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Anyone know this PC Player   Friends

Started Sep-29 by dustyretired; 699 views.

From: dustyretired



Received an invite from Player  ***925, lev 37.  I know that many use the name (Player) but I get a bit nervous about accepting a friend with just the name Player. Have had friends that used Player but always had something added to it to distinguish them.

Thought I would check and see if anyone is familiar with this player.  Thanks

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


I am sorry, I don't but I understand your hesitation. I have never accepted one of them. 


From: Lisadengel


A long time ago I had a player with just the player name as "Player".  The name wasn't so much the issue as the fact that it was a Novice avatar and they weren't starting at a low level of the game so I ended up deleting them when there was no movement at all as far as progressing.  If they have any other avatar at level 37 than the Novice (they should), then I think it's safe to add... :)


From: dustyretired


Thank you, Di for your input on this.  I was afraid I was being overly cautious.

Good luck on the rest of the anniversary event!!! 


From: dustyretired


Lisa, thanks for bringing up the issue of the avatar.  For some reason my old brain forgot to think about that, which I have thought about the avatar in the past situations like this.  Sounds like I need to do a better job of clearing out the cobwebs in my head. Yes, they did have the novice avatar and I agree with your point about the safety factor.

Appreciate you and Di sharing your ideas on this.

Good luck!!!  MC is a great game.