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Ready for The Special Room (latest)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/18/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 504595 views.

From: MrsFletcher


"Boy oh boy Angel!"....Sure don't know how things could get any worse with our Captain Randy...unamused....Hummmm.....Sigh...."Wait a second here!"  smile  "I think I just might have a solution to what may be ailing our Glorious Leader!"   Angel...when was the last time Captain Randy took a well deserved "Vacation" and just relaxed for a week or two?  "That's what I thought too!"  A loooonnnggg time ago right?!!!  Well the Jacob Family has been requesting that we all get together at their Farm for a week or two doesn't that sound like a perfect idea??  grin  Maybe some of our other friends like PTG, Roo, and Welsh Rabbit would like to join us also....hint, hint...blush...Opal and Miss Katt already said that they would love to go on ahead of us in order to prepare the goodies and swap favorite recipes too.   And Salty said that He and some of the other Castle inhabitants would take over the keeping of the Tea Room while we are resting at the Jacobs Farm.   "Come on Angel, lets put this idea to Captain Randy OK?"


From: MrsFletcher


As we enter this Scene dear Friends we will find Angel and Pup sipping their cold lemonades and just relaxing....grin....."Isn't this the life of leisure and tranquility Angel that we have been lacking for such an awfully long time?"   relieved  " certainly is that Pup...What say you we had on back to the Kitchen for some of Opals d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s lip smacking..."BANG!...BANG!...BOOM!"  scream  "What the heck was that Pup?"   "That?"  pensive  Why that's just the Captain giving Jacob's Young'uns  rides on the Old Putt, Putt that's all...Boy does that ever bring back Memories of the first time Captain Randy ever placed me in back of Him then yelled......"Hang on tight Kid cause it might be a bumpy one and your Granny Fletcher would have my guts for garters if I should lose you along the way!!"   All I can say Angel is that I fell in love with that old bucket of nuts and bolts Putt, Putt that very day as we sped along the Castles roads and trails.....yelling....WHEEEEEeeeeeee all the way!!  blush  It still amazes me that Captain Randy didn't become deaf that day....


From: Randytb


I was about ready to scream into the Amulet for those two hooligans that the longer they make me wait the mader I will get and there punishment will be TEN times harder.

Just as I am about to blow some ear drums off I see Snow slowly coming my way and yep there they are and about bloody time.

Frost lands like a feather next to me and says *Rider* go easy on them they I am sure they meant no harm and with all the stress we are under I am sure Pup was only trying to ease it a bit and combine play time with some training for Snow.

I was a bit taken aback for this is not Frost's way he never talks this way or any way except war matters,,, but thinking about his wise words gives me a moment of thought.

I turn back and see two heads bowed and hands behind there backs ready for a royal dressing down by me.

LOOK AT ME==== there heads raise and our eyes meet ,,, my heart skips a beat and a lump jumps into my throat,,,,

#$%^&*()_)(*&^%$#@#%^&*()_+_)(*& I mumble under my breath ,,, how in hell do I handel this ??

I can not stand to see a woman cry it tears me apart and here standing before me is my rambunctious Pup who I jave almost raised and love as if she was my daughter and our beloved Angel that we have have grown to love and rely on as our ace reporter/ in training to be a warrior.

Both have tears in there eyes and Pup's lip in a pout.

I stare hard but the words will not come.

Frost nudges me with his nose.

Snow is bowing her head under her huge chest.

My heart almost breaks.

I clear my throat and say ,,, about time you showed up what did you do take the long way around the Castle ???

They both started to talk at once,,,, okay okay enough I was going to come hard on you three but on second thought I will go easy on you ,,, all three looked at me with huge smiles yes even Snow snarled a Dragon smile.

Wait not so fast you are not getting away Scot free.

Snow you will be grounded for two days not to fly even to hunt Frost will feed you,,, as for you two hand over your weapons all of them and report to Opel for one week of KP understand?

You will be peeling spuds and cutting onions and vegies as Opel and Miss Katt need,,,, you will also clean up the kitchen and Tea Room after all the meals sweeping and washing all floors and NO you can NOT use PTG'S broom/

Oh and do not forget the bathrooms and showers I want them spic and span clean enough to eat off of /

Now hop to it before I change my mind and hand you what I was going to do to you.

They flew away .

Frost nudged me as to say Thank You okay Frost take Snow to your cave and watch her.... ** RIDER****

Feeling good about not blasting them I headed for my cottage to clean up when I heard crackling in my Amulet

I could finally make out Mrs. Fletcher hum she must have talked to Pup before she meet me with Angel and Pup told Angel Her Grannies idea for a vacation at Jacob's farm.

Oh that does sound like a good idea but the girls need to see I am serious so maybe I will cut the KP down a few days.

I head for a shower and get ready for supper I am starving.

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From: MrsFletcher


Oh bonkers's back to peeling spuds and cutting up onions we go...dang it all least Captain didn't order Us to clean the Bathrooms with our "Tooth Brushes"...that's good news isn't it?  Poor Snow being....grounded is the worse punishment of all for a really is breaking my heart to see how sad She is in thinking how She's disappointing Captain Randy when it wasn't really any of Her fault but ours entirely...Do you think there's anything we can say to the Captain in order to have Him change His mind even a wee bit?   No?  persevere  Just let it go and comfort Snow as best we can?   OK Angel...Now lets go and see about peeling us some spuds...grumble, grumble,,,,blushwink....    


From: Randytb


I wish I could see Pup and Angel's faces as Opel greets them at the door with there toothbrushes to clean the bathrooms and toilets .

