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Ready for The Special Room (latest)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/18/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 403461 views.
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From: Randytb


We reach the Bear Cave and are meet by Smoke and Sheba,,, good to see all is well my son but the Pup's ,, *** they are deep in the Cave wit Charlie and her critters ,

I call everyone out,,, first to appear is PTG ,,, I am so happy to see him I hug him and say well done and so good to see you back and with your Boots and Broom relaxed.

Mrs Fletcher hug me and gives me a kiss on the cheek ,, turns bright red then goes to find Pup.

I hear her say OH DEAR......................OH DEAR................... she is beautiful and very big .... she looks at Pup come here child and cry's as they hug.

Okay listen up everyone,,, I can not stay long but will not be gone long so in the time I am gone PTG is still my second in command and Roo my third,, but for the period I am gone Opel Boys you know what to do.

PTG you are still in charge until my return but Opel and my boys have been through this and know what to do so please listen to them.

Now take everyone back to The Tea Room eat and PTG I am sure you will enjoy your special brew .

You will all be safe and The Boys will get things in order for the next on onslaught.


I really must go to finish what we where doing,, so remain calm and stay together no wondering off alone.

Frost Snow up my beauties and we float off like a butterfly's on a calm wind.


From: MrsFletcher


"That Sweet Old Codger."....blush....Mrs Fletcher softly mutters as She turns back to the Tea Room.  Always coming through for our Special Room Group...It's so good to see Captain Randy, Roo, Charlie and PTG battling the Castles Foes together once more.  It was a Huge one this time but I never doubted for a second that they would be victorious....No siree bob tail!....Now I'd better peek in and see if I can be of help anywhere I am needed...."No, No Captain  Randy....I know better then trying any heavy please stop frowning at me through the Ambulate!"  But first I need to see how Dandydog is doing...."Oh bless Her heart"....Shes all tucked up in my chair my the corner fast asleep.....expressionless....Gentle Mrs Fletcher tucks Her Charlie made blanket around Dandydog, gives Her a peck on the forehead before scooting back to wherever she may be needed....     


From: MrsFletcher


"Where am I....and how did I get here!"....fearful...."Captain Randy...are you here too!"....scream....Don't be frighten Rider Pup...It's me Snow along with Frost searching for food above the Castles Realm....I was just testing to see how strong our connection could be while you were in your dream sleep and....."Dragons can really do that?"...."Does Captain Randy do it with Frost too?"....grinning...."Yes we do on occasion when it's Rider Pup, Snow has not finished...Frost sternly replied"....."Sorry Snow."...flushed....Please Rider Pup, look down at the Dragon Sword laying across your knees as you sleep and dream back in the Tea Room....See how the Pommel is Glowing....Oh it's soooo beautiful...."Indeed it is Rider Pup, but remember what Rider Randy told you about it's other powers?.....Yes, indeed I do Snow....This is one too????....Connecting us while we sleep?   That is so AMAZING!!!.....grin.....   


From: Randytb


I hear Frost and Snow talking to Dandydog or as I call her pup.

But I do have have to get Mrs.Fletcher's lingo correct when it comes to The Dragons and riders.

It must confuse the sweet dear heart but she is a sharp lady and it will become clear to her after all not that many cane say they meet/ rode/ or know personally a Dragon 

All she has to remember Frost is my Dragon == he calls me *** RIDER***


Then we found his twin Sister called *** SNOW**** she now has found and picked her Rider  her rider Whom we all know as Dandydog ( my PUP)

She keeps that name PUP when she is with us in the Tea Room but when she is on Snow she is called ** MISTRESS*** and PUP will call her *** MY BEAUTY****

Hope this clears things up for Mrs. Fletcher and ant one else who had any questions.

Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


Sorry guys for not getting back on yet!!! A short explanation. The open heart surgery went well, valves replaced, one valve repaired, went well. I was back at work 30 days later. But after that during cardio therapy rehab, they decided to do the surgery they found while doing an Angiogram for my heart surgery, which was the 100% blockage of the right side artery in the groin area, where they usually send the camera. Anyway it was totally blocked, and they found the left side patrtially. Long story short, they ended up putting two stents on the right, and one on the left. It is healing fine, and I am now back to work again. I am playing MC every day, and hopefully will continue if they ever find out why the new update won't work and stops at about 70%. Thanks all, carry on!       Riddler


From: Randytb


Griff comes flying in to see Charlie all excited.

Charlie is feeding and watering the critters ,, what's up Griff you look like you are ready to burst??

I follow Griff to the en closer and wait for Griff to tell Charlie to tell me what is going on.

Oh good Lord == okay Griff go back and keep us updated this sounds bad.

Cap batten down Griff just told me they are on the move again and in bigger forces this time.

@#$$%^&*()_)(*&^%$ sorry Charlie but craponacracker this could not come at a worse time.

I know the Golden Queen knows and understands the delay in my bringing Pup and Snow to her ,,and Snow working only at half strength with her Rider and her self being introduce and accepted in there rightful place .

Also with my second in command on a secret mission I sent him on for information, and Roo closed away making more powders , exploding weapons and such, .

Okay I have to call an emergency meeting of everyone ASAP.

FROST *** RIDER**** what do you see in the way of movement?

Many many foot soldiers and several Hounds From Hell a Cyclops leading .

Okay brave one stay there with Snow and Pup until I call you.

Everyone has gathered as I requested ,, thank you all for coming so quickly we have trouble coming our way so I need eatch head of the families to prepare your land from attack ,, we may be few but we are mighty with good on our side.

