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List of Castle Challenges   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 4/18/18 by LadyAstra; 14558 views.
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From: LadyAstra


26th Castle Challenge - Start Date:  September 27, 2020 (EST) for All Platforms

     1.  Craft 15 items.

     2.  Open 12 Zoom Zones.

     3.  Get 20 Pet Medallions in 24 hours.

     4.  Get 9 items from the Fortune Wheel.

     5.  Beat Mountain Troll "Rustle" at dice 1 time.

     6.  Collect 300 morphing objects.

     7.  Complete 3 parts of Daily Quests.

     8.  Feed pets 5 times.

     9.  Beat Innkeeper "Salty" Took at dice 2 times.

     10.  Receive 500 Wheels for sending Airships.

     Reward - Water Bender avatar

     11.  Examine Hidden Object Scenes 30 times in 60 minutes.

     12.  Examine Hidden Object Scenes 50 times.

     13.  Use 30 hints while examining Hidden Object Scenes.

     14.  Send 3 packed Airships.

     15.  Beat Wise Dragon at dice 3 times.

     16.  Open 10 Zoom Zones in 30 minutes.

     17.  Get 5 Gold Chests from feeding pets.

     18.  Get 4 Silver Chests from feeding pets.

     19.  Earn 700 coins from sending Airships.

     20.  Craft 15 items in 30 minutes.

     Reward - Sand Mage avatar

     21.  Feed pets 4 times.

     22.  Get 7 Plain Stamps.

     23.  Use 30 items in Zoom Zones.

     24.  Complete 2 parts of Daily Quests.

     25.  Examine Hidden Object Scenes 50 times.

     26.  Feed pets with 20 bags of food.

     27.  Get 30 Pet Medallions.

     28.  Open 10 Zoom Zones in 30 minutes.

     29.  Earn 500 coins by collecting morphing objects.

     30.  Send 2 packed Airships.

     Reward - Flora Mistress avatar (or any other CC avatar which you don't already own.  Make sure you choose your other avatar before starting the last task.)


From: marbur220


Hi, LadyAstra!
Glad to hear about the Fall event but are they really starting it when a lot of iOS folks are not able to log in? I’m sure they are working on a fix but who knows when that will be.

Stay well...Namaste


From: AEGram


marbur220 said:

Glad to hear about the Fall event but are they really starting it when a lot of iOS folks are not able to log in?

This isn't the Fall's a Castle Challenge.

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


iOS still can't play the game, so still missing out.


From: ellenkcl


Just started challange;  #2 regarding zoom zones.   Where do I Find zoom zones.  I am now 85 and can't remember where they were.  Someone. please guide me to the zoom zones.

If you go into the tavern, the Armored Bear, Drunken Skeleton, Monkey are ZZs.  They are the areas where you use an inventory item to get another inventory item.

Each area around the Castle usually (not always) has 3 ZZs to open.