After I showered and changed into clean cloths I went to see Frost and Snow.

I could hear tinkle tinkle as I entered the cave ,,, that meant one thing my poor Snow was crying.

She heard me and turned her head so I would not see her tears that turn into small ice cubes as they fall.

I said in a soft voice ,,, Snow look at me my beauty,

She slowly turned and our eyes met mine were as wet as hers  it was heartbraking for me but I had to be firm,

Snow I am sorry if what I did was so hard on you but even though you are over 80 years old you are still a baby and because you were raised outside of the Dragon family you are still learning the Dragons way but you will learn all for you have me and mostly your big brother Frost to teach you.

It has only been a few hours that I grounded you but I am lifting that as of now ,,, go join Frost and hunt.

I huge her huge neck and kissed her nose and whispered fly my beauty fly.

I walked her to the cave entrance and sent her to join Frost ... she spread her huge wings * grinned * bellowed and took to the air.

It is such an awesome site to see a Dragon in flight.

I called Frost on my Amulet  FROST=== *RIDER* Snow is joining you happy hunting.


I walk to The Tea Room feeling good in my heart now on to my two scallywags that will not get off that easy.


From: Werecatqueen



Sorry had to shout for a minute



From: MrsFletcher


Oh my aching back Angel!....sweat......Well at least everything is spit-spot clean even to Captain Randy's high standards that's for sure....Oh, oh Angel I do believe I hear Him coming into the Kitchen this very second.....


From: MrsFletcher


"As Pup and Angel tempestuously wait for their Captain's arrival, an almost silent "Hissing" can be heard through out the Kitchen's outer walls well as... in the Tea Room's Parlor and Tunnels also!"....fearful....Before our Dragon Duo could react.....a loud....."Kaboom comes forth!!!"    Opal and Miss Katt came running with Frying Pan and Rolling Pin held  firmly in their trusty fists.... just as fast as their sturdy feet could carry them!.....angry.....The scene before them was not a good one my dear Friends as they rushed toward a bloody and badly battered Angel and Pup pinned under a blown out wall....scream....It was than that Opal remembered those "Secret Rooms" that PTG had secreted all types of "Spells" and other Anomalous kinds of who knows what..... none of which were stable to say the least I can tell you my Friends.   It was to this horrible Scene that our Captain Randy came rushing into....  


From: Randytb


just as i reach the door of the tea room and turn the handle I smell a very strong odor like sulpher and acid and BOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I am thrown ten feet in the air back wards and stop when I crack my head on a tree.

It takes a minute for my ears to stop ringing and head spinning but my eyes are burning bad.

I let go off the door that I still had in my hand it came flying with me.

I touch my forehead and winched ow and looked at my hand covered in blood,,, now thar;s goin smart in da morning

Then it hits me and I tear into a full run screaming OPEL.... MISS KATT...... PUP,,,, ANGEL,,,,, PTG OMG OMG

i RACE INTO THE TEA ROOM INTO A SCENE FROM HELL,,,,, The floor is almost gone ,, the windows totally cracked the walls split right up to the ceiling and a huge hole that you could see the upstarirs room and the sky,

Some tables and chairs had fallen into the dark hole and small fires were burning.

I hear moans and find Pup and Angel alive but pretty beaten up

I work my way around the hole and grab them both and get them away from the hole and manage to find a couple of chairs one is Charlies and the other I grab is Mrs. Fletcher's I sit Pup and Angel down far away from the hole and close to the fireplace  that part of the room was untouched ,,

I look around and can not believe my eyes there is PTG in his bed still asleep but right next to the stairs I look up and see the blast made a hole right under his room and him in his bed ended up here and his dresser leaning over ready to crash down on him.

I grab a broken beam and ram it under the dresser to keep it from falling till I can get up there and move it away .


I looked at Opel and Miss Katt standing by the kitchen door both armed with frying pan and rolling pins.

All I could think was the enemy but no one came screaming out of the hole ?????

I called the boys to get some help here and sent Frost and Snow to get Doc Deadman and nurse Kratchet.

Opel and Miss Katt brought some pots of hot water and clean towels to clean Pup and Angel up.

Cap Cap come here you are bleeding bad from your head,,, I am fine look after Pup and Angel I have to find out what caused this .

Only one thing to do,,,, I climbed into the hole ,, I had to cover my mouth the stebch made me gag.

I found myself in a room? I could see shattered glass and vials what was left of a long table and a chair on fire.

I stomped the small fires out but graded a torch before it went pitch black.

My head was pounding and my shirt getting wetter with my blood.

What in hell is this or was this place?

Is this one of PTG's or ROO ROO;s secret rooms and if so how many are there and were?


From: Randytb


%^&*()_+_)(*&^%$#@ I need more light my shins are going to be black and blue from all the fallen debris and broken table and chairs

Maybe I can use a leg and make an other torch.

No rags that I can see guess my socks will have to do,

I wrap my one sock just to test it out and rub it in a puddle I see on the floor,,, touch it to the other torch and walllllla it works.

I shine my lights around the room man what a mess but lucky for me there are three more torches on the wall that I light up.

I douse my sock torch to save it for later now I know it works.

I look over the whole room or what's left of it and see I do not have enough stuff to stack or make a ladder to get out of here.

Yelling will do no good I do not think any one will hear me there ears most likely still ringing from the blast.

OH HO what is this ,,,, what luck I can see a door handle thing is it is blocked by the debris and dirt,

Time to get digging.

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