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Ready for The Special Room (latest)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/18/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 504621 views.
CHARLIE (charlieisr)

From: CHARLIE (charlieisr)




From: Randytb


I looked at Melody  and bite my lip from saying I am no kid I know what to sheesh  but shut my mouth and went to dry off glaring at Blossom and Cherry as I passed them /// not funny but thanks but warn me next time as i huged there huge trunks.

Gota love my girls.

I feel thr ground shake and that means only one thing ....... OPEL


LOL yep Opel was on a tear and had enough food to feef an army,

LOL the boys had set up a place we could sit and eat man never realized how hungry I was.

Opel gave Melody a huge hug and said you sit and eat you are skin and bones now sit//// Melody done as she was told with a huge smile /// and iffin dat der man gives ya any trouble you just call Opel and I be here lickedy split wiff me Roolin Pin and Miss Katt wiff her  frying Pan now eat.

We dove into her heaven made food like staving dogs mannnnnnnnnnnnn was it good,

We all were so full we could not eat another bite  then Miss Katt layed down a tray with drinks on it Honey Rum for me cold Ale fpr the boys  and Mint julep for Melody a perfect end to a perfect meal.

I better call Charlie lol or I will get blasted... Charlie Cap here got your message thank you.

Opel thank you so much for the dinner as I yawned  sorry but I am so tired now but would you go check on Charlie I got a feeling she is not feeling good for her not come see the boy is not like her .... sure will do Cap and will let you know now go rest  and she passed the lean to and layed her huge hand on his snoot and then kissed him.

Melody  and I went to check on our boy .... I sat beside him with my hand on his head as Melody checked him out.... be right back Cao I need to change the IV'S

When she came back she saw I was cuddled to him and sound asleep.


From: Randytb


I was  in a very deep sleep dreaming of Melody and I siting under my favorite tree on the lill hill

She leaned her head on my shoulder  and took my hand.

That did not last long as I was awakined  by a wet picky  feeling on my cheek.I tryed to brush it away but nope did not wprk  so like it or not I opemed one eye and and saw a bigger eye looking back at me...

I raised my head .... well hello my beautiful girl as I stroked DM on her snoot.

Then I felt movement ,,,, Scar was moving trying to get up so I took his head and said easy boy easy it is okay  do not try to stand shhh easy now


She came runing what what what is it?

Still trying to calm Scar I took in a sight I did not believe..... Melody stood before me with bits of hay on her forehed cheeks and hair and her apron looked like a porkipine and held a small ball in her hand WTH was it?

I said look Scar is awake and trying to get up  that is when I saw the mask and the feeding tube were gone.

Calm down Cap he woke up awhile ago and I removed the mask and tube ... She looked behind her and noded to Blossom who reahed over and took the sling *** Charlies idea*** and slowly lifted Scar up.

He was a td unsteady but he was standing WOW WOW as I grabed Melody and kissed her  then turned  red as  a cherry

She leaned on and kissed me back and said congraulatoms Daddy it's a boy.

I laughed and said great job Mom .

DM was nuzzling Scar's  muzzle and he was smelling her and he took a step closer to nuzzle her neck Melody and I just beamed.

His first big steo but he had a long way to go.

I looked at Melody and said mind ne asking who or what you got into a fight with?

Oh this?

Well since I filed down his teeth he needs to eat but slowly so I have made up some oats hay peanuts crushed of course and made them into honey balls.

Lets try one here Cap you give it to him.

I steped back and held out my palm here boy try this.

He smelled the ball then took it good boy good boy .

Melody went and got more and I fed Scar and she fed DM and added apples and carrotes for her.

Look Bloosom had let the sling  loose and Scar  was standing by himself so I reached over and unclamed the sling and removed it.



From: Randytb


I put my arm around Melody's tiny waist and she leans into me placing her hand on mmy chest.

We watch Scar and DM  cuddle and Winny to each other as Blossom Cherry Stump and Fang  wach with us.

I feel a head butt on my leg and look to see Doggie  well hello my lil man come to say hello?

I take Doggie over and say Scar this is our Doggie that was rescued as yourself was in very bad shape and look at him now.

There muzzles met and it was like two long lost brothers meet.

All that was missing from this heart warming scene was  Charlie... Angel....Opel and Miss Katt

Lets give them time aone I do not want to go to fast and make Scar nervous .. good idea and it is time for his shots and to eat  okay I will get the hay and fruits for DM and Doggie  while you get the shots and those balls for Scar....

I put fresh Hay and oats and water down and started to give DM and Doggie there fruits when Scar wanted some to  ....

Melody hurry with that food Scar is trying to grab the fruit I think he is hungery lol

So stood there taking turns between Oats ..... Fruits..... and Honey Balls as Melody sliped her hand down Scar's back and gave him the pain meds  then walked over to the other side gave him a Honey Ball as she gave him the Cortisone shot .

