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Ready for The Special Room (latest)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/18/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 405912 views.

From: Randytb


Running around like a chicken with no head trying to get things ready and not knowing how much time we have is the least to say frustrating .

I hope Mrs. Fletcher can restrain Pup she can be a hand full but she will listen **I hope* to her Granny * if not I have Opel there as well I am sure she can keep her busy maybe she will show her her special ** Rolling Pin**

I know from personal experience what it can do ya di no wanta mess wiff it lol.

**RIDER** They are on the move Harpies above the Cyclopes Hounds of Hell behind him mixed troops follow behind.

FROST come get me I have to see this myself.

Frost lands and we are up in seconds ,, he fly's high as not to be seen, what I see makes my skin crawl,,, but a plan becomes very clear and I know exactly what to do there are going to be some lives lost today but if the habitats what to turn against there own and follow that evil then they will pay the price.

Such a shame but unavoidable .

Frost to the open field I have seen all I need to see.

We land ,, I rub my Amulet and call The Golden Queen,,,, Your Majesty I am in dire need of Brulle and Jewel may I request your permission ?

They are on the way my Brave fighter they have my orders to help you.

Thank you My Queen .

We do not have to wait long ,, Brullee and Jewel appear then land beside Frost and I.

The three Dragons rumble there welcomes and rub heads,, I in turn welcome them and say so good to see you both been to long and I am sorry it is under this situation,

I hear Jewels sing song words,, it is so good to see you also Captain you have been greatly missed by all ,, Brulle's deep throaty voice agrees and we are here to help.

Griff lands and tells us the evil is two Dragon lengths (((about  two miles)) from Jacob's farm .

Okay here is what we do,,,

Frost will fly left Snow right.Griff straight at the Harpies Brulle and Jewel lower and burn them to dust as they fall,, Frost Snow and I will make sure Griff is covered at all times and can attack one by one.

My spine tingle starts and my swords starts to glow,,, time to go and we all head out to meet and defeat this latest threat.

It does not take long and we see them and smell them , then hear that ear piercing scream from the Harpies.

We split and Griff attacks the first Harpies ,,, down it goes and Brulle nails it,, another one is hit by Griff and Jewel has that one,,

Frost and Snow and I are distracting the other Harpies by swooping just over there heads ,,,, they scream and try to follow us but Griff picks them off one by one from the back.

The last one scream in mad rage and falls and burst into flames,,

I give the order to Frost and Snow blanket the group behind the Cyclopes but leave him to me,,, Griff watch for any that may get away ,,,,the Cyclopes is so mad with rage he does not even look back to see what is going on and is now running towards

me as we hover just above the ground ,,, I call NOW and Frost and Snow and I fly straight for him as Brulle and Jewel flame the snow covered group and burn them to dust...

My hearts beats fast ,, I hold tighter to Frosts neck as I draw my Bow and my special arrow ** steady my brave one ** I aim pull back my bow and hold my breath as I see my target ,, I call on The Golden Queen to make my arrow true and find it's mark ,, I pull till I feel the arrow head and I fire....

The arrow slices through the air and hits it's mark dead center in the Cyclopes eye,,, he stops club raised high then BOOM the arrow explodes blowing his head clean off,,, the ground shakes as he falls.

I am shacking and I thank The Queen and The Gods for this victory,

We do a sweep to make sure none were missed and only see piles of ashes,,,, I laugh and say that will make good fertilizer for the land.

We all gather at the open field ,, time to say goodbye to Brulle and Jewel ,, no words need be said for I will see them again soon,

We watch as they head home,,, Griff I am very proud of you as I know Charlie is now you can return to her ,,, I will be along in a few.

Frost and Snow I have no words but none are needed now go hunt and rest Pup and I will will be back tomorrow.

I watch as they take the sky to a well deserved hunt,, I walk back to The Tea Room.

I open the door and call I AM HOME and get jumped on and hugs from Pup, Mrs. Fletcher Miss Katt Angel and Opel.

Okay okay I can't breath lol whats for dinner I am starved??

  • Edited May 31, 2019 3:10 pm  by  Randytb

From: MrsFletcher


Hummmmm...confused...That's not quite what I visioned your "Home Coming" to be like Captain Randy dear....relaxed....In my version you are met at the Tea Room by complete Silence followed by a swift swiping off your feet motion compliments of Pups Magical Staff....smirk...then a head knocking &&^%$#&^%$ courtesy of Opals Mighty Rolling Pin!....scream....."Oh My Goodness!"  That is no way to treat our returning Hero!  Mrs Fletcher's soft voice cry's out while quietly chuckling to herself...blush....."We we were only trying to practice our defense against "Sneaky Attacks" skills Granny....pensive...As Captain regains His feet and composure He is almost know down as Pup, Opal and Miss Katt all rush forward and give special welcome  hugs so hard Captain Randy has trouble catching His breath....hushed... "Bang!"...The Tea Room's door fly's open giving entrance to an "Honey Rum" keg loaded dolly being pushed by no other than our Friend Salty....grin...."Ya can't have a "Home Welcoming for our Captain without His favorite Beverage Ya know!"  They then all retire to the Special Room Groups  own dinning room just off the kitchen too dine on the scrumptious vittles that were prepared ahead of time.......


