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Friends of Nell, GMA and PennyB.   Friends

Started Nov-17 by PenWeb; 746 views.

From: PenWeb


My grandson, Peter, will be coming from Virginia this weekend for a week, staying with my daughter in Cape Coral.  He wil be looking over my wonky old computer to see if it can be rescued. He works in IT, so he should know what needs to be done. Possibly a new computer. Probably. Almost certain. Definitely.

When it comes time, I will take down my wish list and put a message on my avatar of all 3 games.  I have a list of all my Friends, so will be able to re-invite you when I reach the proper level.  I know the process for changing games from old to new computer, having followed the Forum messages faithfully.

My Event album is full. I have the first Challenge avatar, and am not interested in the other ones as well a losing time, energy and inventory on them. I will miss any time not getting the extra coins. So be it. I will take Peter' time and expert knowledge when I can.

Will let you know when everything is settled.

Penny B

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Good luck with new computer.  Look forward to having you back in the Castle wink

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From: PenWeb


Grandson Peter says my hard drive is a mess, so will be getting a new computer this week.

I am taking down my Wish List.

Will let y'all know when I am back.

See you in the Castle!

Penny B.

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From: PenWeb


Got my new computer and am trying to input everything that could not be transferred.

Will be putting in request from BF to transfer from old to new games as soon as I find the address. 

Have already gotten Nell game started up to being able to get Friends:

Nell : old ID 620597  NEW ID 943662

will work on GMA and PennyB tomorrow.

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From: PenWeb


Put in a request to EF on Tuesday to transfer Nell game to new computer. This afternoon, Friday, I opened MC ant it started to download!!!! Complete game, no problems so far. Thank you, Elephant Games!

Have yet to figure out how to put other users in the computer, so GMA and PennyB are still in limbo. Grandson Peter had to leave without helping on that.

Am trying to input names and IDs to invite Friends, but with about 100 Friends, it is taking quite a while. Please be patient or send me a request to Nell 943662

See you in the Castle!

Penny B.

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Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi Penny B,

I am one of your many friends.  Thank you for the update.  When I am next in my games, I will send "Nell" an invite if there isn't one already there.  Please let us know if there is any thing you need that I may be able to help you with.

Take care,

Dot sunglasses  earth_asia