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the special three christmas boxes that show up about 7 pm.    Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started Sep-10 by GaviTn; 327 views.

From: GaviTn


do these only show up once every 24 hours or how often is it

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From AEGram's MC Game Guide:

Each new day in the Castle starts at midnight GMT, so it will vary based on your time zone. When the new day rolls, you are presented with 3 gift boxes….you choose 1 and will receive coins, a diamond, or a unique stamp. These “gifts” are presented in increasing increments up to 5 days. Then it reverts back to the 50 coin increment: 
50 coins / 1 diamond / 1 unique stamp 
200 coins / 1 diamond / 1 unique stamp 
500 coins / 2 diamonds / 1 unique stamp

800 coins / 2 diamonds / 1 unique stamp 
1500 coins / 5 diamonds / 1 unique stamp 

For me GMT in the US Central Time Zone it is 7pm, when we end Daylight Saving Time in Nov it will be 6pm