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Unknown “friend”   Friends

Started Nov-29 by monkeymomMC; 549 views.

From: monkeymomMC


(Deleted screenshot)

I had an unknown “friend” appear in my game this morning. At first I thought an existing friend changed their name.  But then I saw that the ID number was nowhere in my list of friends.  Maybe it’s one of those weird situations where a player’s game goes wacky, and their name and ID get changed or switched or something.  I have the same number of players that I had yesterday but I am missing one of my existing players (someone who hasn’t played in a while).  

Any thoughts?  Does anyone know this player?

— monkeymom

This is on an iPad.


From: WasCin


Hi monkeymom,

I remember seeing someone who referenced that name as one they had used before but using a different one now, but considering going back to ShetlandPonies...  I'm trying to recall where I saw the post here but I am drawing a blank right now.  I do think it was someone who had played before, maybe lost their game and was now playing with their new name.  I am sure someone will know who it is or will have seen the post as there was a response to it.  Have you had any new friends lately?  I think it may be an old friend but I can't say for sure.  I can say for sure that I did see that post today under another name.  Hope this helps some.  wink 

I just found it!! It is under "lost my progress - friends of Delisa" in this thread.  Hope you find out what you need!

From: Larian (Eredain)


Should have checked first, I do have Endor and Endor's C@ and they both have the fall rooms up, obviously was low on coffee when I was last there....not too observant

Also, Delisa, I invited your new ID to my game (Larian), also invited Haggis McBagPipe because how could I not invite someone with that name...

That makes me think I need to change my name to my old game name, never used it here, but now that I think of it.....pretty sure it won't fit though.

(Shetland Ponies of Doom)

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From: monkeymomMC


Hi WasCin,
You’re right!  I found the post you referred to, and an existing friend (Larian) did change their name.  I guess I never updated my friends list with their original name and ID.  So I can rest easy now!  wink

Thanks for your help!



From: WasCin


Anytime, happy I could be of help.  I happened to remember the unusual name because it reminded me of my late uncle, the horses and shetland pony he loved and shared with me when I was a girl.  A happy happy memory!!  blush

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