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New Computer   Technical Issues

Started Nov-20 by PenWeb; 375 views.

From: PenWeb


I need the address of BF to transfer my old game to my new computer.  I know I have seen it somewhere on the Forum, but personal search capability could not find it.  I have acquired a new game on the new computer, new ID and played some, so need BF to send me the old one.

Penny B.

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From: AEGram


PenWeb said:

I need the address of BF to transfer my old game to my new computer.

Once you get the new game to Level 6, the transfer can be completed. 

I would recommend contacting Elephant Games, though. They won't send a confirmation email, BUT send them a request, don't play your game after Wednesday evening. They have been doing game transfers on Friday's (which is Thursday evening for us). It's recommended to stay out of BOTH games starting Wednesday evening. They will send you a notice sometime on Friday that the transfer has been completed.

DO NOT open either game until you get that notification from them.

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From: PenWeb



Thank you so very much. You are the greatest!

Penny B.