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Spoiler: Complete Character Progression   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 8/11/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 46449 views.
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1)  Level 2

2)  Level 15 Werewolf Knight

3)  Level 26 Knight and Anabel

4)  Level 45 Knight in Underground Grotto

5)  Level 63 Knight in Chains Dark Tower

6)  Level 66 free from chains

7)  Level 75 Knight as Big Bad Wolf (to Anabel's Red Riding Hood)

8)  Level 79 Young Anabel & Knight

9)  Level 86 Knight from Underworld

10)  Level 90 Warrior Knight


Level 3

The Iron Knight wants to be of service to you.

Level 5

The Iron Knight is described as one of your uncle’s trusted advisors.

Level 9

The Iron Knight knows Anabel will be expecting a gift for her birthday.  He admits she always leaves him a bit speechless.  The Knight shares disturbing news that you have new enemies and must be protected. 

Level 11

There are people in the castle who owe the Iron Knight, so just ask them if you need help.  The Knight can’t skip work to help you…he’s on watch and must stay awake till morning. 

Level 13

The Iron Knight would give his sword to know what Anabel thinks of him.  He’s not blushing, just flushed from Anabel’s smile.  The Knight is astonished at how many mysteries the castle hides and is especially fond of you.  You and the Knight are two people who go toward your goal with unflinching determination and courage.  The Iron Knight wonders if his loyalty to the castle owners was misguided; maybe he should have dedicated himself to farming.  He composes a poem about tenderness in a tough soldier and wonders if Anabel will like it.  

Level 15

Anabel is beautiful as ever, but the Iron Knight can’t get distracted from his duties.  He compliments your skill; maybe you should be a knight!  You’re not to tell anyone, but the Iron Knight is preparing a surprise for Anabel.  He begins to feel something odd and foreboding…Iron Knight changes into Werewolf Knight.  He won’t bite as long as you keep the flea jokes to yourself.  The new look isn’t so bad really, just a little hairy.  Anabel finds it adorable – but then, she’s a vampire!  Surely you’ve met a man with hair on his back before and the Knight’s bark is worse than his bite.  Anabel seemed very sad this morning and the Knight is determined to cheer her up.  As a true friend, Werewolf Knight feels like howling with joy when he sees you.  Remember, four legs are better than two!

Level 18

Henry the Archeologist (Anabel’s father) wants to know all about Anabel’s admirer.  An odd ritual was carried out nearby and Henry asks you to collect what’s left.  Among those things Henry noticed the initials of Anabel’s admirer…and a werewolf’s sign.  Anabel agrees to receive the Werewolf Knight and he dreams of the day when Anabel will be his, but things are so uncertain.  Knights never give up and he will wait for his vampire’s love.  Meantime, the Werewolf Knight begins searching for his real father and the only information he has is his father was a clan leader.  Word around the castle is that your uncle was murdered by Lord Chamberlain.  While the Knight doesn’t put a lot of stock in rumors, he never trusted the Chamberlain.  Anabel hinted at a gift and, once you help this heartsick knight in love, it’s time to pay Anabel a visit.  The Knight gets closer to finding his father but it’s not easy finding traces of him.  It seems bribery is his only option to getting the information he needs. 

Level 21

After sifting through a lot of lies, the Werewolf Knight finally has a lead on his father’s whereabouts.  While meeting a source who demands payment for info on his father, the Knight is targeted by a band of thieves.  Fortunately, the thieves were afraid of him and ran away.  Everyone seems scared, as a matter of fact, the Knight’s never seen such fear in his neighbors’ eyes.  Before leaving on his quest to find his father, the Knight gets a few gifts for Anabel (including a bouquet of a thousand roses) so she won’t forget him.  His father passed through one of the neighboring settlements but the residents are too afraid to talk to the Knight.  A gift to their leader might help.  Even without using force, he has a decent chance of finding his father.  Then the Knight feels his animal nature waking up and urges you to hurry with the protective amulets or you’ll have to deal with a wolf.  Thanks to you, the Knight didn’t lose his chivalry.  It’s nearly time for Dark Valentine’s Day and, once again, he doesn’t have anything to give Anabel.  He finds gifts then says Anabel isn’t particularly forthcoming with her help and she’s not the easiest woman to love. 

Level 24

The Knight calls Anabel “love’s torment”, but the heart wants what it wants.  The Werewolf Knight heard someone intends to drag his good name through the mud and needs your help to prevent that.  Anabel is going on a little trip and the Knight can’t be with her.  Only the light of his love, and some specific items, can protect her from harm.  Then he gets word someone plans to steal the family shield, the icon of the castle.  It must be protected! 

Level 25

The Werewolf Knight is finally ready to propose to Anabel.  She is the love of his life and he can’t think straight for all the butterflies in his stomach.  He’s nervous and his heart is pounding, but why is he finding it so hard to pop the question? 


Level 26

With the engagement ring ready, the Knight is off to Anabel.  Werewolf Knight disappears from Castle Entry and reappears as the Iron Knight with Anabel at Castle Gates.  Meantime, Arabella the witch is totally enamored with the Knight and will go to great lengths to get his soul. 

Anabel and t
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1)  Level 14

2)  Level 16 after raise in vampire's rank

3)  Level 23 Arabella turns him into a pudgy purple bat

4)  Level 61 Chamberlain turned into a Statue

5)  Level 61 Chamberlain back to life

6 and 7) Level 75 as Merlin the Magician

8)  Level 80 Young Chamberlain

9)  Level 85 Gabrielle with Baby Chamberlain

10)  Level 87 Gabrielle with Little Chamberlain

11)  Level 89 back to Young Chamberlain


Level 7

Lord Chamberlain describes himself as the Castle’s keeper and your late Uncle’s right-hand.  It’s his duty to test your capacity for patience and assure himself you’re ready to rule in your uncle’s stead.

Level 9

The Chamberlain warns your true enemy is closer than you think.

Level 11

Lord Chamberlain says the High Convention is an assembly of fools and the old men in the Council are plotting against him.  Lord Chamberlain is unhappy to see Anabel in the middle of Convention elections. 

