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I'm getting a "Need to restart game" loop !   Technical Issues

Started Nov-17 by LadyClaire; 502 views.

From: LadyClaire


Hi there fellow Castle players and friends.

The last few days after a few minutes of gameplay I'm getting a  Changes are afoot and game needs to restart message

Then it reboots and goes into download mode only it never actually starts the download.

I  shurt it down only to come back and it is again okay for a few minutes then same thing.

Continuous loop. 

Anyone else ahving similar issues?

I'm Lady Claire on a PC  

ID 848280   I think that's  my ID number 


From: AEGram


LadyClaire said:

Anyone else ahving similar issues?

There are several posts relative to this issue. 

There's also one "RECOMMENDED TO STAY OUT OF THE GAME" that starts with a warning post from the BF Moderator's Facebook fan page. The recycling download that doesn't process is affecting all platforms and some PC games have reverted back to Level 1, so those games are lost from the servers.

As soon as the moderator posts that the issue has been resolved, I will copy her comments to that referenced thread.

In reply toRe: msg 2

From: LadyClaire


Thanks so very much ! I've been following the  Stay out of Game thread.

I just found my post again and your reply. Thanks again for all you have done.

I feel so bad for those players who do not know.

Thank goodness I thought to check here on the forum.