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anyone know who this is   Friends

Started Oct-2 by dair (dairrr); 735 views.
dair (dairrr)

From: dair (dairrr)


i am positive i had no one named player had XZ number of friends then this afternoon  my friend count changed and 918421  level 103 werewolf avatar is on my active list.

i can't stand it when folks invite themself onto my list uninvited 

also there is something seriously wrong with games that just up reset themself habitually out of nowhere for no known reasoning  ever. sorry but you folks need to get that fixed before i will let you back onto my list. 

Did you invite a player named rodnocker recently?  They lost their game yesterday and had it restored today, that is their number at a higher level than before. They disappeared from my game yesterday and when I saw that the game had been restored I looked in my game and rodnocker was back. 


From: LvlSlgr


That's rodnocker. He needs to change his name from "Player" now that he has his game restored. 

dair (dairrr)

From: dair (dairrr)


how is it that a players game can disappear off of their personal computer  or what ever it is that happens to their game then magically appear on mine a day  or two later renamed renumbered without them having to be invited back as a friend?????????'s creepy 

I wish I had the answer but it could have something to do with our computers containing our friends list but BigFish servers housing our games. Maybe someone will come along with a more intelligent answer. 

CC to AEGram

From: LvlSlgr


dair - did you have a friend named rodnocker12 in the past?

I did. When he lost his game - sent back to Level 1 - then he disappeared from my friends list. This will happen anytime something causes your friend's level to go below what is needed to be able to have friends in the game. Then when EG restored his game and put him back at Level 103 (I think that's what he's at now), he reappeared in my game without me having to invite him. Why? Because he has the same game ID # that he had in the past. He only disappeared because he was no longer at a level where he could have friends.

And Tammy is right ... it's partly because our friends and their IDs are stored on our computers.


From: rodnocker12


I forgot about that, LOL!  I'll get it changed right now.  I seems a lot of players change their names frequently and I'll logon to the game and see someone and think "who the heck is that?".  But I figure apparently it's someone that is a Friend and their new name really doesn't matter because it's not like they are asking to borrow money or something.

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From: AEGram


Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom) sent me a CC on a post to this thread.

The answer LvlSlgr gave is exactly what I would have said, so I see no reason to repeat it. (Just wanted to post to let Tammy27 know I saw the CC message)