Level 14

Lord Chamberlain has lived for centuries, yet humans still amaze him.  He schools you on the truth about vampires and deems you might be good enough to be a vampire-in-training.  The High Council of Vampire Clans promises to raise the Chamberlain’s rank but they move too slowly.  And he doesn’t like Anabel constantly getting in the way. 

Level 15

While claiming he doesn’t want to distract you from the Mystery Chamber, he does just that by sending you on errands.  Careful with any sort of praise, he does say you’re smarter than your uncle.  And, while satisfied with your service, he balks at any celebration in your honor citing how much food would be needed for the guests.

Level 16

The Council session is about to begin and Lord Chamberlain wants to shine by practicing his speech.  He wants more power and, in exchange for your help, he won’t eat you.  You’d be amazed at the Chamberlain’s true age and says it’s all about moisturizing.  The Chamberlain thinks someone wants to stab him in the back and destroy all his plans.  But with your help he will outsmart them and become the most powerful member of the Council.  The Chamberlain wants a feast and a glass of red to celebrate his place on the Council.  Lord Chamberlain changes into a red cape with batwing collar and red glowing orb on cane.  Salty takes part in a ritual that reveals his murderer to be the Lord Chamberlain!

Level 17

Anabel says it’s no secret the Chamberlain abuses his power, but bringing this info to light and opposing him won’t be easy.  Lord Chamberlain promises if you serve him well, you will learn the secret of your uncle’s murder.

Level 18

The Iron Knight never trusted the Chamberlain and Henry believes the Chamberlain murdered your uncle.  Lord Chamberlain readily admits murdering your uncle but isn’t ready to tell you why.  Although he does say the Mystery Chamber belongs to him and your uncle didn’t deserve it.  He promises if you remain useful, you won’t suffer the same fate as your uncle.  He proposes joining forces to find the Mystery Chamber and says life without your uncle should work out pretty well for you, in the end. 

Level 19 & 20

Arabella, the witch, seems to be working alongside Lord Chamberlain.  When you help one, you help the other.  She says she has responsibilities to the Chamberlain and, while he thinks he’s clever, he still needs help.  Salty’s Ghost says the Chamberlain’s got it in for him and warns you not to mess with him.

Level 21

The Chamberlain believes you find collaboration with him distasteful and yet he still seems to exercise some control over you.  While it’s an unjust world where only the fittest survive, the Chamberlain does what he has to do.  And so should you.  While he hopes the ice between you is melting, your eyes say differently. 

Level 22

The Lord Chamberlain admits he destroyed the Heart of the Mystery Chamber.  A bad omen is in the air and dark clouds are gathering over the Chamberlain. 

Level 23

The Chamberlain loses his source of power!  Arabella is gleeful of the frightened and grieving Chamberlain.  She’s working on a nasty surprise for him, but it’s all for the greater good.  The witch isn’t going to kill the Chamberlain; she has something more fun in mind, something that will show the Chamberlain’s true nature.  Lord Chamberlain feels something is wrong…Arabella Scales wants to destroy him!  The Lord Chamberlain transforms into a pudgy purple bat.   (When you click on him, he says “Hey!  Stop poking me!  I’m the higher vampire and the Chamberlain of this castle.  Pay some respect!”)  Anabel heard rumors that more people are deserting the Chamberlain and he’s losing his power.  All the members of the Clan Coun
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1)  Level 4 Salty Took

2)  Level 13, Ghost Salty

3)  Level 41, Prisoner Ghost Salty

4) Level 42, Young man Jeronimo, Prisoner

5)  Level 43, Young man Jeronimo, Prisoner Escapee

6)  Level 51, Jeronimo hero

7)  Level 51, Hero Jeronimo

8)  Level 53, Hero Jeronimo holding Spectral Blade

9)  Level 56, Hero Jeronimo holding enhanced Spectral Blade

10)  Level 61, Old Salty back in Tavern

11)  Level 76 Jeronimo as Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz

12)  Level 80 Young Jeronimo


(Somewhere, sometime Salty was known as Warren Took, but that has since been replaced by Jeronimo)

Level 4

Anabel gives you the Forged Key to open the Inn and that’s where you meet Innkeeper ‘Salty’ Took.  Salty offers you one for the road and claims the Mystery Chamber gave your uncle a heap of trouble.  He’s not sure he should help you find it and implores you to be careful and remember the Mystery Chamber isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Level 5

The Innkeeper, Salty Took, is said to be one of your uncle’s most trusted advisors.

Level 6

The Innkeeper is beside himself when one of the guests complains about roaches in his room and hopes he doesn’t find out there’s a termite problem too!  Salty was once full of adventure and purpose, but if a rolling stone gathers no moss, then Salty’s covered in moss these days.

Level 7

The Innkeeper says you and he are a lot alike; he also went in search of the Mystery Chamber but it nearly drove him insane.  And now your search has brought back bad memories.  Jeronimo bets Anabel wants to recruit you into her vampire army.  He admits owing the Lord Chamberlain a favor, who never forgets a debt.  Salty isn’t so sure he would trust the Chamberlain, as your uncle did. 

Level 10

Salty implores you to give up on the Mystery Chamber, saying it’s like your “Rosebud.” (from the movie Citizen Kane)  The Innkeeper wants to help you, but he can’t keep questioning people.  It might hurt his reputation.

Level 11

Despite trying to be all business-like, you catch Salty singing a trading song…do, re, mi…O Sole Mio…but he claims he was only clearing his throat.  Anyway, one can’t kill the song in your heart!  You’ve made an old man happy after seeing what detestable visitors Salty had before you.  You’re an angel in comparison.

Level 12

Salty muses there are days he would rather close up the Inn and go back to his palace; then insists he never said that.  Valeria’s Ghost says the ghost of a decrepit man made fun of her friend, the poor Innkeeper.  When she was killed, her friend lost faith and now hangs around the castle, waiting for – what?  Then she asks if you would like to become another Innkeeper near the castle.