You will need to dig a trench around your land and fill it with powder that Roo will give you and sticks to ignite ... This will be a good diversion as the farms are well spread out and we can see what farms the evil army is close to.

****RIDER**** bad news Harpies with the group

That is all I need okay brave one not our first rodeo with them and we know what to do .

My head is spinning trying to get it set in my head where and how and who to hit first.

FROST SNOW and I will hit the Harpies knock them out of the sky and Charlie I need Griff to behead them he knows to watch out for there Talons.

Pup I am sorry but for your own protection I need you to stay with Mrs. Fletcher Miss Katt and Opel and Angel protect them with Joe's Sword and staff.

Pup is not happy but pulls up her shoulders and nods.

Okay lets get things moving Charlie I need reports from Griff as soon as you get them.


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CHARLIE (charlieisr)

From: CHARLIE (charlieisr)




From: MrsFletcher


"Child!"....unamused....Will you pleeeease stop with the pacing up and down in front of me....your making me quite dizzy ya know.   But Granny...persevere....I know that Captain Randy needs me...Hush youngster!....But..But..But..No buts about it Dandydog.  Captain knows what skills you've attained now so will call on you to use them when the time is right.  Until then He's set upon you what He believes to be an very important task of protecting Friends and Family here in the Tea Room....Because Opal has been with the Captain for so many years and has seen many a scrimmage, why don't you go and discuss with Her some ways to get the Tea Room and it's occupants fully protected against a sneak attract?....blush....That's a great idea Granny...hummm...thank maybe She will give me a few pointers about using Her "Mighty Rolling Pin?"......grin


From: Randytb


Running around like a chicken with no head trying to get things ready and not knowing how much time we have is the least to say frustrating .

I hope Mrs. Fletcher can restrain Pup she can be a hand full but she will listen **I hope* to her Granny * if not I have Opel there as well I am sure she can keep her busy maybe she will show her her special ** Rolling Pin**

I know from personal experience what it can do ya di no wanta mess wiff it lol.

**RIDER** They are on the move Harpies above the Cyclopes Hounds of Hell behind him mixed troops follow behind.

FROST come get me I have to see this myself.

Frost lands and we are up in seconds ,, he fly's high as not to be seen, what I see makes my skin crawl,,, but a plan becomes very clear and I know exactly what to do there are going to be some lives lost today but if the habitats what to turn against there own and follow that evil then they will pay the price.

Such a shame but unavoidable .

Frost to the open field I have seen all I need to see.

We land ,, I rub my Amulet and call The Golden Queen,,,, Your Majesty I am in dire need of Brulle and Jewel may I request your permission ?

They are on the way my Brave fighter they have my orders to help you.

Thank you My Queen .

We do not have to wait long ,, Brullee and Jewel appear then land beside Frost and I.

The three Dragons rumble there welcomes and rub heads,, I in turn welcome them and say so good to see you both been to long and I am sorry it is under this situation,

I hear Jewels sing song words,, it is so good to see you also Captain you have been greatly missed by all ,, Brulle's deep throaty voice agrees and we are here to help.

Griff lands and tells us the evil is two Dragon lengths (((about  two miles)) from Jacob's farm .

Okay here is what we do,,,

Frost will fly left Snow right.Griff straight at the Harpies Brulle and Jewel lower and burn them to dust as they fall,, Frost Snow and I will make sure Griff is covered at all times and can attack one by one.

My spine tingle starts and my swords starts to glow,,, time to go and we all head out to meet and defeat this latest threat.

It does not take long and we see them and smell them , then hear that ear piercing scream from the Harpies.

We split and Griff attacks the first Harpies ,,, down it goes and Brulle nails it,, another one is hit by Griff and Jewel has that one,,

Frost and Snow and I are distracting the other Harpies by swooping just over there heads ,,,, they scream and try to follow us but Griff picks them off one by one from the back.

The last one scream in mad rage and falls and burst into flames,,

I give the order to Frost and Snow blanket the group behind the Cyclopes but leave him to me,,, Griff watch for any that may get away ,,,,the Cyclopes is so mad with rage he does not even look back to see what is going on and is now running towards

me as we hover just above the ground ,,, I call NOW and Frost and Snow and I fly straight for him as Brulle and Jewel flame the snow covered group and burn them to dust...

My hearts beats fast ,, I hold tighter to Frosts neck as I draw my Bow and my special arrow ** steady my brave one ** I aim pull back my bow and hold my breath as I see my target ,, I call on The Golden Queen to make my arrow true and find it's mark ,, I pull till I feel the arrow head and I fire....

The arrow slices through the air and hits it's mark dead center in the Cyclopes eye,,, he stops club raised high then BOOM the arrow explodes blowing his head clean off,,, the ground shakes as he falls.

I am shacking and I thank The Queen and The Gods for this victory,

We do a sweep to make sure none were missed and only see piles of ashes,,,, I laugh and say that will make good fertilizer for the land.

We all gather at the open field ,, time to say goodbye to Brulle and Jewel ,, no words need be said for I will see them again soon,

We watch as they head home,,, Griff I am very proud of you as I know Charlie is now you can return to her ,,, I will be along in a few.

Frost and Snow I have no words but none are needed now go hunt and rest Pup and I will will be back tomorrow.

I watch as they take the sky to a well deserved hunt,, I walk back to The Tea Room.

I open the door and call I AM HOME and get jumped on and hugs from Pup, Mrs. Fletcher Miss Katt Angel and Opel.

Okay okay I can't breath lol whats for dinner I am starved??

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