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Ready for The Special Room (latest)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/18/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 387660 views.
PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


by AuntieRoo on Apr 19, 18 7:09 AM

Everyone is running around make preparations for the move to Delphi.I don’t care about the danger I have things to do,so I use the Laundry Room window to make my escape.Luckily no-one sees me.

As I turn the corner of the Tea Room I bump into a group of people who are aimlessly wandering & muttering in low voices.I do not recognise them so I’m a little wary but I throw caution to the wind & ask who they are.I am blown away by the answer!!!
“We are mods & have been sent here to rest.We are all exhausted from the current turmoil”
I must admit they do look forlorn & dejected.

“ Well you all need huggie jackets so follow me & we’ll get you fitted up.There isn’t enough time to make you all designer jackets but you are welcome to pick from the few spares that I have”.
I can tell from the mumbling they are not happy. I ask what the problem is & am told they all have to be the same but different from all the other citizens.Hmmm...I’m beginning to think I should just walk away as time is precious,we all have a deadline to meet!!...But they are all part of our MC family & I have to do something.
I leave them on the bank by the kiddos & tell them to stay there until I return.

I get to the hospital wing & carefully make my way to the storeroom.In there I find a pile of pristine white huggie jackets.PTG would have a fit if he found out I was helping myself to them . Still it’s in a good cause so I take them.I take them to my hideaway where I find a feather.I sharpen it to make a quill & grab a bottle of Ink of Night.In my very best writing I print “MOD” on the back of each jacket & glue a bfg fish underneath.
I return to the bank & hand out the jackets.I don’t have time to linger so I leave them to choose a suitable size.

***Thank you all***

My pet raven flies into the kitchen cawing loudly, What's wrong? The farm has been destroyed by the chaos? OH NO!!! Marino and Janet made it out with a few cows and pigs and got home. Thank Goodness!!!

Okay, deep breath, at least they are safe. Not sure there would have been room for all the farm animals on the ship to tell the truth. Hopefully I can contact them again once we make it to Delphi and they can rejoin us. Gather the others and stay close. She caws again as she wings away.

Out in the dining room all is still chaos as everyone scrambles to prepare for the exodus.

I find Charlie, "The farm was destroyed but my friends managed to escape back to their home with some of the cows and pigs. If all goes well they'll join us when we are settled.  I'll have to forage in Delphi for those flying chicks and other food stuffs, but at least they're safe." She is relieved. I'll bet she was wondering how we would get all those critters on the boat too!

I deposit a tray of food on the counter. "Eat up everyone, No sense  wasting food and the perishables will keep best in your tummies anyway!" "Oh, and please don't forget we have to take sleepy Grim with us. I've heard so much about her from Mrs. Fletcher, I really want to meet her." I head back to the kitchen for more people and pet food.


From: AEGram


by Annelliegram on Apr 19, 18 2:12 PM 

Meanwhile .... Playingthegame's Godmother and the Genie are continuing to cajole and watch over Adrian to make sure he keeps his word about the time frame before he searches for Grim himself. 

It is totally exhausting work .....If one could hear her thoughts they would hear: 

"my arms are weary from wielding my wand in his direction. 

The pigeons have mostly gone from the flying boat. The Genie and I remain on the steps to Atlantis --- monitoring and watching the Dark Tower. (For while Adrian remains in the Temple of Justice, he is mentally preparing his destruction .... the steps behind the Iron Knight continue to crumble!) 

Oh, dear ...... I must remember to send my most faithful pigeon (for he is tired of being around the female pigeons who are driving him batty; he is ready for some real work again) .. send my most faithful pigeon to my Godson to tell him .... there was one of his friends who removed the wand from the Potion Shop and has tried to figure out how to make it work ..... I forget her name, but he will know .... anyway, the wand ONLY works in this world and from INSIDE the Potion Shop, which is soon to be destroyed. That is the reason she cannot figure out how to use it properly." 

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I am all ready to leave, bags packed, Buddy sleeping at my feet. I thought I needed a new destination but I have been paying attention to the others and listening in. I have decided that Delphi was the place to go. Now, I am just waiting for the word to head out with the others on our journey to our new home. My camping trip will wait until we are settled in our new home; besides, I don’t remember seeing camping gear around anywhere. Such is my luck and it would be better to go when the weather is warmer anyway.

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From: AEGram


There seems to be much concern about everyone and everything fitting into Skull Pete's ship ... for those who know Hermione Granger of Harry Potter fame, they will know about the Undetectable Extension Charm. She used it on her "bag" that she carried when she, Harry, and Ron fled the "wedding scene." 

