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Ready for The Special Room (latest)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/18/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 405902 views.
kat (vabreeze)

From: kat (vabreeze)


I am writing this from my new quarters at Delphimilky_way

After the Record Book was destroyed, Sebastien and I  ( as "Diaphanous Diane") , transported to Delphi as I could no longer be of assistance to my fellow inmates there as my knee was still casing me problems.   Here I was supervising the ghost players in the setting up of the new rooms for the other inmates. 

Sebastien had every intention to go back and assist the others in escaping since he was aware of the problems with the ship.  He was especially concerned with Charlie and her large assortment of pets and had gathered several of the original MC carpetbags to take back to transport them.  However, during our journey we ran into problems finding our way to the Delphi nexus.  There was some "static" trying to prevent us from using the mirror portal.zapzapzap  When we finally arrived, Sebastien was exhausted.  

What had caused the "static?"  Was it a natural occurrence, or had someone sensed the mirror's use as a means of escape?  In either case, we decide it would be dangerous at this point to use the mirrors as by using them we could either transport the danger to Delphi or worse, lose the other inmates during the transition. 

My only source of news has been Annaleise, since she is in both places.  Annaleise cannot help us defeat Adrian as he is a main character and she cannot change or rewrite his storyline in that universe.  She can only cause havoc by manipulating the various objects within the game and causing glitches.

Since this has started Annaleise had been smiling at me.  As if she had something in mind and was waiting.blush

Waiting for permission maybe?  For my permission? 

"Annaleise, I want you to help Charlie and the others. Do whatever is necessary.  Just do not let the danger they are in follow them here."

Annaleise laughed and began to dance. dancer She then disappeared.  

I have done all I can.  All I can do is wait. 

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In reply toRe: msg 60

From: AEGram


B  -  O  -  O  -  !!! ..... Smoke is coming from the Dark Tower!

The thunderous noise is deafening and it actually rocks the Genie, who is able to remain on his feet. But PTG’s God Mother is knocked to the ground, and she drops her wand as she falls. This was the “opening” Adrian had hoped for. A hand reaches out and grabs the dazed woman around the neck ….. holding her aloft, a voice hisses: Where IS that flying boat? (All the woman can do is slightly shake her head side to side). …. I’ll ask you one more time: WHERE IS IT!? …. There is no reply.

The Genie has become immobilized so he can only watch as Adrian flings the old woman through the portal on the steps of Atlantis with such force that her body falls on the ground near the base of Rapunzel’s Tower. The loud noise from her fall awakens the dragon in the tower, and he comes flying out. But before he can head to the ground to inquire further, there is a slight fizzle emitted from her lifeless body ……. Fairy dust and sparkles fill the air ………… and then she is no more. 

Riddler (Riddler01)

From: Riddler (Riddler01)


It is I, Riddler, and have been invited back by Angel, most gracious of all of you special room people. I think I am in the right place, someone please let me know, or please let me know how to navigate this strange new land! Thanks all

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


You are most welcome my Friend.

But I am somewhat distraught at this moment of time


From: AuntieRoo


I’d offer hugs but on this occasion I don’t think it would help.


From: AEGram


As the hand receded, the Genie was no longer immobilized ..... he slowly sat on the steps of Atlantis holding his bowed head in his hands. While he knew in his mind that there was nothing he could do, he felt deep sorrow in his heart for not doing anything.

Meanwhile, a large black bird had been circling the War Elephant watching ...... Adrian did not see it fly through the portal shortly after the woman had been hurled in that direction. It landed in the burning tree just behind Hansel and watched over the form laying on the ground. It watched as the dragon came forth from Rapunzel's Tower and flew over to investigate. It watched as  the fairy dust and sparkles flew into the air. It  then took wing and departed.

Shortly afterwards the large black bird found Playingthegame pacing, trying to come up with a "cunning plan." ...... It spoke gently to the man: Please be seated as I have news to tell you.

Playingthegame heard the words and saw the source ..... at first he objected saying he was deep in thought with trying to work things out and he only had 2 days remaining.

Again, the bird gently said: Please be seated. ........ Please.