From: Randytb


Well craponacracker this is one home coming I will never forget lol,

Lets see knot on noggin, maybe a broken rib or two, almost huge to death, but iffin I have a bruise on me tookis ya all be in BIG TROUBLE yep that means you Pup.

I scowl but they all laugh at me then know I love it ,,, Good thing I have great reflects at the sound of that Bang I was on the other side of the room Sai drawn lol === force of habit.

It was good ole Salty rolling in a barrel of me Honey Rum nectar of the Gods it be .

Salty Pop that cork and serve up the Ladies ,, a toast to you all good to be back home now lets eat .



From: MrsFletcher


After the scrumptious meal prepared by Opal and Miss Katt....with full belly's and heart's filled with a few hours of peace & contentment Special Room Group Leader settled down for a well deserved few minutes of rest....That is until Pup until approaches with a face filled with worry....sweat...Captain Randy have you heard from Roo and Angel lately?  I've been gathering and storing all kinds of really Special Potions for Her these past few days....sigh...I really would love to give them to her that's all....cry...  


From: SharpEye1


Hey, Roo--I made you a plate from the delicious meal Miss Katt and Opel prepared to celebrate Cap's return from his latest battle success.  Salty even brought over a keg of his special Honey Rum. LOL  Charlie just shook her head and rolled her eyes at that, thinking that's the last thing the Cap needs when another battle is probably just around the corner. Hahaha  Anyway, do you think we have enough potions and explosives now? I'm sure the next onslaught from the Evil Mage and CEO's minions are not far behind so Cap is going to want to know if we're ready.  But, hopefully, he has time first to finish his mission with presenting Snow and Pup to the Golden Queen.  If not, we'll just have to hope PTG has returned from the secret mission Cap sent him on.  Maybe, after you finish eating, we can take the dishes back to the kitchen, see what's going on, and fill Cap. Randy in on all the stuff we've got ready for the next battle????????  Maybe we'll even get to visit with Mrs. Fletcher too, just for a few minutes, as we don't want to tire her out.......

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


With the Cap’n in full attack mode and several dragons to help I can see the present threat diminishing with every second.

The foes this time are even more formidable but the bulk of them are still the foot soldiers.

Where on earth can they all be coming from?

If the CEO pooled all of the MC guards and auxiliaries, they would not come to more than a quarter of the numbers attacking us now.

As the Cap’n has said, we need more information (or as he puts it “intel”).

So I slip back into Grim’s number two HQ and look for an answer to this as the supply needs to be cut off at source.

The Bone Kingdom Sorcerer and our unworthy CEO are still hovering over the large plan on the table.

The CEO is crying with rage and frustration

“It’s just not fair!

“You are using all my troops as cannon fodder while your own have been held back in reserve!”

The Sorcerer cackles and replies

“If you want my help, then you have to pay the price!

“When we have mopped up these upstarts then my prime and personal guards can take charge of your Castle’s security

“No one needs to know that I will be the true master of the Midnight Castle with you relaxing and having no responsibilities

“I can then build up my strengths, vanquish that unholy Bone King and join the two Realms together!

“I will bring some of my elite guards over now and they WILL defeat the magic used by our foes with some of their own that we acquired many eons ago when fighting those aerial forces for good!”

OH! What can we do now? Cap’n Bob has no idea what new enemies are about to descend on him. Those which will be far worse than Murk’s underground rabble.

Ah! I have a Cunning Plan!

It is obvious that this most evil of men has no permission to use the Bone Kingdom guards since he intends to oust their king.

But these guards will take all their orders from him unless stopped.

This then is my Plan

Tell the Bone King what his magician intends and ask him what he proposes to do about it.

After all the two Realms have lived in separate peace and harmony until now.

But how to get to the Bone King to tell him what his minion is up to?

I slip out an aperture near to the Hospital Wing corridor and wait until one of the Sorcerer’s guards passes by.

I tell my broom to roll underneath him and quickly converts into a magic carpet.

Flip! Flop! CRASH! XXXXXXXXXXXX>>>>>>>>>>>

And the armoured guard crashes to the floor

While he is still stunned, I undress him and swap my pristine white huggie jacket for his clothes and metalwork.