Basically, while the outside of an item remains unchanged, the inside can carry all manner of things AND the weight of that item is not affected to the carrier. The Genie has contacted Hermione and been granted permission to use such a charm on Skull Pete's ship.

As passengers, items, and animals enter, they will find space equal to their needs. The ship will merely sit in the water as it would if it were empty. No one will know of their boarding as long as they are discrete.

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PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


Amid all the chaos and confusion with my partners packing bags, getting sandwiches and flasks of tea or coffee from the Kitchen I suddenly remember my broom and what it does best!

Sweep dust bunnies which are here in abundance for it to work on

It seems to be very happy and sweeping everything up not nailed down into heaps. Some of these however are being destroyed by the more frisky pets as they play and scamper around their owners.

Since Charlie is keeping a close eye on my broom with a large kitchen knife at hand it has ceased to bat these little rascals outside but instead to work around them, occasionally burying them in the dusty heaps!

It is the dust bunnies that reminds me.

Some of us are not present here!

Even worse, several of the Hospital Wing senior citizens may not even be aware of the impending doom visiting our Realm.

In particular there are two irascible miscreants who are fond of hiding under beds.

I must give them an opportunity to join our merry throng of travelers.

So I need to go there now and warn them!

I tell the others that I very important matter elsewhere.

Telling my broom to transfer into charabanc mode I sweep over to Rooms 2 and 3 of the Hospital Wing.

Sure enough under the cots are two large pairs of eyes staring out at me as I enter their rooms. Dust bunnies everywhere so I have to restrain my broom as I remember only too well the last time it went into operation here!

Hi! Fuzzie, Hi! Blancofluttero I need to talk. It is urgent.

I quickly fill them in on the demise of the BFG Forum, their “virtual deaths if they stay and give them my cunning plan to transport us all into the Realm of Delphi.

“Please, please join us!”

I leave as I am needed urgently back in the Tea Room.

I just hope that they can find convenient places in the new Realm. After all we ARE building a duplicate wing and ordering loads of new huggie jackets of all sizes!

kat (vabreeze)

From: kat (vabreeze)


Sebastien has returned.  He looks tired.

“Well," he said as he pulled up a chair and sat down facing me.  "This is our situation."

"At Delphi, there is a nexus to a parallel version of Midnight Castle.  Somehow, when the game was originally created, the game became corrupted."  He looked at Annaleise, who was grinning right back at him.  "As a result, several versions of the Midnight Castle universe came into being.  Each version has the same layout, the same main characters, even the same basic story arc since they all maintain a connection to the original game.  But each version also has its own interpretation of those characters and of the storyline.

For example, in the main game, both Arabella and Adrian are the children of the Chamberlain; here they are the children of Murk.  Here the castle is run as a dictatorial fiefdom, with monitoring devices everywhere and the guards chasing, capturing, drugging and imprisoning players.  Obviously that is not part of the main game.

But each version is also unique to itself.  No characters added to one version since its creation has counterparts in another version.  So you and the other inmates do not have doppelgangers at Delphi.  In fact there is only one being present at this moment who is present and the same in all the versions."

Annaleise was still grinning.

“Charlie does not have to worry about Annaleise.  She is already there.”

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From: Werecatqueen


Empress Meliora here

You all may be wondering why I winged cat knocked my tiara off when a bug landed on it...unfortunately, the Tiara was a voice changing Tiara...and everyone heard my robotic voice...the castle residents were shunning me...demanding where I put the 'real Meliora' even when I told them that I was a cursed LITbug (they have robotic voices if their corruption levels are 90-99 percent) they still attacked me. That;'s when I decided enough was enough. I put my tiara back on and left that foul place...i'm sorry my human friends...I just couldn't take it

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kat (vabreeze)

From: kat (vabreeze)


"So same world, different dangers."

"Or same dangers, but different reactions. You  may literally be leaping out of the frying pan into the fire. 

Which now leads me back to where we stand now.  The new Secret Library has been set up and it is connected for wi-fi. It has its own Record Book (as this one records only for this version) and its own Mirror.  The ghost players are now moving and setting up Anna's new quarters (at least the ones not playing the game, your game has transported over). 

But those were situated in structures original to the game. All the new structures added here since 2013 need to be rebuilt.  And since we do not know if the gnomes in the new version is friendly, we need to seek Seeker and his friends and ask if they are willing to assist. At the very least, they will be transported to safety.

So if we can contact PTG's Godmother (and provide her with cookies and other sweets and she is too busy to bake at this moment), maybe she can assist us."