot of work into the strategy guide to help other players and you say it is too much work to look at and read.  I hope they don't read your post and stop updating it.

Edited to add.  Not to mention the time and trouble they took to copy it and bring it across from the old forum.


From: katiek2


Thank you Anna for pointing out what no one else would.  Every forum needs a steadying influence like you.



From: Aynasha


Leah (muppetmel1) said:

the strategy guide

AEG's MC Game Guide, as well as our other reference documents, are wonderful resources for anyone interested in using them.  They are extremely labor intensive projects which some of us gratefully use on a regular basis.  Just the same, using them or not is a matter of personal choice.  There is not a right or wrong way.  Nobody's been unanimously elected to judge anyone else here.

Wow. I’ve been here two days, so I didn’t know that. Since you were kind enough to ask me to clarify, oh right, you didn’t, I will say I’m referring to the guides within BFG games where you have to leave the game to open up the guide and then swing back and forth to be able to use it. Not anything here.


She was rather rude to this newbie. Not exactly a steadying influence for moi. Oh well.

Thank you for taking the opportunity to explain Aynasha. It’s appreciated. I was feeling rather judged for a minute there. ;-)


From: Aynasha


Leah (muppetmel1) said:

rude to this newbie

I agree with you and, speaking more likely than not for the majority of non-newbies here, I apologize that you were unfairly targeted.

Thank you so much. I consider the matter over and done! And I certainly have an understanding now of the work and care that went into posting those guides