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lost my progress - friends of Delisa   Friends

Started Nov-20 by Delisa40; 987 views.

From: Delisa40


Hello, there!

To friends of Delisa, my new ID is now 943621. Please add me as your friend.

Also, do any of my friends have my original ID number?

Big fish doesn't seem to be able to find the one I had written down.

Thank you!


From: EndorWitchOf


kissing_heart Sorry about your stumble. I have Delissa #818905... currently RED.disappointed

Sending invites from ENDOR 926136   Endor's C@ 930995  Haggis McBagpipe 941748

Happy to have you back. I have lots of red people...So... anyone else missing a few

please feel free to add.

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


Hi, so sorry you are having trouble with your game! I invited you to my baby game with your new ID,

good luck, Diane


From: Delisa40


EndorWitchOf said:


thank you for your response. Big fish has lost my last progress, but it's ok. Just accepted you as my friend!

Larian (Eredain)

From: Larian (Eredain)


Hey EndorWitchOf ...I have two of your IDs on my PC, but I don't think you have the fall event rooms up? (I could be wrong, don't have the game pulled up to look)


From: EndorWitchOf


Hi Kiddo !! Endor "s first game was lost with the Up-date a year or so ago.

Can't remember ID and can't delete. After grieving for a long time couldn't stay away.

 Now h.ave ENDOR which you should have as well as Endor's C@ and

Haggis McBagpipe. All are open Event rooms, Hope this helps...Cora

Larian (Eredain)

From: Larian (Eredain)


Should have checked first, I do have Endor and Endor's C@ and they both have the fall rooms up, obviously was low on coffee when I was last there....not too observant

Also, Delisa, I invited your new ID to my game (Larian), also invited Haggis McBagPipe because how could I not invite someone with that name...

That makes me think I need to change my name to my old game name, never used it here, but now that I think of it.....pretty sure it won't fit though.

(Shetland Ponies of Doom)