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Ready for The Special Room (latest)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/18/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 388159 views.

From: MrsFletcher


"Dandydog!"...."Dandydog!"...."DANDYDOG!!!".....unamused...."Salty!"...What is it causing you to scream my name this early in the morning?...unamused....I'se was just wandering what in the heck you were doing in front of my Tavern this fine morning, that's what Dandydog...angry...Oh..I'm practicing a few sword maneuver's for the young ones over there on the Bridge...relaxed...I hope it's OK Salty right?....Yeah, that's alright if I can watch too..."Wow!"...astonished...."Where in the world did you get that huge sword Dandydog!"....This the very same Sword Salty that My Grandpa Joe used while  in the Sevice under Captain Randy....See it's pommel?...It's made of rare Ember found only in the Fairy Realm..."See all of the tiny Firefly's impeded inside a really long, long time ago?"....This is why when I use it at night, it cast a soft ember light so I can detect where to use it's cool...what else do ya in your bag of tricks there?....Well...I have this Salty...From my belt I unsnap a 5" long tube....What ya got in there...Ha, Ha, Ha..I betcha it holds your eating tools don't it Dandydog..."Hardy, hardy, Ha! Ha!" ...."Ahaw, Majah, doraa!"...Instantly my weapon appeared from it's small tubercular container...extending to it's full 6' long not counting it's Shepard's Hook end....I Proceeded with my special Staff to swipe Saltys feet from under him.... "Swipe!"..."Grunt!"...."What ya hav'ta  to do that for Bad, Bad Young'un!...rage...And in front of the "Bridge Childern ta boot!"...Sorry Salty...Hummmm...Hee, hee, hee....You just must not be laughing at me Youngster or it's off to Captain Randy I'll go to and let Him know how it's the Special Room Folk.....No, no Salty...I was'nt laughing at you....I was just thinking about sneaking up unawares behind PTG and giving Him a wee tap to his noggin for all the trouble He's been given Captain Randy these past few days...."Now that I'd like to see!"......stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye....  


From: Randytb


I am going nuts and getting madder by the minute trying to find that doorknob.

I have looked high and low but not a sign of him.

He can not have gotten far as he is bootless, ,,,, I was thinking about a perfect punishment for him by putting some of that match sticks (his broom) bristles in each boot and find a glass case ,,,,, put the boots in that case ,, chain it and weigh it down with a shackle and canon ball ,,,,, and take it to The Overgrown Pound drop it dead center and have My Ellie and her brood gaurde it .

Any one but me where to touch it ZAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP a hundred times...... but as much as I want to do that I can not invoke the wrath of The Mage  it is not the Boots fault there where given to a nut case turn coat doorknob .

I hear a THUD and see a huge pile of dust bunnies fall and cover Charlies chair and a lot of the floor around it,,, aha maybe that will bring out the stupid match stick to sweep up..........I wait to lunge ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, next I see Finn and and his crew rush in and in a split second every last dust bunnies where gone,,,,,,, Charlie waving thanks Finn if I find more I will call you for more bedding and pillows.

Well craponacracker that plan failed but they came to be of good use.

I pace beating my brain as to where that bootless doorknob could be hiding.

I go back over every step hole and crack I can think of like maybe he found a hidden door we know nothing of,,,,, but I come up empty,,,,,,, I am still boiling mad but more hurt in hearing his words about me **** evil and unworthy **** and to call Frost a lizard,,,,,,,, I thought we where friends not just comrades and how many times have Frost and I rescued his sorry arse??,,,,,,,,,,, it is like a knife in my heart...............

I call Frost .... see anything rat like walking on two bare feet ???? ***** NO RIDER********

I have to take a walk maybe I will see some signs out side.

I cross the bridge just in time to see Salty hit the ground  now what the heck??

Then I spy Dandydog and a very long hooked pole,,,, now what is that lill devil up to again lol .

What are you two kids up to this morning ?

Dandydog blushes and try's to hide the pole = that is bigger then her lol.

Just showing Salty a few tricks I learned while I was away oh I see as I help  Salty up,,,

Then I spot Sword,,, my mouth drops open ....... it that????????? where did you............... how can it be here............

That was Joe's your Grandfather ,,, but where did get it??

Dandydog was a lill afraid thinking I was mad at her ...... no no child I am not mad at you just very shocked I have not seen that sword since Joe and I fought back to back in that horrific war and we lost him.

Dandydog explained while she was away with her Auntie and Uncle they gave her the sword and told her the whole story behind it.

Well it could not be in better hands child and do you know how to use it and all it's powers???

Not all not yet she said but I am learning ,,, well you will have some help from Frost and maybe Snow ,,, that sword is a legend amounts the Pern Dragons and the inhabitants of Pern.

I walk away a few steps pull out my Sai and whip around as if I was going to attack ,,, Dandydog's reaction was a thing of beauty as she raised her sword and blocked my blow .

