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Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 508603 views.
Posie (morningcrow)

From: Posie (morningcrow)


Thanks so much! See you in the Castle, Honeyphan!


From: aomohm



after the game crashed and shut down for a fault, saying: "there's a problem, come back later", coming back the next time, I was put back to the very start. took over a day to come to a level, where we can friends, quests, trina, rooms again. now I need many friends, that rotate their spring rooms, having on largely 1 and 2, as the only scene in the whole game where I'm up to the highest pay/items is spring room (sr) 4, as most friends of mine (older times) (level 97) never switch from sr4. my number: 208697, play now as "kooka"2


From: aomohm


also big thanks to my new rotating friends



From: Annemaree1


With the isolation now in full swing, I have lot of time and would love players for my private event rooms  My id number is #838918.

I would also like ti thank all my current friends especially those rotating their room


From: oiuoiu321


Annmaree, I invited you to my game.  I switch between rooms 2 and 4 once a day, trying for the middle of game-day, but only doing so-so at that.


From: WildOneN3w


Robert, I believe you are one of my Friends. Maybe you know a solution to my problem. 
I am at Level 55. You are way above me. I have not gotten an update for the Spring Event. And, when I try to access your Private Room, or anyone's room at the higher levels you are at, I get a message that you have an updated game and that I need to update. 
I have tried contacting BFG. The response I got was to go to Manual updates and search. I have done this, at least twice. No luck.

Any idea of a solution?

Thanks in advance for your response


From: WildOneN3w


Try requesting BFG to restore your game at the level you were at. They did that for me once.

Also, learn to keep a backup of the files which define you and your game level. There are 3 files which have the information at C:/Users/Owner/AppData/Elephant Games/Midnight Castle. Just the three file... you don't need the subdirectory
BTW, for me it is Owner. It will be the user name for you on the computer you are using

Msg 9.1161 and the next 1 deleted

From: THEdella


I have just invited you.  I have 2 games going.  One is id Eloise 854152 (level about 41 or 42), the other is Della 714782 (level 97)  Please feel free to add either or both.