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15 Azure Ghosts - Impossible? Or is there a trick?   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Nov-24 by Larian (Eredain); 817 views.
Larian (Eredain)

From: Larian (Eredain)


I am level 122 and have all of the areas open from the Castle through the Citadel. I made a pass through every single location and got 4 azure ghosts. I don't see how I'm going to get 15.  (This is on my PC game).  Even worse on the iPad since I have only the Castle and 3 areas in the Town open.  After dozens of passes through each area, I still only have 3 Azure ghosts. Getting 10 of any of the ghosts is hard, 15 seems impossible. Unless anyone has a tip or trick to finding them more often.

As an would any of you deal with a 'friend' that has a wish list with Halloween items (hard to get rare ones...swamp spark and glowing mixture) but doesn't have a Halloween room up?  They have the Anniversary room up.  I'm thinking of being crabby and deleting them.

Keep on going around the castle. It took me four full rounds and to the dungeon of the cursed at level 125  Round 1 gave me 4,Round 2 gave me 3, Round 3 game me 5 and Round 4 gave me the last one.   

Do a round play a few HOS, do a round play a few HOS, have a break come back and do some more.  This game is teaching me patience.

Larian (Eredain)

From: Larian (Eredain)


That's exactly what I've been doing today and they've been coming more frequently, so I'm down to needing one more. Too bad they didn't ask for hats or shoes, pretty sure those are coming every other turn. lol

WeeSam (WeesamNZ)

From: WeeSam (WeesamNZ)


For me, if at first you don't succeed, shut the game down and try again tomorrow. Plenty of days still to go so you can catch up, and what isn't plentiful today maybe better the next day.

First day I got 8 after about three rounds of the castle. I quit at that point, and the next day I got 7 in one and a bit goes around the castle.


From: Lisadengel


Hi there,

Some of my friends have the recent Anniversary room open and a few have a spring or a winter room, or the private room open.  I had decided to go ahead and delete all of my friends who had active event rooms open but weren't playing any longer because I just felt I didn't need to keep inactive players with old rooms up.

As far as the players with the non-event rooms (even if their wish list is event-specific), I tend to keep them around - especially if I know that they are active - because some players have gotten burned in the past by having their event room open during an event and then have the dreaded lost game.  Two of the three times I lost my game in the past was during events (one winter, and the other in the spring, I think).

Now, regarding the ridiculous number of floaters, whatever they are, it's upsetting because it really is unfair - especially to people who don't have the floatie energy amulet.  I was very lucky to get all the amulets (and the retired pets like the Champion) given to me when they reinstated my game.  So this particular CC, I used up most of my energy on the first catching a large group of specific floaties and will need to build back up for the winter event.   I was stuck on the apples to get the dumb second CC avatar.  I went all over creation and was stuck at 5/10 for what felt like days.  At this point, I've called it...especially because what I think is the biggest problem is getting the 15 items on the wheel - considering the $ per spin compounds - and DIAMONDS DON'T COUNT!!!  Why, I have no idea.  I lost so much money getting diamonds it was ridiculous.  I purposely wouldn't spin more than 3 times each day except for the last day when I got tired of waiting.

Anyway, what I always do regarding the CC is look at the upcoming tasks.  IF they are doable legitimately without wanting to throw your computer through the window, then I say go for it.  The # of tasks for the third section that I felt was not worth it caused me to stop after the 2nd avatar.  Plus it took so long on the fortune wheel items and the stupid apples that even if I wanted to try to finish the last 10 tasks of the CC, I wouldn't have enough time to do that.  So annoying!


In reply toRe: msg 5

From: Lisadengel


Just popped back in here to say that I just popped back into the game wink and realized I am still at 7/10 apples!

Soooo annoying!

Larian (Eredain)

From: Larian (Eredain)


I guess I'll keep the one friend and see if they change to a Winter room for the next event.  I just thought it was a little...I don't know, rude to have the Halloween/Fall event gifts on their wish list, but no Fall room up.  and they have a pretty high level.

As far as the floaties, I missed the ghost amulet, saw some suggestions here that it might work to write support and ask for one...I finally got all 15 ghosts on both games, just took time and patience.

Good luck on the Apples!!

In reply toRe: msg 7

From: Ashyr


The only way I have been able to get when there are that many ghosts (whatever needed), was to save up for using the amulet that allows you to have instant load rate (i.e. no wait time) for an hour.
Then it is just madly flashing through rooms until I get enough.  So instead of taking 3 or 4 hours (or more), I can gather what I need in less than an hour.

When I see this kind of requirement for the castle challenges I look ahead to see if something similar is going to come up, (like 70 morphing in an hour), and that way that hour of amulet is well spent.

Hope this helps.