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Ice Breath Friends   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 6/16/18 by Howdah (smitcheltree); 140953 views.

From: Honeyphan


I want to take this moment to thank all of my wonderful, wonderful friends -  my swappers and also those who have sent with no I.B.s on their own wish lists for me to reciprotcate - I am 3/4 of the way through on the Magic Miser achievement with 1/4 to go! :D

Thank you so much for helping me get to 75k! You are all much appreciated!

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From: bajon


First time ever. John gave me an ice breath!!!


From: kthreads



I play both android and PC. I had actually gotten the achievement on my own on my oldest PC game by doing the events as much as possible and at the end of the event, depleting the extra items down to about 75 of each item. Then when I had an issue with the game and it was sent to the developers, they lost all my inventory of 4 years, a lot of my achievements...and gave me coins and diamonds to think that would help. It didn't. CS only gave me back some of my inventory and I had to start getting my lost achievements all over again.  I then decided to put Ice Breath on all my games that I have a high enough level. 

I am looking for more friends to swap Ice Breath. 

PC: 715219 Janet / 715222 Isadora

Android: a1199671 Janni / a1369508 jdmorgan (This is my Chromebook game just transferred back from a Kindle)

Thank you to everyone who has been gifting me Ice Breaths; both PC and Android. It's going to take me some time to get the achievement but eventually it will happen. relaxed


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From: CDB (CDBD)


Good morning kthreads,

Got your friend requests to my KIndle game, and accepted them.  I will send your PC games friend requests as well.  I play as Ladybug on PC. 



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From: bajon


Just finished Magic Miser!!! Thank you to everyone who helped. Especially those who had already finished and still sent IB. Thank you Bill and iBiff!!relaxed


From: TinyFaerie


Congrats on finishing!!!


From: kthreads


Thank you, CDB. I got your invite on my PC games.



From: bajon


It was great!!! So many friends helped. Could not have done it without them.

This forum has helped me so many times with info about different things I did not know.

Take care, stay safe!

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From: Moonki


I have finished the miser quest. Like bacon I couldn’t have done it without so many helpful friends. I’ve had so much help from the forum - I can’t believe how much I didn’t know. A GIANT THANK YOU TO ALL!

I  have taken ice breath off my wish list, but will send it to any friend who requests it. Moonki 

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A big thank you to all my fabulous friends. With your help I have now got my Magic Miser achievement so I've taken Ice Breath of my wish list. I will continue sending them out. Thanks again