Level 13

Gossip around the Inn is that Valeria made an appearance and Jeronimo asks what you now think about life after death.  He describes his guests as slobs and advises you to keep moving forward in life like a shark.  Salty feels imminent danger with all the doubts, nightmares and shadows lurking in dark corners, but he wants to be remembered as a good man. 

To recover his strength, Salty asks for a Live Potion.  He says, “What’s this you brought me?  That’s low!  Inhumane!  I was poisoned!  And now I’m a ghost!  How sad is that?”  Salty feels closer to Valeria now that they’re both ghosts.  Sometimes he feels like he has wings, then he could just cry ghostly tears.  Salty was in love and when Valeria was killed, he lost faith in the Mystery Chamber.  He ponders whether he was unhappy alive and wonders if Valeria will fall in love with him again.  His whole life was about deals and asks what you think about going into business together.      

Level 15

As a ghost, Valeria visits the Inn and found Took much more humane.  Even the Wise Dragon noticed Salty is much kinder as a ghost than he was alive.  While your misguided obsession with the Mystery Chamber hasn’t let up, Salty is more interested in apologizing to Valeria.  He’s elated when they make up and discovers there are some advantages to being a ghost.  Admittedly there are some disadvantages too, but it’s best to stay positive.   

Level 16

Salty admits it’s hard to be a ghost and preserve your humanity.  So it’s wise to help him if you don’t want him to become a raging poltergeist.  A medium is trying to figure out who murdered the Innkeeper, but needs some things to perform a ritual.  Unfortunately, the quack took off with everything!  Salty reminds you to never trust a living soul.  Always on the lookout for a bargain, Salty takes advantage of some recruits going past the Inn offering a reward for a couple of trophy items.  Salty needs to have something human in his life to stay normal and it could be useful having a ghost on your side.  Or spooky!  Asking your help to get rid of the bad blood around the Inn, Salty says a new vampire visits often.  Valeria has become Salty’s soulmate, but they are so far apart.  She seems attracted to Salty, but only in the astral sense.   Salty hopes that things like the Night Orchid (Valeria’s favorite) and the Silver Arrow (from those she lost) will draw them closer together.  He is obsessed with finding his killer and bringing him to justice.  A midnight ritual revealed the face of Salty’s murderer…the Lord Chamberlain!  But why?  Salty needs the courage to find Valeria in the material world, noting it’s not easy for an ordinary Innkeeper to be a ghost.  Your uncle was murdered searching for the Mystery Chamber; was the Chamberlain responsible?  You can’t kill a ghost but you can dampen their spirits. 

Level 20

Ever the deal maker, Salty alludes to reselling things on the black – oops, open market.  He foun
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1)  Level 82, Gabrielle in Throne Hall

2)  Level 86, Gabrielle with Baby Chamberlain (Richard)

3)  Level 87, Gabrielle with Little Chamberlain (Richard)


Level 82

Once the Mirror of Fate is used, the Wise Dragon transforms into Drake and reunites with his love, Lady Adora.  But Lord Chamberlain disappears and Gabrielle appears in Throne Hall with shocking news that the Chamberlain is dead.  Gabrielle says that as she entered Throne Hall, she saw a hooded creature holding the burning heart torn out of the Chamberlain’s body.  Before Gabrielle could do anything, the murderer disappeared.  While you only know Richard (Lord Chamberlain) as a power-hungry egomaniac, Gabrielle remembers him as a young vampire and was so excited to see him again.  Gabrielle is Arabella’s mother and she’s aware Arabella thought she died long ago.  But her first priority is to find out what happened to Richard.  Anyone involved must share what they know in the Temple of Justice, and Gabrielle calls on her daughter Arabella first.  Arabella thinks she’s part of the theater of the absurd with her mother returned to life and her father ruthlessly killed.  Living through mutual enmity, separation and reunion with her father, Arabella will never give up trying to get in touch with the Chamberlain beyond life.  Gabrielle knows Arabella won’t give up until she finds the truth.

Gabrielle finds Jeronimo’s testimony very helpful.  It seems the Chamberlain was in the tavern all yesterday evening trying to drown his sorrow.  He was being blackmailed by a powerful mage to kill Drake!  But the Chamberlain didn’t yield to the blackmail and lost his life.  Since Drake may be in danger, Gabrielle suggests enlisting the help of someone with almost limitless power…the Genie.  The Genie scoffs at the idea he had anything to do with the death of the Chamberlain and says a known criminal recently escaped from magic prison.  The blame lies with him.  Don’t forget…when the dragon was made human, he became vulnerable.  And the Ghostly Messenger wouldn’t miss a chance to challenge Midnight Castle’s defender at his weakest.  Only the power of Adora’s love prevents the Messenger from killing Drake himself.  That’s why he decided to use the Chamberlain as a weapon.

Adrian (Ghostly Messenger) appears in the Temple of Justice demanding Drake and threatening everyone with the fate of the Chamberlain if Drake doesn’t give up.    

Level 83

Adrian claims he grew up in an orphanage and never knew his parents.  His strength comes from hatred and malice and the desire to get even with the whole world makes him invincible.  Gabrielle is stunned by how much the Ghostly Messenger reminds her of someone she’d almost forgotten…her son would look a lot like Adrian if he had lived. 

Gabrielle shares secrets from her past.  When Arabella was 3 years old, Gabrielle and the Chamberlain learned she would have a little brother.  The pregnancy was difficult and the midwives were certain the child and Gabrielle would both die.  Shortly before the birth, Richard was called away on urgent business and Gabrielle was left alone at the most crucial moment.  The night before the birth, wolves howled at the castle walls and a blood-red moon rose in the sky.  Most of that night is still a fog for Gabrielle and the only thing she remembers afterward is the Keeper of the Castle telling her “Your son has died.”

