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Spoiler: Complete Character Progression   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 8/11/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 72787 views.

I thought it might be fun to look back at many of the changes the characters have been through.

Here's the Iron Knight, beginning when we meet him in Level 10; changing into his true werewolf nature in Level 15; much more rugged by Level 45; in chains in Level 63 and finally free in Level 66.

***Iron Knight's full story now appears on Page 3***



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Anabel as we met her in Level 2; the "Highest of the High Vampire" in level 9 and with the Iron Knight in Level 26.  One interesting tidbit of info I found while pouring through the Facebook Midnight Castle eons ago was way back in the beginning, the Iron Knight was named Prince Silvermane Malcontent of the Silvermane Clan.  Not sure that name was actually used, but it is interesting.

****Anabel's Full Story now appears on Page 3***

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Lord Chamberlain when we meet in Level 14, after becoming the most powerful member of the High Council of Vampire Clans in Level 16 and after his daughter, Arabella, has exacted her revenge in Level 23. 


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Ghost of Valeria Steiner, guarding the Underground Grotto, in level 13; Valeria's Spirit, half ghost, half human, level 26 and finally, human Valeria Steiner level 31.


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Salty who has been known by various names, Warren 'Salty' Took, the Innkeeper, Salty Took and Jeronimo Took.  We first meet him in Level 4; in Level 13 Salty asks for a Live Potion that turns out to be poisoned and Salty becomes a ghost; Level 41 finds Salty jealous of the relationship between Chris Arwin and Valeria so he murders gnomes in Cloud City and attempts to frame Chris Arwin but Detective Norman Hayes uncovers the truth and Salty goes to Cloud City Prison; the last pic in Row 1 is prisoner Salty after drinking water from the Pond of Life brought to him by the Fairy in Level 42.  He becomes young and human, except at night when he returns to being a spirit.  That happens because the water is meant for elves and not humans.

The first pic on the second row is young Jeronimo, having escaped prison with the help of Valeria, and on the run in Level 43.  In Level 53, Jeronimo sporting full armor and the Spectral Blade is standing in Metro Station ready to purge himself of the guilt he feels over poisoning the wells of the werewolves as payment for King Oberon's giving the Fairy the water from the Pond of Life.  The next pic is from Level 56 showing a change in color of the Spectral Blade.  Jeronimo has the Blade and the World Tree amulet, which gives eternal life.  He is now ready to battle the Automaton, possessed by the Elemental of the Abyss, and save everyone to atone for his sins.  The old Innkeeper, Salty, returns to his tavern in Level 61 looking just as he began the story.



From: SharpEye1


Ah, the memories!  Thank you so much for posting all these! heart_eyes_cat

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


No kidding!! This is cool you do this. thumbsup

Now.. the big question is---- WHATEVER happened to Elrith? heart_eyes ( think that was his name) Why hasn't he come back?


From: CzoeMC


I've always wondered about the Bard? or thief (can't remember name), and was Liliane his sister? Somebody's sister, anyway, jeeze, I was playing too fast, and should have slowed down to appreciate the story.

Thank you, whitebutterfly, for the pics and memories!


From: AuntieRoo


Thank you for all the pictures,it’s great to see each character as it unfolded through the game.

Christian the Bard appears in the town’s City Square in Level 22.  He introduces himself as a bard whose been traveling for years searching for musical perfection.  He needs the Mystery Chamber and, unhappy with your reluctance to provide its location, Christian turns into Chris Arwin the Assassin in Level 23.  He’s tasked with killing the Keeper of Wishes, but lets it slip that it’s not his own will at work.  In Level 30 he borrows a griffin from a friend in order to join your expedition to the Source in hopes of finding the Keeper of Wishes.  In Level 32, Chris Arwin is disappointed that Henry the Archeologist can’t turn into a troll at will since the troll would be very helpful in the fight against the Spirit of Chaos.  And sadness comes over Chris that can only Valeria can dispel. 

Meanwhile Lilian appears in the Dream Palace in Level 39 saying after taking her vows she will be Sister Lilian.  By earning her trust, Lilian shows her true self; not the novicate but a soldier pursuing the powers of darkness.  As a child, Lilian witnessed creatures of darkness attack her village and kill her entire family.  Holy soldiers gave her the power to render justice.  Her family’s killers were not human and they live here in this land cursed by darkness.  But the silver lining in this dark cloud has been meeting Chris Arwin.  She feels a kindred spirit with the nice man under the mask of a coldblooded murderer, but doesn’t have time to ponder why.  There is a murderer awaiting justice. 

When Chris Arwin meets Lilian Level 39 he can’t shake the feeling there’s something familiar about her.  Disturbed by his distraction with Valeria and Lilian, Chris concentrates on putting his thoughts in order. 

By Level 40, Chris is helping in the investigation into the disappearance of the Iron Knight.  Chris finds the Knight, who was poisoned with the spell of forgetfulness and has no idea who kidnapped him, but there are some disturbing leads.

Chris narrows the circle of suspects in Level 41, leaving Lilian standing alone as the kidnapper.  Lilian confesses to abducting the Knight.  Lilian believes King Oeland was behind the execution of her family and used the Knight to lure his father into a trap.  If Chris betrays her, Lilian knows the entire pack of Oeland’s wolves will be after her.  Realizing Lilian is his sister Chris has no intention of handing Lilian over to Oeland.  And this info makes Oeland Chris’ arch-enemy too.  It’s very dangerous in the city for Lilian in Level 42, but in Level 43 she is given the incredible news that Chris is her brother.  Somehow he survived the massacre and devoted his life to finding her.  Maybe his occupation is the result of their parents’ murder.  Feeling happy and invincible, Lilian tells Chris about Oeland.

Chris and Lilian work together in Level 44 preparing a trap of poison blades and a net for Oeland.  Nagged by uncertainty, Chris finds himself surrounded by Oeland’s dogs.  There’s too many to fight so Chris surrenders to Oeland to give Lilian time to escape the City.  Lilian is beside herself to learn Oeland is alive and took Chris hostage.  Oeland swears he did not kill her parents, but Lilian has a hard time believing him.  In Level 46 Lilian finds out Oeland has plans for her and Chris.  He will release Chris, but he wants them to kill Jeronimo for poisoning the werewolves’ wells.  Relieved he didn’t die in that hole where Oeland’s men threw him, Chris joins forces with Lilian in a plan of their own for Oeland.  They will pretend to be his pawns then try to use him themselves. 

Chris and Lilian must prove their loyalty to Oeland in Level 49 by investigating the poisoning of th e wells.  In Level 50 Chris finds some footprints and poison traces around the scene that appear to belong to the same fellow who was sprung from Cloud City prison.  It’s clear that Oberon used Jeronimo (to poison the werewolves’ wells the same way Oeland intends to use Chris and Lilian to kill Jeronimo) so Chris takes a stand.  They refuse to be pawns any longer for Oberon and Oeland.  They won’t kill Jeronimo but will bluff Oeland into believing they killed those responsible.  To help be convincing, Chris prepares a special eloquence potion. 

Level 51 Lilian finds out from Oeland that the Chamberland murdered her family.  Boiling with anger, Lilian vows to battle the ancient vampire, by herself if necessary.  With the death of the Chamberlain, Lilian is finally at peace in Level 52.  In Level 53, Arabella Scales vows to track down and show no mercy to her father’s murderers.  All her attempts at using magic to find them have been blocked by someone.  Somehow the murderers are protecting themselves, but not for long. 

***This is the unceremonious end to Chris Arwin the Assassin and Lilian.