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List of Castle Challenges   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 4/18/18 by LadyAstra; 25077 views.
Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


When Midnight Castle vanished from Game Manager

FIRST I made a backup of my MC 'progress' (the ENTIRE Elephant Games folder which lives in AppData Roaming)

THEN I uninstalled Game Manager

THEN I Uninstalled Midnight Castle from Control Panel - Programs and Features. 


THEN I went back to BF, downloaded Midnight Castle Again (I will automatically download/install a fresh copy of Game Manager.   IIIIFFFF Midnight Castle shows up in Game Manager GREAT.   DO NOT LAUNCH MIDNIGHT CASTLE YET. 

Copy/Paste the backup of your MC progress (THE ENTIRE ELEPHANT GAMES FOLDER YOU JUST MADE) into AppData\Roaming. 

THEN  open Game Manager, and the MC Update to MC should be there.  Grab the Update and THEN LAUNCH MC.


From: CLW (CARRIE699)


Am working on the CCs, see that Pet Medallions is coming up.  Is it possible to buy them?  If so how?  Thanks, this update is very pretty.  Hope there is something coming from Marisa after the CC.


From: AEGram


The only time you will be offered the opportunity to purchase Pet Medallions is if you want to craft pet food and do not have the 5 Pet Medallions to so do.

If you have 3...and need 5, you can purchase the remaining 2........Then you go back to craft more pet for 5 pet medallions, etc.

However, if you're like most of us and have nearly or over 1000 of those lil darlin's ................there will be 2 options:

1. Sell off the ones you have......or use them all up by continuously crafting pet food   ....OR

2. Get pet medallions from feeding pets and doing DQs

.................Regarding Pet Chests .... ONLY the Wooden, Iron, and Crystal pet chests will yield a pet medallion. When you get one, you may actually get zero, 1 or 2. I believe on one shockingly rare occasion, I actually got 3 Pet Medallions from one chest.

................Regarding the DQs.....each part will give you 1 or more pet medallions......ALL of the 5 part DQs will give you 2 medallions for each part completed...........All of the 3-part DQs will give you 1 medallion for each part, except Three Days of the Castle Explorer. For that one, you will get 3 medallions from part 1... 4 medallions from part 2.....and 6 medallions for part 3. ......................The 10-part DQs will give you either 3 or 1 medallion for each part, depending on the DQ you get.

In reply toRe: msg 34

From: AEGram


And, to all I would like to give a note of caution regarding Day 7.......we are to collect 20 pet medallions WITHIN 24 HOURS...........

The clock starts ticking when you get that first medallion. Many times players have secured as many as 17 or 18.....taken a break to wait for something to refresh only to notice they now have ZERO medallions collected because the 24-hour time ended.

THANK YOU for that info, Dhyani!

2 things; one is how did get separated? I remember at Easter I saw on Game Manager the UPDATE (for the Easter Celebration), so it was 'together' then. What happened to separate it now?

As detailed as what you laid out sounds, I'm not at all sure about doing sounds scary!

I await for more info...

In reply toRe: msg 28

From: LadyAstra


26th Castle Challenge - Start Date:  September 27, 2020 (EST) for All Platforms

     1.  Craft 15 items.

     2.  Open 12 Zoom Zones.

     3.  Get 20 Pet Medallions in 24 hours.

     4.  Get 9 items from the Fortune Wheel.

     5.  Beat Mountain Troll "Rustle" at dice 1 time.

     6.  Collect 300 morphing objects.

     7.  Complete 3 parts of Daily Quests.

     8.  Feed pets 5 times.

     9.  Beat Innkeeper "Salty" Took at dice 2 times.

     10.  Receive 500 Wheels for sending Airships.

     Reward - Water Bender avatar

     11.  Examine Hidden Object Scenes 30 times in 60 minutes.

     12.  Examine Hidden Object Scenes 50 times.

     13.  Use 30 hints while examining Hidden Object Scenes.

     14.  Send 3 packed Airships.

     15.  Beat Wise Dragon at dice 3 times.

     16.  Open 10 Zoom Zones in 30 minutes.

     17.  Get 5 Gold Chests from feeding pets.

     18.  Get 4 Silver Chests from feeding pets.

     19.  Earn 700 coins from sending Airships.

     20.  Craft 15 items in 30 minutes.

     Reward - Sand Mage avatar

     21.  Feed pets 4 times.

     22.  Get 7 Plain Stamps.

     23.  Use 30 items in Zoom Zones.

     24.  Complete 2 parts of Daily Quests.

     25.  Examine Hidden Object Scenes 50 times.

     26.  Feed pets with 20 bags of food.

     27.  Get 30 Pet Medallions.

     28.  Open 10 Zoom Zones in 30 minutes.

     29.  Earn 500 coins by collecting morphing objects.

     30.  Send 2 packed Airships.

     Reward - Flora Mistress avatar (or any other CC avatar which you don't already own.  Make sure you choose your other avatar before starting the last task.)


From: marbur220


Hi, LadyAstra!
Glad to hear about the Fall event but are they really starting it when a lot of iOS folks are not able to log in? I’m sure they are working on a fix but who knows when that will be.

Stay well...Namaste


From: AEGram


marbur220 said:

Glad to hear about the Fall event but are they really starting it when a lot of iOS folks are not able to log in?

This isn't the Fall's a Castle Challenge.

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


iOS still can't play the game, so still missing out.


From: ellenkcl


Just started challange;  #2 regarding zoom zones.   Where do I Find zoom zones.  I am now 85 and can't remember where they were.  Someone. please guide me to the zoom zones.