The Keeper of the Castle says the Ghostly Messenger’s corruption has started destroying the castle, but this wasn’t supposed to happen.  The Keeper was close to Gabrielle and the Chamberlain, an ambitious vampire and an innocent girl.  What good is the power to see the future when there’s no good way to change it?  He looked into little Adrian’s future and all he saw was death.  He saw the boy would become a powerful dark mage who can read minds, kill the Wise Dragon and destroy Midnight Castle.  The Keeper wanted to deal with him then and there; after all, the greater good is more important than one life, isn’t it?  But he couldn’t, so he lied to the poor mother and sent the sleeping baby to the farthest orphanage.  The Keeper had no way of knowing his actions would create such a sad future.

Gabrielle can’t believe her son is alive and the Keeper of the Castle lied to her all these years.  The pain of losing Richard and her anger with the Keeper breaks her heart.  How can she ever forgive the Keeper?  But Gabrielle knows if we don’t act without emotion, we’ll all die.  She never thought she’d say this, but Gabrielle found a way to stop her son’s atrocities…the Mask of Silence that will neutralize Adrian’s power. 

Arabella finds it incredible her father was killed by her long-lost brother.  Remembering the nightmare she had where the Chamberlain told her she’s next on the killer’s list, Arabella is adamant to resurrect her father.  The rules of higher magic allow a soul to return from the dead, but only in exchange for someone else’s life.  The Chamberlain wasn’t exactly popular when he was alive, so finding someone willing to sacrifice their life for him may be difficult.  It was actually Hansel, himself willing to give his life to make Arabella happy, that came up with the idea of appealing to a creature who possesses more than one life.  Legend says cats have nine lives, so why not ask the Storyteller Cat for a favor? 

Level 84

Adrian doesn’t understand why, in spite of ruining the lands and destroying the castle, everyone refuses to give up the Dragon.  He’s never known love or friendship and wonders where this Gabrielle woman has been all his life.  He decides to seek an ally in Anabel, who didn’t see a villain, just a child with a soul warped by hatred.  Anabel made it possible for the Mask of Silence to be placed on Adrian, which neutralized his magic.  The fires around the Castle are gone, but so is Anabel and the Iron Knight!  Arabella, glad the fight with the Messenger is finally over, never thought a brother could be so much trouble.  But a new land has appeared and this new arrival is beyond her expertise.  It’s time to bring back the Chamberlain.

Level 85

Arabella finally found a recipe for the soul-moving potion, the Transference Potion, that will resurrect the Chamberlain.  The only problem is that it doesn’t guarantee the Chamberlain will be the same when he returns. 

Level 86

Storyteller Cat takes the Transference Potion and, as
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Level 77

Level 77

Level 86


Level 77

Once the Fairy Tale Book is complete, it travels to the Museum of Tales in the Fairy Forest where the Storyteller Cat appears.  Storyteller Cat introduces himself as an Envoy to the East who creates tales for the good of others.  Hansel and Gretel are old friends, and Storyteller Cat demurs to Gretel to give you more information.  Gretel loved being distracted from hunting down criminals by the fairy tales, but is intrigued by a talking cat.  A clue emerges when she reviews the anonymous letter she received ordering the capture of the Ghostly Messenger and finds cat paw prints all over it!  After working for kings and sultans, this is Hansel and Gretel’s first cat client.  Storyteller Cat admits he enlisted the hunters to catch the Ghostly Messenger and someone here urgently needs his help.  Hansel received an urgent report that one of the prisoners escaped; information which Storyteller Cat already knew.  The Cat ponders if he’s overstayed his welcome in this world, but wants to see more of it.  The Storyteller Cat disappears from the Museum of Tales and reappears in Palace Square, East. 

Meanwhile, relics of the castle residents begin disappearing.  The Wise Dragon notes those things weren’t stolen for the money; it was the memories that made them priceless to their owners.  These mighty artifacts combine vital forces when gathered together.  Hansel is hot on the trail of the escaped mage and Gretel is interviewing witnesses.

Level 78

A new visitor to the land, the Genie, appears at the Gates of Atlantis claiming to have escaped capture by Hansel and Gretel.  He admits “borrowing” the residents’ valuables, but only to fulfill a former lamp master’s wishes.  The Genie got caught because they weren’t totally legal wishes, but he must obey his master’s wishes.  It was the Storyteller Cat whose wish the Genie had to fulfill!  The Storyteller Cat readily admits asking the Genie to “borrow” all the things that disappeared, but for a very good reason.  A very good creature, in fact.  Storyteller Cat insists he’s just here to create tales, but he has been keeping a secret. 

He begins telling a tale about the United World of Magic, a peaceful place where mages and witches, beasts and humans lived in harmony.  Knights didn’t slay dragons and dragons didn’t kidnap princesses.  Everyday life was regulated by the Code of Inviolable Rules, particularly love.  Creatures of different races were forbidden to fall in love with each other and that absence of love seemed to be a condition of peace.  This prohibition lasted many centuries, until a great dragon and princess fell in love.  This violation of the Code caused the magical world to fall apart; the lovers tilted the balance and put the fate of the world at risk.  To maintain peace, the Council of Elders divided the land in half and separated the dragon and the princess in the dark of night without exchanging a final goodbye.  The dragon was sent to Midnight Castle and the princess was exiled to foreign lands.  The dragon became weak with heartbreak and couldn’t eat or sleep.  The only cure was the Oblivion Spell.  The Storyteller Cat sends you to the Wise Dragon to remind him of what he’s lost.  The Wise Dragon has lived all these years without those memories, until now.  But the Storyteller cat assures this tale isn’t over yet.

The Fantasy Fan goes to the Palace Balcony, East where Lady Adora, Princess of the East appears.  Lady Adora knows the memory of her has been lost to the sands of time, but she’s happy to see the world of Midnight Castle again.  It seems the Storyteller Cat made her solitude brighter and they collaborated on his tales.  Storyteller Cat also promised that Adora would hear about the Dragon again, and he was right!  Lady Adora often inquired about the fate of the castle and its residents and when she found out the Ghostly Messenger intended to slay her love (the Wise Dragon) she had to act.  It was on her orders that Hansel and Gretel got rid of the Ghostly Messenger.