Then I shout loudly down the corridor

“Patient has escaped!”

Within seconds the still bemused guard is hauled away and locked in the isolation wing where he is heard no more.

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


As I am still wearing my boots under the chain mail, I can immediately return to the Tea Room.

Unfortunately, before I can announce my presence


MY head vibrates through my helmet as I see stars and cascading rainbows in my head

I am then poleaxed by a jab to the ribs and several female forms jump on me


With one eye open I see the soaring arc of a large rolling pin about to deliver another blow to my top knot and scream

NNNOOOOOOO!!!!! It is me PTG - your 2ic in disguise!”

The blow is softened but still packs a punch as one small muscular lady completes her delivery!


I am assisted to my feet and a very dented helmet removed from my sore head.

Before I can say anything, a beaming Roo Roo places a cup of steaming hong cha in front on me with the words

“Will you come here often in your new disguise?”

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


“This is no time to be frivolous! We are all in terrible danger!”

I open my amulet and tell the Cap’n and the others what I have discovered.

All I get in reply is a stream of unprintable oaths and an underlying worry about his faithful reptilian partners.

I interrupt with the magic words that soothe him

“But I have a Cunning Plan!

“In my present disguise, if I can get the dents out of my helmet, I will go to the Bone Kingdom and ask to be presented to the Bone King.

“I’ll give him the Sorcerer’s plan for his downfall and hope that he can thwart them

“After all, he is the CIC of these special guards!

“We cannot prevail if these schemes are not stopped and your dragons may suffer a terrible defeat!”

I wait for his reply as a dutiful 2ic

For about 2 seconds!

And then using my broom as a charabanc I am soaring down to the ground by the Bone Kingdom main gate

The guard on the gate are astonished to see my sudden appearance, but when they see my shield’s insignia they snap to attention with fear in their eyes.

Oh dear! I must have waylaid one of the elite guards in the MC Hospital Wing!

This could be to my advantage in reaching the King himself as that was one of my main worries.

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


I stride into the Castle and demand to know where the King is at this moment.

The ordinary guards prostrate themselves before me and to my astonishment so do some of my fellow ornamented guards as well!

I must have poleaxed an officer in the Hospital wing.

The King is at practice with his fire arrows deliberately missing some poor starving prisoners

I enter the chamber, tap my spear on my shield and prostrate myself before him.

“I have unwelcome news for you most serene majesty!

“I am one of your true and loyal guards who cannot be tainted by any promises of riches if I do not follow my oath to you.

“But there are others around us who have been promised riches beyond belief by your Sorcerer, if they now follow his commands and not yours.

“I can reveal all that he intends, and you can question me in any shape or form that you chose to establish the veracity of my words!”

I can see the glitter in his eyes as he toys around with aiming some of those fire arrows in my direction.

But he stops and demands to know all that I know

Which I then tell him.

There is an incandescent fog surrounding him which grows thicker as I speak until he disappears into incandescent rage at the perfidy of his Sorcerer.

At last he calms down and call an even more highly polished suit of armour to kneel before him.

Within seconds I feel the power pass between the two of them as the King’s commands are relayed.

He utters the words: “Death or obey, they have no other choice!”

A strange mist envelopes the guard before him.

He then turns to me, quaking in my boots in case my true identity is discovered.

“Off you go my man, you will be well-rewarded for your loyalty!”

I keep myself prostrated on the ground while the other two leave. I did not want the highly polished officer to see my face as he would not recognise it!

When they had left I ordered my magical boots to return me to the Tea Room and relay all that has happened to the Cap’n.


From: Randytb


There is a loud banging of a door and I whirl around to see a gaurde? standing there ,,, I am quick to attak and knocked him out.

WHT !@#$%^&*()_)(*&^%$# how in hell did he get past the look outs and our defenses??

I ripe the helmet of his head and ohcraponacracker it's PTG ???

Now what the hell is he or was he up to and why is he in that outfit he trying to give me a flipping heart attack??

Opel bring me a pitcher of water to wake my doorknob up.

I dose him with the whole thing and he jumps up to a sitting position coughing sputtering and spewing water all over me.



I manage to get him up and that is no easy task seeing he is a big guy and all that cake and tea does not help,, how he got that Armour on is baffling bigger question how is he going to get it off with a can opener?


Oh you did , did you well I would suggest you get out of the wet suit or you will be rusted in there for years or I could cut you out with a blow torch

He walks away and is already starting to squeak and I yell need some oil there second in command??

In the mean time I call every one to the dinning hall to hear this good news from PTG.

Even Roo came out of hiding to hear it.

Opel served us tea, coffee and small cakes till PTG gets back.