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Foregoing the remainder of Castle challenge   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Nov-25 by WasCin; 2446 views.

From: WasCin


I have decided to let the remainder of the Castle Challenge go.  It seems to be contrary to all the reasons for playing the event, collecting coins and inventory when you have to craft 20 items and use 50 items in ZZs to complete only 2 of the remaining challenges.  What is the point when the ultimate payoff is only an avatar, no matter which one.  It doesn't seem like an equal value to me.

It's not like there is something of value you receive for completing them.  I don't mind chasing ghosts or any of most of the challenges presented, but expending lots of resources just doesn't make sense to me.  How do you all feel? 

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From: WasCin


P.S.  I know that all the items crafted and used in ZZs we keep, but the coins used to craft is an issue.  (Forgot to add this in my original post.  flushed wink)  Also, I know I could craft pet food but why?

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From: WasCin


I have been playing my game except for a few days, at the start of the trouble.  That's not my reason for not wanting to complete the CC.  It is the use of resources, including stamps you need to use to complete the latest challenge in crafting 20 items.

Also another one coming up requires using 50 items in ZZs and what you will have to do to get them if you don't already have enough in inventory.  Most of my time is spent doing the HOSs in the Private Rooms and chasing ghosts for the Daily challenges. I have even stopped leveling up for now, as there just isn't enough time for everything, so chasing items needed to complete some of these challenges is a non-starter! smirk

Granted, you can keep all crafted items, but you need to have all the items, stamps, coins, etc. to do the crafting to start with; and I would rather craft as I need them, as my stamps are not an abundant resource, etc.

As for the last avatar, it would be nice to have, but I would appreciate something of value, more.  An avatar I may never use is of little value to me other than a symbol that I completed the Challenge.  That's not quite incentive enough for me to want to finish it.  LOL! wink

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From: Hirento


Hello WasCin,

It is completely understandable that you do not want to spend resources if you don't feel you are getting anything of value for them, especially if you need them for other things.

For my part, speaking as someone with lots and lots of gold and stamps and diamonds and stuff, the way I see it is that there is nothing else to do with these things but use them.

Every single item one finds in this game has one single purpose. To be used in the game. The trick is deciding when is the best time to use them. I am at the end of current content, I have nothing left to do in the game but wait for the next update. I could play the Trina quests, or the Daily Quests, or the Blue Key quests, but I have played them so many times I'm cross-eyed laughing

I find them utterly dull. Saying that, I don't think the Challenge-quests are very challenging either, lol, but they are a change from the everyday quests at least.

So I will continue the Challenge and collect the Avatars and if I get bored with that, too, then I'll stop. It's just a game, and it's my choice to play it or not.

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I usually craft simple pet food for the crafting challenges.   Between challenges I play the puzzles for the diamonds and build them up to use during events and challenges.   I don't do the rounds of the castle like I used to and don't play every day, sometimes I take a break for a while.

Challenges are an individual choice, if I don't like the Avatars I don't do them.  I am doing this one because I missed an Avatar I would like but it came up in a challenge when I was on a break.

I tend to level up during events because sometimes I just cannot face the private rooms and I challenge myself to make the coin needed to craft an item or to open an new area, HOS or ZZ during the event.  

There are a few HOS, that I am now playing every day in preparation for the 50 items in ZZs plus I have a couple of quests needing ZZs in the current update which will help in this challenge.  This will also help with my current Trina quest.

I am finding I am enjoying the game almost as much as I did when I first started playing back in 2014.  I may take long, long breaks, but I keep coming back.

All players have their own way to play their game and their comments on this forum often help others plan their way to play.  All hints and points of view are valid.

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From: Hirento


I would just like to say, re. the actual crafting;

As Trixie Bell mentions above, many players craft Pet food when these crafting challenges come around. Pet food are items you know you will always need later.

For me, I craft Pet food until all my pet medallions are used, then I turn to cheap items such as Glinting Earrings. They are only 300 gold, 2 normal (white) stamps and 1 unusual (blue) stamp, plus two other items (Charm of something and Heart Something else, lol that I always seem to get when I play  HOs in the Castle area so I have a lot of them).

In addition, you always get two extra items when you Craft, very often gold, more pet food or items used to help searching in HOs such as Lightning flashes or crystal balls. At my game level, if I get gold as the extra item, it is 380 Gold or something like that.

I remember when I was at low level and desperately needed gold, I was very happy about this and sometimes crafted pet food in the hope of getting gold.

And then I can either sell or shard the item I crafted, but I tend to just let them sit in my inventory, as I don't really need gold or shards much.


Using up all my Pet medallions have one slight advantage when you get a Challenge to obtain X medallions in X minutes.  That means I can use diamonds to buy Pet medallions when crafting instead of playing the dreary Daily quests to get them. (Those challenges are of course only possible outside of Events).

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From: LvlSlgr


WasCin, I understand that each of us play the game the way we want, but I wanted to let you know there are crafted items which don't cost any coins or the coins you get when selling the item is more than you put out. The following is from an old list I have referred to over the years. I'm sure there have been more that I could have added but I just haven't.

Crafted Item Coins needed Coins when sold
Ancestor's Spirit 0 2000
Artifact of Infinity 450 1145
Blessing Pendant 200 2240
Bloodred Order 500 1315
Bracelet of Seeing 300 1430
Bridger of Realms 0 2000
Celestial Hunter 300 1730
Chastening Power  500 1770
Cube of Fortune 0 2000
Dead Town Guard 0 1700
Devastated Wanderer 0 1750
Grim Cup 0 1650
Insomnia Horn 0 1300
Life Measurer 0 1000
Mechanical Heart 300 2080
Monster of Dawn 0 1755
Pendant of Island Ruler 0 2200
Sign of Ferocity 300 1215
Seal of Prayer 700 2700
Valerie's Travel Diary 0 1800

There are some others but I didn't make enough rows in the grid and I can't add to it. grimacing

Yes, these crafted items also need other inventory items (most which I usually have already) and stamps. But it's up to you to decide if you want to craft them and then sell them. Myself, if I don't have a required inventory item then I go to the next one.

I usually craft the cheapest pet food for the CC. But this time I did it strictly using some of the items I listed above. I sold maybe three items to recoup my spent coins and then some. I'll sell some more when the game is wanting me to open a new HOS or ZZ or something else that costs lots of money.

I just wanted to let you know there is a way you can do that CC and come out ahead. But it's up to you.

One other advantage of crafting pet food is that it counts towards an achievement. 

I have also used diamonds to buy pet medallions when necessary. Using the puzzles for diamonds works well for me during events.  I have built them up to nearly 15,000 (would have been over that if I hadn't used a heap during the event as I forgot about trading with the kids for ghost traps)  Sometimes I use them to open an HOS early if I need to complete a DQ or Character Quest.

Over the years I have frequented both this and the Old BF forum, made a heap of long time friends and picked up many tips and hints for playing the game.

The only way to play the game is the way that suits each player best.

Edited to correct and achievement to an achievement.

LVSGR, I had forgotten that aspect of the crafting.  I did it myself back in the early days.  Some of those crafted items we only seem to have ever used once (I could be wrong about that).   

When I play the puzzles I usually put a stamp, an egg, and an inventory item that comes after the diamonds.  Sometimes I will  win the lot (not often) sometimes the diamonds and a second item, some time just the coin.  All helps and it doesn't hurt to try.