Lady Adora is in no hurry to reunite with the Wise Dragon and says there’s a secret reason why she “borrowed” relics from Midnight Castle residents.  She’s combating a curse that poisons her very existence and the residents’ relics helped her survive and look as she does.  She asks you to deliver a message to the Dragon that she will always love him and then returns the relics to the residents.  Lady Adora’s true face is exposed; that of an old woman whose days are numbered. 

Level 79

The witch, Arabella, decides to try a remedy forbidden by the Witches’ Council to remove the curse from Lady Adora.  But her dark magic infused Dream Catcher has unintended results.  The wrong people became young and some disappeared altogether!  Young Hansel and Gretel are suspicious that Storyteller Cat hasn’t disappeared or changed and decide to interrogate him.  Storyteller Cat says while it’s true he hasn’t turned into a kitten or disappeared, he keeps his distance from dark magic and had nothing to do with what happened.  After some research, he finds that being a cat protects him from some types of magic.  Meow!  And he has another secret to share…the Genie is not merely a magician but a powerful Elder on the Council of the United World of Magic and one of those who broke up the Wise Dragon and Lady Adora!  Having a new suspect in their sights, Hansel and Gretel question the Genie…and he’s not happy about the Storyteller Cat revealing his identity, claiming that cat has been putting his nose in other people’s business since he was a kitten. 

Level 80

Time Clock goes to World’s Edge, lifts the curse and repairs time.  Lady Adora is young and all the castle residents are back to normal. 

Level 81

The Mirror of Fate transforms the Wise Dragon into a man known as Drake.

Level 82

Gabrielle appears in Throne Hall announcing Lord Chamberlain has been murdered.  She saw a hooded creature holding the burning heart he had torn out of the Chamberlain’s body.  But the murderer disappeared.  Arabella vows to get in touch with her father beyond life.

Level 83

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1)  Level 56, Ghostly Messenger

2)  Level 56, Ghostly Messenger appears in Limb Entrance

3) Level 59, Nature Blessing heading towards Ghostly Messenger

4) Level 68, Ghostly Messenger at Dark Portal, Dark Tower

5) Level 74, Lydia transforms into Ghostly Messenger, Gates of Atlantis

6 and 7)  Level 82, Adrian at Temple of Justice

8 and 9)  Level 84, Adrian wearing Mask of Silence, Temple of Justice


Level 56

After Jeronimo wins the battle against the Elemental of the Abyss (the possessed Automaton), the Limb Entrance opens and there stands the Ghostly Messenger.  He claims to be the actual source of sorcery that filled the Mystery Chamber with power.  However, the Messenger is now out of power and the Mystery Chamber will be useless until he gets the Nature Blessing to restore his powers.  Then the Mystery Chamber will be as it was.

Level 57

Anabel is glad the Elemental of the Abyss was given the boot but is worried about Jeronimo.  His disappearance must certainly be connected to his battle with the Elemental.  The Ghostly Messenger is not a detective and is a little taken aback by the request to find the Innkeeper.  Too weak to help, the Messenger says restoring the Mystery Chamber will take a lot of energy.  The Messenger makes a tempting offer to bring back Jeronimo in exchange for helping him restoe his magical power.  Unless you have a better idea.  Anabel is worried that restoring the Source can lead to unpredictable events, but she has no choice but to accept his offer.  The Iron Knight agrees to help and seeks help from his father, Sir Oeland.  Oeland says with all the artifacts Jeronimo was wearing, he must have been protected.  Still a search of the entire castle for Jeronimo yields nothing, so Oeland agrees to help.

Level 58

While there is renewed hope of your success, keeping the Ghostly Messenger waiting has led to unfortunate things before.  There is an old friend who might be able to help.  The Ghostly Messenger helped the Guardian (Keeper of the Castle) once and he can do so again.  But he’s fading fast so time is of the essence.  The Keeper of the Castle can’t imagine what old friend you’re talking about as no one immediately comes to mind that fits your description.  There was one person the Keeper regretted having dealings with…Lionel Mercer.  He was a great mage who went missing years ago.  It was rare that anyone asked for Mercer’s help and the Keeper is one of the few who did.  And look what happened to him.  His advice to you is not to trust the Ghostly Messenger, whether he’s Lionel Mercer or not. 

Uncle Vesnik heard the rumors that the Mystery Chamber is the only way to bring Jeronimo back.  He worries that a powerful Ghostly Messenger could destroy the castle.  The Messenger says the Nature Blessing will make him immortal and, once that happens, he can activate the Mystery Chamber.  It’s a matter of life and death and if you want the Mystery Chamber back, you can’t let him die.  To prove his good intentions, the Ghostly Messenger hands you a piece to the Nature Blessing.  Uncle Vesnik knows the only choice is to work with the Messenger, but warns you to stay alert.    

Level 59

Once the Nature Blessing is complete, it goes to the Limb Entrance and a ball of light fills the Ghostly Messenger.  The Source is restored and within a couple of hours, the Chamber of Wishes will be available.  Even though the Chamber of Wishes is ready to grant you a wish, the Rune Scroll is needed to make that wish come true.  Once filled with runes, Jeronimo can be returned.  The Ghostly Messenger suggests the witch may be the one to ask about magic symbols.  The only scrolls Arabella has seen already had the runes written on them, but she knows runes can be found in magical places.  Once she figures out which runes the scroll needs, she can help you find them.  Leaving you in the hands of the witch, the Ghostly Messenger disappears from the Limb Entrance.

Level 68

The Great Book unlocks the entrance to the Dark Portal in the Dark Tower, but it requires magic to activate it.  Stepping into the Dark Portal, you find the Ghostly Messenger waiting there.  He’s surprised you found him so quickly, but assures you the chase isn’t over.  He disappears into the Portal, leaving behind a gift in the Ghostly Chest.  (Portal Activator)  THIS BEGINS THE BLUE KEY QUESTS.

