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Magic Beasts   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started May-5 by Gsam; 2068 views.

From: Gsam


Any ints on how to get the magic beasts to appear. I have been wandering from room to room for an hour and a half and only found 3 of them. At this rate it will take all day and night to get 20 of them.

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From: LvlSlgr


Nothing you can really do to make them appear more often. I went through all of the Castle areas twice last night and once today. The first time I got 3, the second time I got 7 and this last time I got 4. Six more to go.


From: Gsam


I cheated - I had amulets left.

I did one round, Tavern to East, and got none!! Did see a lot of the "floaties" I'll need for later tasks, of course when those come up, they'll disappear into the castle attic!! Not sure how many rounds I wound up doing but it was many!!


From: LvlSlgr


It took one more round of the entire Castle areas to finish up the remaining six.

One thing I failed to say earlier, in the past I've noticed that if I wait until the next day then the required floater seems to be more plentiful. Maybe it's not really but just seems that way. I don't know.

At least with the others we still have to do the numbers are a little more reasonable. 5 Magic Butterflies, 10 Healing Herbs, 10 Horses and 7 Lords. Also, we don't have to send any airships with this CC which is a big plus in my opinion.

I am struggling a bit with this CC MYSELF.  I am not one of the few fortunate players that have the ghost amulet or morphing amulets so when they say to get 13 birdhouses, well it took me 3 days, then had to get caught up only to find very soon after that NOW I have to get 20 MAGIC BEASTS.  This shifts it from fun to drudgery especially with the spring event just starting. I am on level 121 so maybe the higher you are the harder they make it?  Any thoughts?

About 2 yrs ago I stopped playing the CC’s, now I remember why.  Yah I am complaining. Then I stopped playing the game altogether because they didn’t have any new Seasonal Events for so long and stopped giving any new areas or material at all.  I am hoping some of you remember when that was going on?
My opinion is that after I quit playing for awhile I came back more patient.  But the CC’s still seem very repetitive and not fair if you are one of the many who didn’t get the chance to get the amulets.  How hard would it be to offer those 3 amulets again?  Can’t really be that difficult, can it?

Anyway just my 2 cents


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From: pclark200


I was saying rude things to all the mice and horses that kept showing up! LOL!

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From: Hirento


Hello Gsam relaxed

As others have said, apart from having an amulet, there is nothing you can do to get the floaters to appear more quickly, or get a specific floater.

 As you probably have noticed, the floater in a location is there for a certain length of time before a different one appears.

I don't know the exact length, I have tried waiting for a new one after catching the previous to see how long it takes. It seems that a new one doesn't appear until you leave the location and go back, so I have tried waiting 1 minute before popping out and back in, 2 minutes, 3 minutes etc. I haven't found a specific amount of time, but I think it is "naturally" around 2 minutes.

If you have few map areas open - for example my niece's game only have the Castle, half the Town and half the floating City so for her collecting floaters without an amulet is excruciating as it seems that the same floaters appear for two-three rounds. Getting different floaters takes forever.

But I have found that there are ways to "reset" the floaters manually so to speak, to get different ones, and the best way is to do something else occasionally.

So, for my niece, we have come up with a strategy; look into every location she has open - play a HO. Start a new round of looking, play a HO. Every time she comes out of a HO, the floaters have reset.

The upside of this is that - since it can take up to 10 seconds for a floater to actually show itself, knowing it will be a "new" one each time means you increase the chance of getting the one you need.

We experimented a bit, and found that even just going into a HO and immediately exiting (without finishing the HO) would shorten the time to floater reset.

When I look for floaters in my own game, if I don't want to use an amulet, I park myself in a location that opens into two others - such as the very first one (Castle Vicinity). Wait for floaters to appear - catch it if it is one I want, move into Tavern, wait for floater. After seeing the floater - I will either catch it or not, then go into a HO. Exit immediately.

If I had caught the floater a different one will appear. If i had not caught the floater I will just immediately back out to Castle Vicinity, wait for floater, leave. Next into Castle Gates, repeat.

So I tend to go into a HO and immediately exiting on every third location.

Another sure way of re-setting floaters is to exit the game and re-starting. I tend to do that if no matter what I never get the one I want.

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From: Astra355798


Hi. I know what you mean! It’s taking forever. There seems to be something strange going on with my bunnies as well. I have 104 of them and this is my 3rd spring event but there’s still one I cannot get. It’s the upper left corner one . Bizarre to me . Here’s luck to us both to get the beasts. I’m at 7 after days. 

Wow… you and your niece sure have given it the “ole college try”.  I Admire such determination and PATIENCE.  Which at times I am in dire need of.  I have also tried some of the things you did.  
I was really MAD until I read the post from you and 1 from pclark200. Now I am lifted out of my petty little tantrum and am ready to on with the game.  You guys should have been cheerleaders, or maybe you were?

you also brought it into perspective that where I am on level 121 and have ALL available rooms open to me, your niece must have just started the game and only has the first 2 major areas accessible, the castle and town right?   OMG …. I just can’t imagine how unbelievably difficult and frustrating that must be for her. Good to her for not giving up. tell her I was a little ashamed for being such a baby and am trying to emulate her and not give up. Keep on trucken, right? (That is an old hippie saying from the 70’s, by the way) It’s great to see the young uns’ are teaching us old farts something, as it should be.

Thanks for the reminder and uplift.