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castle challenge   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Nov-22 by Grace3904; 665 views.

From: Grace3904


Wich hidden object scene should I examine to complete the 20  


From: Bass4Fun


Hi Grace3904.

You will need to do 20 different HO scenes to complete this task. The time period for a 'Max' score HO scene to refresh is 60min and the task is to be completed in 30min.

I hope this helps. 


If you have any HOS that have not progressed to needing diamonds to open them early, play them as often as you need to.  You can also use a no cool down amulet if you have them. You can also use diamonds to open an HOS early.

It is doable within the time limit, you just make the choice to play the way that suits you best.

I usually try to play a few jigsaw puzzles each day to build up my diamonds so that I can use them  during events or challenges if needed.

Good luck and happy playing.


From: AEGram


Grace3904 said:

Wich hidden object scene should I examine to complete the 20

Basically, you would play any of the regular scenes you have unlocked that are not in cooldown. 

You can also play the event rooms (your own as well as friends). The event rooms also count toward the necessary 20.