Level 70

The Portal Activator opens the Portal and you follow the Ghostly Messenger to the Harbor.  According to the Lighthouse Keeper, a person matching the Ghostly Messenger’s description sailed from the Harbor just before you arrived.  As a matter of fact, the Lighthouse Keeper suspects the Ghostly Messenger broke the Lighthouse.  You meet an old friend, Skull Pete, on the Captain’s Bridge who readily agrees to catch up to the Messenger’s ship.  But the Lighthouse doesn’t work and Pete’s crew is much too small for a far voyage.  The Lighthouse Heart fills the Lighthouse and the search for crew volunteers begins.

Level 72

The crew is complete with volunteers Iron Knight, Henry the Archeologist and Valeria Steiner and, when the repaired Ocean Guide (also broken by the Ghostly Messenger) finds its place on the Captain’s Bridge, Skull Pete’s ship sets sail to hunt down the Ghostly Messenger.  The ship lands at the Gates of Atlantis, where you are greeted by a young girl named Lydia.  She claims to be an 8-year old orphan who made an unfortunate wish in the Mystery Chamber and ended up in this lonely land.  She remembers another visitor who didn’t stay long, a hooded man with glowing eyes.

Level 73

Arabella has a bit of news for you…there are tablets in Atlantis that will help find the Messenger.  But the witch’s magic is depleted so she can’t help you find the tablets.  You’ll have to search for them yourself.

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Level 78

After greeting you at the Gates of Atlantis, the Genie vows to do no harm.  He admits Hansel and Gretel captured him but decided to escape since he’s innocent.  After all, he’s a genie and he was just fulfilling a former lamp master’s wishes when he “borrowed” heirlooms belonging to the castle residents.  But since they weren’t totally legal wishes, the Genie got caught.  The Genie apologizes for the thefts, but he must obey his master’s wishes.  It was the Storyteller Cat whose wish the Genie had to fulfill! 

The Storyteller Cat says he’s to blame for asking the Genie to “borrow” all the residents’ heirlooms, but they were for his mistress who has a good reason for needing them.  While Storyteller Cat is just here to create tales, he has been keeping a secret.  He begins telling a story about the United World of Magic where all creatures lived in harmony.  One inviolable rule in the land was that creatures of different races were forbidden to fall in love with each other.  A dragon and princess violated that rule and were separated in the dark of night, without exchanging a final goodbye.  The dragon was sent to Midnight Castle and the princess was exiled to foreign lands.  Lady Adora appears on the Palace Balcony and confesses the items taken were for her.  The personal relics of the castle residents combine vital forces when gathered together and enable Adora to appear young.  To keep the lovers apart, Adora was cursed with aging and the Wise Dragon with the Oblivion Spell (he forgot all about Adora).  But the power of the relics isn’t a cure and its effects are beginning to wane.  Lady Adora’s true face emerges, showing her days are numbered. 

Level 79

When Arabella tries to help lift the curse with her dark magic soaked dream catcher, not only is Lady Adora not cured, but some residents have turned into children while others disappeared.  The Storyteller Cat, protected from Arabella’s magic, says the Genie isn’t merely a magician but a powerful Elder on the Council of the United World of Magic!  As a matter of fact, the Genie was one of those who broke up the Wise Dragon and Lady Adora.  The Genie doesn’t like the Storyteller Cat poking his nose in other people’s business, but admits being an Elder of the United World of Magic.  He is also unaffected by Arabella’s magic because he’s eternal and time means nothing to him.  The Genie says the United World of Magic was created long ago to maintain order in the world.  The Elders are behind every natural disaster and unexpected event, maintaining the balance.  The Wise Dragon and Lady Adora were separated to save the world from utter chaos.  A dragon and princess do not belong together and to make sure they didn’t meet again, the Genie placed a curse on the lady.  While black magic obviously wasn’t the best idea, the Genie is moved by your valiant effort to show him that love and solidarity mean something in this world.  So he decides you deserve a chance to save everyone.  While the Rules forbid a dragon and princess from being together, there is a way!  The Genie promises the kids will grow up again and the ones who disappeared will come back.

Lady Adora doesn’t blame the Genie for the curse; after all, she and the Wise Dragon broke the law.  She feels responsible for all the transformed kids and will do everything she can to reverse the curse. 

Level 80

The Time Clock goes to the World’s Edge and lifts the curse.  Lady Adora is safe, time has been reversed and everyone has been restored to their former selves.  Now that Lady Adora is young again, she’s anxious to reunite with the Wise Dragon.  While the Genie forbids that meeting, he gives Adora a powerful artifact to aid on the path to transformation.  He explains the only way Adora and the Wise Dragon can be together is to use the Mirror of Fate which will transform the Wise Dragon into a human.  Unfortunately, the Mirror of Fate is broken and you must begin the search for its missing parts. 

Level 81

You may think the Genie powerful and ruthless, but he did give Adora the means to turn the dragon into a human.  And while the lovers aren’t able to find the mirror parts themselves, he can tell you where one part is.  Unfortunately, despite his amazing powers, the Genie is unable to clean his lamp himself.  He’s so sick of the mess and wonders if you’d make a wish so his lamp becomes clean and tidy.  In exchange, the Genie rewards you with a mirror piece and a prophecy…a great loss will be waiting for you soon.

Level 82

Gabrielle enters Throne Hall and sees a hooded creature holding the burning heart torn out of the Chamberlain’s body.  Before she could do anything, the murderer disappeared.  In an attempt to find out what happened and punish the murderer, Gabrielle wants everyone to share what they know in the Temple of Justice.  First up is Arabella, then Jeronimo, but there’s someone with almost limitless power who can help in the investigation.  The Genie, standing in the Temple of Justice, is amused at the attempt to accuse an Elder of the World of Magic of such a crime.  Of course he didn’t tear out the Chamberlain’s heart, but reminds you that nothing in the world happens without the Elders knowing about it.  Despite his misgivings, the Genie offers a clue as to who should be charged with this crime…the blame lies with a known criminal who recently escaped from magic prison.  The Genie testifies that the world was under the reliable protection of the eternal and wise dragon, but everyone wanted to give him human happiness.  So your goal was achieved and the dragon became human.  BUT when that happened, the dragon became vulnerable and the Ghostly Messenger wouldn’t miss a chance to challenge Midnight Castle’s defender at his weakest.  The Genie continues to say only Adora’s love prevents the Messenger from killing Drake (Wise Dragon) himself and that’s why he used the Chamberlain as a weapon.  The poor Chamberlain faced the choice to
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1)  Level 74, Gretel