Very very good Pup ,,,, once I have this PTG thing under control you and I can take the swords through some mock battles... Pups face lite up like a xmas tree.

Salty have you seen PTG this morning or last night??

Nope I closed early had to check my stock ,, ok if you see him let me know right away...... ok Cap will do.

Come Pup lets take Frost and Snow and have a look for signs maybe we can spot something from up on high.

CHARLIE (charlieisr)

From: CHARLIE (charlieisr)




PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


With plan in hand I go over to the spot where Ctrl indicates the aperture I am looking for.

I gently press my hand against it, expecting to be transported to that special room, but nothing happens!

Oh! Drat! That plan is scuppered.

And then I see a note on the floor which is also in Grim’s spidery handwriting.

Shopping List Shipping List

  1. Me!
  2. Cash and Wickerbat (ouch!)
  3. Carrots
  4. New Aperture location
  5. Bench (where is it?)
  6. Use local universum to reveal it

I vaguely remember when Grim rubbed her paws and the iridescent walls before twitching them in general over the room.

So I do the same.

Layers of Reality peel away from many sides and places in the room to reveal luxurious furniture, drapes and furnishings. In the middle is a battered lop-sided bench but still looking extremely comfortable.

And there high up is the indentation that I seek, glowing with a gold sheen.

I must remember this place if I ever get tired and want a rest! But not just now.

I rip open the aperture I want in both time and space and sail through to end up on the floor in Grim’s HQ.

This is complete with buzzing gizmos that show me all the Castle and its environs.

I select one at random and see Charlie ensconced in her chair, which is free of dust bunnies.

Drat! How has she managed to do that without my broom to help?

“BROOOOM! What have you done?”

“Nothing She used the little folk to come and collect them and she told me to tell you that more are welcome!”

Double Drat!

I need to find alternative penance for her treatment of me – but not just now.

I catch her telling Randy that she can still hear my thoughts but only faintly so.

How on earth can I overcome this problem?

I must find a way.

Confuse and Conquer!

I switch to the skies and there is Randy with Dandydog on TWO white dragons???

What have I missed away from the others?

They are obviously seeking me so I had better not openly reveal my whereabouts unless I have a Plan for doing so.

So, I must be in his black books yet again – but what is new?

There are the others In the Tea Room as I thought: stuffing their podgy little faces with scrumptious sandwiches and cakes.

Interestingly I can see a shadow for Roo but no form where she should be sitting/standing?

Ah! She is wearing her cloak, so I KNOW now where she is!

I will used that as well to my advantage when I have time.

But to important matters

The CEO and the Bone Kingdom Sorcerer!


From: MrsFletcher


The excitement becomes almost overwhelming as I had to ponder on those wonderful, marvelous "Words" that Captain Randy just uttered to me...."I'll be riding Frost and Smoke says it's alright with Her if She gives you Pup a ride while we scour looking for that blank de blank Scoundrel, (My words not Captain Randy's!)  ......astonished....."Did I hear Captain Randy correctly"!.....flushed....Beautiful Snow is really, really allowing to me to ride solo on Her back?  I received my answer when Just a few seconds later  Frost unceremoniously grabs me by the back of my Huggy Jacket and places me gently on Snow's back.  "YOW!"....grinning....At least it wasn't by the seat of my pants like he did with PTG right?....Tee, Hee, hee!....As we rose high over the Castle Lands looking for PTG I could hear Snow''s sweet musical voice trying to communicate with me but much to my sadness....disappointed....I couldn't make out a word She had spoken...."It will come with time Young Pup when you will began to understand Her!"  Was that Frost's deep voice I was hearing or Captain Randy?  And how can I hear and understand Him and not Snow?   Before Captain Randy could answer my question Frost calls out,  "There Rider!  Right below us is the Scoundrel you aptly refer as "Doorknob" and known by Special Room folk as PTG!.......      

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


Now to just pop outside for a scond to confirm that what I am seeing on the monitor is actually the case.

I emerge into the bright sunlight by the Dark Tower


The earth and buildings are shattered with the Ginormous sound wave that is Frosty in full dive mode!

Methinks that I had better not be here!

I have my answer - the monitors tell me truly and so dive back into the aperture before scattering the ground around me with debris from the shock waves to deceive any follower.

Then I make my nefarious way back to Grim's HQ

And not a moment too soon as the aperture entrance is now a sheet of ice!

It is now War!

With no holds barred


From: MrsFletcher


As Captain Randy and I make our descent, Granny Fletcher's words of wisdom about this ("Friendly Feuding?") between PTG and Captain Randy has been going on for as long as any of the Special Room Folk can remember so please Child....unamused.... heed my warning and do not do anything recklessly before receiving instructions from Captain Randy....disappointed_relieved....Always remember too that PTG is still Captain Rand'ys Seconded in Command therefore must be showed respect by you at all times unless Captain Randy says otherwise Understand Sweety?   Awe Gee whis!..Gosh darn it anyway but yes I do understand....disappointed....Guess I'll just stand by and see how it goes.....but is Captain Randy needs my help...PTG, you just better watch out!...... 