I am getting hungry as I watch them eat and belly growls  so I tell Melody  go clean up and I will watch them and  get us some dinner .... okay I will not be long ...

I call Opel  Cap here can I order up som dinner for us please ;;;;; oh stop you charmer it is almost ready to go Miss Katt wants to take rhe cart to you awsome Opel thank you oh BTW  have you seen Charlie?

No Cap she no be der wuff you all ?

No and I have not heard from her I will check into it///// I switch over Charlie Cap here are you okay???


From: SharpEye1


Morning Cap!  How's the little one doing?  Hey, Angel, he's doing so much better, and now the critical hours have passed, and we know he'll make it, I decided to name him Scar, for obvious reasons.  LOL   So, what's up with the reward posting?  Any results yet?

Well, that's one of the reasons I came by.  One, to see how Scar is doing; and, two, to let you know I have had results. Look at all these photos of people trying to pass off their donkey's as being our Scar!  I have a gut feeling it won't be long before we get the real culprit to pop up with their photo!

Anyway, let me get back so I can see what's coming in.  I'm so happy to see Scar doing so well, poor little baby!

See ya later, Cap!  

  • Edited March 26, 2022 2:06 pm  by  SharpEye1

From: Randytb


Always good to see Angel and have her take time from her busy day.Thank you Angel I will look over these pic;s later and it is what I expected money hungry so and so's but then again that is what rules Cloud City,

Have you seen or heard from Charlie???

But she was to far to hear me mam that woman is fast lol

That makes me worried more just then Muss Katt arrived with or food and the boys had already set up the two stell tables * I knew they would be useful.

Hey there Miss Katt thank you so much how are you doing and sorry to ad to your work load... I am doing very well thank you Cap we are all just worried about the boy and you all here.

We are doing much better now that Scar is over the critical stage but still has a long road ahead but he has proven to be a fighter .

I have to get back to The Special Room to the other hungry group  Miss Charlie's Smidge and his group have been with us for a few days so we are feeding them as well.

That is strange what is going on ???

I do no know Cap I know Smidge takes a plate and a thermos when he leaves.

Thank you Miss Katt I will check into it.

Melody joins me smelling like  a spring garden and I tell her I am worried ab;it Charlie and could she hold done  things here as I go check up on Charlie?

But of course give her my best  and that I hope to see her soon;

The more I think the more worried I get  like why have I not heard a word to any calls or how in heck did Doggie find us here on his own???

Not only did I get a lecture from Melody for eating to fast I got a huge belly ache lol


Okay sorry I have to go and called  Nose and the gang to take them back to Charlie seeing I am going to wait till Scar is stronger  then we can flush out the one I want so bad and make him pay for what he did and I am sure still doing.

I took Doggie by a lead and said sorry lill man  I will bring you back soon I promise  he shook his head as if to agree and we all left in a bit Melody you have the boys and your Amulet if you need me.


From: SharpEye1


I get back to the office to see if anything else has come in on Scar.  Nope!  Nothing more yet.  However, I see I have some Help Wanted ads the boss wants posted so I can at least get that done for the morning edition.

CLOUD CITY TIMES by Angel, Senior Editor

Hey folks!  It looks like business is booming lately, which is welcome news, after the crazy storms we had recently.  If you're looking to supplement your income, check out these unique opportunities:

Finster's Free Range Pickle Farms – We're GROWing

If you love the sun on your back and your fingers in the earth, then consider "growing" your career with us! Named one of the "five best places to work in MC" by the Rocksville Gazette. Family owned since 2014.  Full time, part time, seasonal available.

Omicron Pest Control has multiple entry-level openings for extermination technicians in the Castle area. No experience necessary; on-site training and equipment provided. OPC specializes in safe removal of all varieties of household and castle pests, including rodents, insects, Pokemon, dust bunnies, vampire bats, and mini-griffins. Apply in person at our Cloud City office, Lords Street.

Data Dissembly Specialist - Qualified applicant will have 7+ years' experience in data mining or similar work; possess exceptional skills using industry applications including R, MS Excel, SQL, Muffintop RS. Must be able to obtain mid-level security clearance. The ability to identify a song in just one note a plus. Join the exciting world of data analytics today by submitting your online application to Arachnotelework, LLC.

Short Order Cook, Snuffy's Bar and Grill. Part-time Tuesday and Wednesday evenings only. Competitive pay, free meals. Must be 21 or older. Ask for Wink.

Guaranteed employment upon successful completion of Bunny Boot Camp. Positions include staging, delivery, security, and finance officers. There's still time! Become an Easter Bunny today!