2)  Level 74, Hansel

3)  Level 79, Young Hansel and Gretel


Level 74

The Tablets of Wisdom go to the Gates of Atlantis where Lydia transforms into the Ghostly Messenger.  The Messenger escapes into the new portal and you follow him into Fairytale Land, Fairytale Forest and receive the Storybook.  There appears Gretel, all grown up.  Because of an issue in her childhood, she’s glad you’re not a witch and dismisses the rumor that her brother was eaten by one.  In fact, Hansel and Gretel work together as witch hunters.  They respond to confirmed witch sightings, a couple of arrows, punishment for the witch and payment is rendered.  But their current assignment came out of nowhere via unsigned instructions and payment in advance.  Gretel says that while she and Hansel are tough on evil spirits, they’re softies when it comes to kittens and puppies.  It’s definitely a nicer world where nobody gets eaten.  Gretel wants to get back to hunting and asks you to say hello to her brother if you see him.


Hansel appears in the Enchanted Creek and introduces himself as the boy who survived the witch’s oven.  He confirms working with Gretel on an important assignment but, although the pay was generous, doesn’t know who hired them.  Being an experienced witch hunter, Hansel grows suspicious of Arabella and asks you to do some research.  Arabella knows having witch hunters around isn’t good news for her.  While hiding any evidence of her evil deeds, Arabella says she had nothing to do with the gingerbread house and that witch from long ago.  Arabella is confident they wouldn’t dare execute her while you’re around and says just as there are good mages and evil ones, there are good and evil witches.  She claims she never harmed innocent bystanders and urges you to tell Hansel she’s a good witch.  Hansel is sure there is no such thing as a good witch and believes Arabella is hiding something.  He intends to keep an eye on her. 


Level 75

Pressing Gretel for more information, she says the one we’re hunting must have displeased their anonymous client very badly.  But it doesn’t matter because Hansel and Gretel have captured their prey and completed the assignment.  Gretel is exhausted, admitting hunting this one took most of her magic but they finally got their hands on a bona fide sorcerer.  At first, Gretel is very reluctant to reveal the name of the person they apprehended, but finally relends.  Hansel and Gretel captured the Ghostly Messenger himself!  He’s been handed over to the Supreme Magic Authorities thereby eliminating a serious threat to the world.  Gretel reveals her and her brother love a good fairy tale and will pay generously for quality entertainment. 


Hansel gets a whiff of witchcraft in the air and relates his terrifying childhood…the bread crumbs, the gingerbread house, the oven!  The memories come flooding back when he was almost a snack for a witch!  He has a couple of questions for Arabella and needs her to swear to do no evil.  Arabella is quite taken with handsome Hansel and admits that while she made a few mistakes, she never broke the law.  Perhaps knowing how Arabella’s heart is breaking from unrequited love will soften Hansel.  Arabella will be on her best behavior if Hansel gives her a chance.  Hansel suddenly changes his opinion, feeling their hearts beat as one.  Can it be that Hansel has finally found his soulmate?  Once again, he’s fallen head over heels in love but must know what other people are saying about Arabella.  Visiting Lord Chamberlain first, Arabella’s father looks through Arabella’s baby pictures and is sorry he was a bad father.  Family relations are a mystery to the Chamberlain, but he wants Hansel to know a girl like Arabella is hard to find and begs you to call him if Arabella is in danger.  Hansel relates to Arabella’s dysfunctional childhood, but needs a bit more evidence.  Anabel admits to the falling out she and Arabella had over the Knight and how witches can’t be trusted.  After all, it was those very tricks that helped Arabella seduce the Iron Knight.  But Arabella was in love and it’s not her fault she’s a witch.  Anabel feels Hansel holds grudges and won’t admit all witches aren’t bad.  She could forgive Arabella; after all, she rescued the castle by turning the Chamberl
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Level 85

Drake and Adora know the omens were real when Anabel and the Iron Knight are missing.  There was barely time to celebrate the defeat of the Messenger before a new enemy presented himself.  Jeronimo learned the new land, the Bone Palace, is a very tricky place.  All the bards, chroniclers and couriers say that the Bone Palace is the home of the Bone King, who is looking for a prince and princess for his Ball of the Dead.  It is said the Bone King is a spawn of darkness and the descendant of an apocalyptic horseman.  A prophecy says that the prince and princess will dance at the Ball of the Dead and, when the dance finishes, a red moon will rise and the dead will gain unlimited power.  Jeronimo thinks Anabel and the Knight were chosen by the King, but more is at stake than just your friends.


Level 86

Lord Chamberlain is the only one who can bring Anabel back from the Bone King so Storyteller Cat drinks a Transference Potion and gives up one of his lives to bring the Chamberlain back.  Baby Chamberlain appears in Throne Hall with his wife, Gabrielle.  The Bone King appears at the Ruined Gallery in person and says his servants mentioned unwanted visitors some time ago.  His lands are only for the dead and their steps aren’t as loud as yours.  Since his legend spreads far and wide, the Bone King assumes you’ve heard of him.  He doesn’t like unwanted guests but knows you’re looking for the girl and the Knight.  The King doesn’t believe they could be among the ghosts and dead men, but opens his palace to you.  You are useful as a herald of his glory, but beware; none of the residents may leave.  He doesn’t tolerate interlopers taking what belongs to him.  He assures you your friends aren’t here but, not being a soulless tyrant, the King allows you to search.  He may even assist you but the Ball is near and preparations must continue. 