Sensing something was greatly troubling the bird, the very same one who had come to him in the hospital wing, ....... Playingthegame sat and waited. 

The bird then mentally relayed all he had seen.

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


As my Crow telepathically "speaks" to me, a sense of shock and numbness courses through my bones.

Not again!

Profound sorrow hits me like a punch to the solar plexus but I must think!

I must act!

I am the temporary leader of our little band and responsible for its wellbeing and safety.

But the sense of sorrow and even guilt hits me once more.

My beautiful Fairy Godmother was only trying to help us in our quest. She was doing only good for the Realm.

I cannot think here where we are located at the moment, I must go to the only other haven I know.

I quickly call over Roo and tell her I will be gone for a short while.

She looks at me with a very quizzical expression. This quickly turns to sympathy when she sees my ashen features.

I tell my broom to transport me to Jenny Wren's memorial among all the roses of the Faery Forest and once more touch the cool stone.

All I can do now is to wait for my brain to calm down and plan. If there are any friendly ghosts around perhaps they will guide me in this our direst hour of need.

In reply toRe: msg 68

From: AEGram


As Playingthegame sits on his broom bench next to Jenny Wren’s memorial, his revere is interrupted by a familiar “Ahem, ahem.” He turns to see Seeker coming from the opening into the Museum of Tales. He is his larger Gnome size of 4 ft  8 inches tall and is carrying the Fairy Tale Book. When he sees the puzzled look on PTG’s face, he merely shrugs and says, “Our leader sent me back for the book of tales. …. But, what are YOU doing here?”

PTG starts to explain what his Crow told him when he is interrupted…….. “Well, yes …. Nasty business, that. Impossible to foresee. Impossible to prevent. (We have been watching from our new land, so we are aware of all that is happening here.)”

“Seems to me you have 2 choices ….. You can either drown in sorrow or buck up and take advantage of all she did while she was here:

1. She provided an additional vessel for your escape…. A fine Flying Boat with an Undetectable Extension Charm so all will fit inside and quite comfortably, I might add. (Oh, and unknown to you, but that Flying Boat also is “self repairing” ….. so it cannot be destroyed like Skull Pete’s boat.)

2. She has distracted Adrian with her departure …. He thinks he has won, so he will probably not do much today. HOWEVER, he will soon realize that she did NOT answer his question, nor give him any hint as to where she stashed the boat. I reckon it will take him until tomorrow to figure that out, being the bright boy he is and all. And when he does, the “search” will NOT be pretty!

So, IF I WERE YOU, I would get my people, supplies, and animals on the Flying Boat …… then I would send out the EMPTY blimp as a decoy to distract Adrian (for he will surely see it and destroy it). Then as soon as the decoy is sent, I would use that there ring of yourn to make the Flying Boat invisible (You DO remember how to do that, don’t you?) and “get the h*** out of Dodge.” And get out TOMORROW!

But ……. That’s just what I would do….. YOU gotta make up your own mind."

With that, Seeker switched the book to his other arm and calmly strolled off between the White and Red Rose Bushes and the Seven Dwarves into the background forest.

The next time my eyes open, I find myself on a tropical beach. The sun is bright and the air, water and sand are warm. I decide to swim and go to take my cloths off only to discover that they are already gone. Shrugging my shoulders, I head into the clear blue waters for a swim.

As I get out of the water, I suddenly am wearing clothing again and they are soaking wet. Sighing, I walk onto the beach and head for a hammock that vanishes before me. So much for drying off that way.

 I decide to take a walk up the beach. Suddenly, I hear sounds and head in the direction they appear to be coming from. In a clearing, I come across a village inhabited by ferrets and not just any ferrets. These ferrets were wearing tutu’s and dancing around a fire as well as doing other things. Suddenly I had to do a double take, Cash and Wickerbat were there leading the dancing wearing fruit hats and tutu’s. As I watch, Buddy comes out of a hut also in a tutu and he frolics with the ferrets.

I just stand there watching as I can’t believe what I am seeing. When I look down, My clothes go from sensible to tropical. I am wearing coconuts and a grass skirt. Then, the dream ends.