From: AlabsterNoir


At long last, the train pulls to a stop in the Rocksville station. I stand to recover my luggage from the overhead storage. Only one other passenger exits the car with me, and he vanishes almost immediately. I exchange my funds for the local currency (gold coin and diamonds, inconveniently) by buying a copy of the local newspaper and exit the station. I have arrived.

Off the main city square I find a quaint café and order a pastry and coffee to go with my paper. Definitely a small town, when the biggest news features an unfortunate donkey. No other story catches my attention, and I move on to the classified listings. I'll need a place to stay and a job while in the area, and fortunately, there seem to be several options. Pickle farming sounds intriguing, if odd.

For now, though, I order a refill on my coffee and enjoy the stillness. In retrospect, I don't think I enjoy long-distance train travel. Next time, I'll request a mission closer to home.


From: Randytb


As I get closer to the critter barn I hear Charlie screaming and having a royal fit,

Some of her Gnome friends come tearing out along with Butch close at there heels

Saints be praised  Cap good thing you came that woman is looney bin and almost got me in da rear with that pitchfork

Okay calm down go tell Opel I am here and would you ask her for me her largest thermos off hot coffee  sounds like Charlie needs a caffin fix and a jug of ice cold Honey Rum for me throat is parched then go back to Melody and let me know when you get there.

I just had time to duck a flying bucket and Charlie screeming empyu what are the animals going to eat ? AIR?Just goes to show if you want something done right do it yourself  ouch damn back

Hey Charlie simmer down you crazy woman and stop throwing things you going to hurt someone if not your self

shut your pie hold ya old  codger all ready did that now get and let me get my work down,

Ope; showed up in time and between the two of us got her sat down and a jug of coffee in her she drank it so fast she did not even taste the potion Opel had put in her thermos

Opel winked at me and told me that she really hurt her back lifting Hay a few days ago 

Okay Charlie what gives?

Why did you not page me  ?

Anyway you are on bed rest for a week and I will have Doc Deadman come to see you she staryed and I cut her off NO NO NO you do this or I will personally hog tie you to you bed now come to bed as I picked her up and headed to The Special Room and up to her room and stood out side as Opel helped her to change and get into bed

Now no moving around till Doc gives the okay and I will take care of the critters with Butch until I hire you a worker and I know exactly who would be perfect

Charlie fell to sleep so Opel and I went downstairs and I called Melody  and told her about Charlie and that I was going to stay the night and get Doc Deadman over to check her out and to take care the critters  till I hire her some help so sweet dreams and see you in a few days but call me if you need me


From: Randytb


Before we signed off Melody told me Scar was doing so much better he was even walking a bit more still weak and shack y on his legs but Blossom Cherry Fang and Stup are always close to him and DM to make sure he is okay and that she thinks in a few more weeks she will be able to take care of his eye.... it is still swollen and infected but the antibiotic are helping .

That was good news and I want be there when she operates

I also said  that Opel and muss Katt will be have the meals ready for her and the boys just send one of the boys to pick them up.

Okay gota run see you in a few days she replied Rodger that Cap with her giggle

Opel do I have time to go see Jacob and then shower???

Ya gots half an hour  ya be late ya go hungry now scoot  YES MA'AM

Hey Jacob how are you and the family doing ? just great Cap and yourself? doing good  We both started to talk at the same time lol so I said go ahead my friend

I was going to go see you but did not wanr ro bother you with all that is going on with Scar and Goldie  hey I am never to busy for you and family what is it?

Well my two older boys are asking me if they can help out  more if I would allow them to get Summer jpbs and promised to keep up there chores here I told them I would talk to there Mom and get back on it.

Cap I am so proud of them  // as you should be you raised them right even through  rough times you are a good man and a good Father and I was on my way to see you because I wanted to ask you if you would allow your eldest son to work the summer at the critter barn Charlie hurt her back real bad she still thinks she is 20 and  she is to proud to ask for help  and it  could turn out to be permanent

Now he will be paid by me but Charlie  will be his boss  and if she gets out of hand I will take care of it so what do you think?

He had an earr to ear grin and called his son////

Yes Father>> hello Captain Randy Sir and shook my hand /// man the boy has grown since I last saw him almost as tall as his Dad

Good to see you as well  here sit  your Dad and I told him our idea  and it was like he was in shock

Are you serious ??? of course I will do the job  if Father and Mother agree ///// We agree his Mother said lol we did not even see her behind us

We all shook hands and his Mother hugged him and whispered  you make us so proud my Son

Okay done deal I will give you 50 Gold coins  a month and you start tomorrow 

We agreed on his hours  this is going to be hard on him  His new job and his chores then we heard I will help from his younger brother we all laughed and Jacob rubbed his head ans said  we all will son we all will 

As I walked away I heard a very loud WOHOO