The Genie is sad to tell you that Anabel and the Knight no longer belong to the land of the living.  The Bone King has taken them.  The Genie knows the Bone King personally; he’s the spawn of darkness and lies and the protector of the dead who wants to rule the world.  The Bone King is one of the Elders of the United World of Magic who are everywhere and influence the events of people’s lives.  The Elders must follow rules that are not always good or evil.  The Bone King chose the dark side and, unlike the Messenger, is harder to neutralize.  The Genie warns you against trusting any gifts from the Bone King.  And while the Genie knows the King is responsible for the disappearance of Anabel and the Knight, he can’t do anything about him.  He can, however, help you safely assemble the Soul Redeemer to free your friends from the Bone King’s Sphere of Souls.  Hopefully, there’s still time.  There is hope in his parting words, “The one you defeated will help you save the one who betrayed him.” 


Completed Soul Redeemer goes to Hall of Souls where Knight From Underworld appears.  The Knight has returned to the land of the living, free from the Bone King’s torture.  Poor Anabel is still trapped in the world of the dead and the Knight will never forget the horrible things they saw.  Obviously, the Knight isn’t the Chosen One the Bone King is looking for.


Level 87

Drake and Adora discover a portal that bridges the land of the living and the underworld; Ghost Town.  The Warrior of Light can be used to reach through the black magic and find Anabel.  Skull Pete is glad the Knight escaped from the Bone King and thinks Anabel was too valuable to let go.  While Pete wants to help, he has no intention of joining the Bone King’s skeleton army.  Old Pete won’t forget that you chose to handle the more dangerous places.  Pete insists everyone must stand together against the Bone King or whose innocent soul will he try to take next. 


Adrian repented for all the bad things he’s done, the Mask of Silence was removed, and he wants to help search for Anabel.  Her life is more valuable than his, and Adrian has a plan to save her.  A piece to the Warrior of Light lies in the Bone King’s vault and he guards the entrance himself.  The only chance is to lure the Bone King out and grab the artifact.  While you distract the Bone King, Adrian will break into the vault.  The Bone King isn’t happy to see you and doesn’t care you managed to find the Knight.  He’s not amused by you and your obsession with finding
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Level 88

Appearing at Creepy Street, grim-looking Shadow says you have nothing to fear.  He lost his name long ago and just goes by Shadow.  Shadow explains that he was once ruler of the world of the dead, but the Bone King stole his throne.  That left Shadow deprived of his name and, while left here to rot, burning for revenge.  The Bone King’s cunning is limitless and we must work together to rescue Anabel and bring the Bone King’s demise closer.  The Bone King’s plan will destroy the realm of the living and the world of the dead!  The item needed for the Tiara is guarded by a very powerful spirit.  Shadow plans to sneak past the spirit and grab the artifact fragment.  The plan is successful and Shadow reminds you never to forget “the enemy of my enemy is my friend!”

Level 89

Shadow was right about Anabel knowing how to defeat the villain, but saving Anabel was only the first step.  Shadow’s desire for revenge is stronger than any obstacles in the way.  It may not be easy trusting Shadow, you want to save the world while he wants revenge.  But even though the motives are different, the goal is the same.  Shadow has connections with spirits who can help, but patience is the key.  Hard work eventually pays off and Shadow finds the weapon, the Darkness Destroyer, which will defeat the Bone King. 


Level 90

While the Bone King’s defeat and Anabel’s rescue came at a terrible price, Shadow doesn’t feel guilty.  He admits responsibility for the Iron Knight’s disappearance, but the Knight didn’t do anything he didn’t want to do.  Shadow offered him a deal and there isn’t anything wrong with him and the Knight helping each other.  Their goals were the same; it’s just that some had other plans as well.  The Knight didn’t tell anyone and faked his death because that was one of the conditions of the deal.  Forcing him to pretend he was dead was cruel, but Shadow isn’t sentimental.  He’s been playing a double-game and now everyone who loved the Knight will stand against him.  He leaves for now but is sure we’ll see each other again.  (Shadow disappears from Creepy Street)

Level 91

Shadow, back at Creepy Street, is surprised the Knight was found so soon.  But it’s too late to stop his plans.  Fear amuses him and he hesitates to tell the full story.  Finally Shadow begins talking about a Grand Joust, a duel between two skilled warriors.  It’s to take place on the Northern Islands and there’s a legend that says a foreigner will finally bring victory to the Northern Islands.  Shadow convinced the Viking Ruler that the Knight was that legendary foreigner who would protect the islanders’ honor.  In an astonishing bit of trickery, Shadow lied to the Northerners…they can’t remove the Knight from the Joust and they’ll be humiliated when he’s defeated and killed.  Shadow wants the Knight to be reminded this isn’t personal, just evil plots!

Level 94

Shadow can see how much you hate him but if you want information, you’ll have to tolerate his presence.  Shadow claims to be the messenger of the coming storm and you have no idea what evil awaits.  He’s called ‘Shadow’ because he comes from the Dark Side, from a world that is the complete opposite of yours.  While enjoying the tension he’s created, he continues his story.  The Dark Side also has its rulers, its powerful wizards and sorcerers.  They’ve been trying to find an entrance to your world for so long!  And now Shadow is here as the first messenger of the coming changes.  He was sent to learn how his magic works here and how it influences this world. 

Shadow just laughs at your unfriendly look and says his liege will arrive soon.  You probably won’t like him either since he has plans to make changes around here.  Shadow says you might enjoy the reforms that take place, so why be angry about them now.  Shadow is sorry about the frozen warriors, but he can’t help them.  Or can he?

He wants you to meet his master, who invented this brilliant plan to infiltrate this world.  He’s called The Lord of Darkness!

Level 95

(The Lighthouse Keeper warns not to let Shadow’s lies confuse you.)  Shadow feels your hostile looks grow tedious and he decides to leave soon.  But do you realize all of this – the frozen warriors and long conversation – was just a trick to waste your time?  Shadow bids you goodbye, having fulfilled his task and earned his Master’s goodwill.

Level 96

(The Guardian Titan reveals the leader of the Dark Side is the Lord of Darkness and his sidekick, Shadow.)  After finding out from the High Mage of Frost that Shadow is a henchman of the Lord of Darkness, this new encounter is unpleasant.  Shadow says he’ll give up informati
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