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connecting issue   Technical Issues

Started Oct-2 by Satchel49; 294 views.

From: Satchel49


hello, i  have been away for awhile and am back but when i open the game from the BF game manager it tells me there is no internet connection. but how can i be here then?  nothing i try seems to work to fix the problem. i thought maybe someone has a couple ideas of what i can try?  Thanks in advance for helping me out.  I hope to get back in the game. 

Satchel49 said:

hello, i  have been away for awhile

What's "awhile"?

We have been having a special Elephant Games 20th Anniversary celebration since Aug 15th in the castle that has given us a new room HOS to play along with opening of the MC 5th Anniversary Room so the HOS in that room can be played.

If you don't have this then you have to check for an update both for the Game Manager (you should have version (3.2) and for Midnight Castle. If you're on PC check out the info here:

No Update on PC-Try This to Fix (

Hope this helps!!


From: Satchel49


Thank you for guiding me in the right direction. It worked great! As for how long I've been gone, i don't generally air my troubles to many. But i appreciate the concern. I will certainly try not to be gone too long next time.  I have "friends" that are still sitting on last years Christmas rooms but i tell myself i will be able to play them when the season shows up :)

Glad to hear it worked for you!! I’m always happy to help when I can!! And don’t worry we all need a break now and then, if you need more active friends send me a PM and I’ll send you my game id number. Welcome back to the castle!!