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


The rather large mound of clothing and boots piled up against the ice sheet begins to move.

“OOooo! My poor head!

“$%@#$%^&()_+_)(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&()_+_)(*&^%$ craponacracker THAT was a hard landing”


“For every little deed or misdeed he does – he WILL pay even more when I get my hands on him

“AND I will get my hands on him!”

Cap’n Bob starts pacing up and down again by the vertical ice sheet covering where I had stood just moments before.

From the comfort of the HQ I watch on one of the monitors his frantic antics as he keeps on trying to pick off the ice.

Dandydog approaches the Cap’n

“Sir, I think I know someone who can help, if I am permitted to go back to the Tea Room

“I will be most careful with Snow.

“Charlie can then ask the Griffin to come and assist by blasting this ice open with fire”

She leaves and within minutes a beautiful and graceful Griffin flies in to be welcomed by the two dragons with warbles and toots.

She knows what to do and within seconds the ice is no more.

Cap’n Bob hurls himself at the space where it once was but there is nothing but earth where I was standing!

He is almost crying with frustration as he decides to return to the Tea Room and talk with the others.

Dandydog is beaming as she has just had her first lesson on the power of her dragon and the approval of here leader.

The Cap’n tells her to be VERY careful of what she wishes for since he ‘lost his marbles’  over his!


From: MrsFletcher


As I was returning From the Tea Room after giving my message to "Griffin," once more I heard Beautiful Snow trilling to me in Her musical voice which for the life of me I really could not understand....disappointed....It was then that Captain Randy's words about the Ambulate came flying back into My very thick Noggin,,,.astonished....Didn't He tell me that the Ambulate will connect us with the Dragons and vice versa....Hummm...relaxed....Lets see here....No, that's not right....sigh....All of a sudden Snow's beautiful voice came to me so clearly I almost fell off!.....flushed...."Your not heavy at all young Rider so never fear you'll tire me out on our journeys together."....."Wow!....hushed....Captain Randy was oh so right....But as I thought was it that I could hear Frost's word's but not Snow's during the ride with Captain Randy?.....Hummm...brain remember to ask Him about that when we get back......

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


I watch from afar as they all gather around the big table in the Tea Room.

As if by magic, within seconds there is a pile of biscuits and cakes as well as drinks for everyone.

Even though I say so myself – our ‘kitchen’ is second to none in this Realm and I DO miss it!

They are all listening very carefully to what Charlie is saying and so by twiddling one of the knobs by the picture of them I too can hear them as if I am in the same room.

“I tell you all, I can still tune into his thoughts but it is VERY difficult and I do not catch all of them.

“He is on a mission for the good of the Realm and he thinks that you are no longer supporting him with your silly ways!”

Cap’n Bob chips in: “If I remember true then HE can also hear us if he is in that HQey room of Grim’s so we had better keep our voices down!”

They all get closer and start to mumble.

It is then that I have a BRILLIANT idea!

I am still simmering from the treatment I have been given so I return down to the aperture in the Tea Room and tell my broom what to do.

Roo, Roo being quite a small person is leaning forward almost to the middle of the table as she talks. Now her cloak is resting on the back of the chair.

I sneak my broom out of the aperture and snag the end of it and then give it a tug.


I have her incredible cloak which  is now tucked away safe and sound in the aperture as I return to the Tea Room.

I continue watching on the picture.

I was detected!

But by Nose who is frantically trying to get Charlie’s attention and relay all that I have just done!

Charlie erupts and tells her pet ‘tiggers’ to go for me – but I am no longer there, so all they can do is piteously growl and then flop back down again on the rug.

The others now get told by Charlie what has just happened and Roo’s reaction brings tears of joy to my eyes!

Time for a few words of my own “to the mix” on the table!

“Charlie – I can hear you and all you tell your pesky pets as clear as a bell

“Your pet Nose just now was within whiskers of being incarcerated in the ‘place in between’!

“What you just did with 'Snuffles' was not nice and in the same way as what the Cap’n did with his 'Ice cube maker’.

“By the way - I bear no malice but tell the Cap’n that Salty has just ‘mislaid’ all his stock of honey rum and has a note which says that there is no more forthcoming until the last lot is paid for!

“The Cap’n will now be able to concentrate his mind on whether or not my magical boots are to be returned

“No boots - then no Cloak!

“He must also promise that there will be no repercussions on recent events, and I will forgive you lot if you forgive me

“The menace here is both near and urgent and I cannot solve it on my own.

“But I will continue to try if you all persist with your petty squabbling!

“Angel – I blame you for not doing anything positive to alleviate matters

“Perhaps YOU should be 2ic if the Cap’n cannot forgive and forget as I will resign as a Musketeer!”

I have to turn off the sound due to the cacophony of howls and screeches with a LOT of bad language!