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PC Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 511699 views.

From: Honeyphan


Cool - just sent you an invite! :)

Have fun at the castle!


From: Hera1952


Really enjoying the game. Looking forward to the halloween event.

Hi Jules-

Yes, I had a feeling several of you were hiding in there! LOL

You are a (several, I think) friend of mine...

Lady Diane

Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


Robert and Robert1 are on gift catchup till Tuesday. I have taken down my wishlist and will post a new one Tuesday. I have been doing home repair all weekend and missed several gifting sessions.

Jules (Jues1102)

From: Jules (Jues1102)


Hi LadyD,

yes I believe we are friends on some of my games.

I play on all three platforms and always looking for new friends.

Trying to do Trina quests so always looking for 'stuff' :)!!


Hey Jules,

so what other platforms do you play under? Any more of them 'friends' of mine?

I have my hands full with just one game, so baffles my mind to know that some people can handle multiples!

Actually looking at my 'gifting' lists, I don't think that I have ever received/gifted you with anything. At this point I have over 70 friends, I have my hands full of just returning gifts! Just letting you know that. When I get 5 days behind, I take down my Wish List and just gift back...until I get caught up again. This is a JOB! LOL

But I'm so glad I have friends!

Jules (Jues1102)

From: Jules (Jues1102)


Hi again are you on the master list? All my games are listed there. 
PC: ARW Julie Jules Jamie RHTC

Android: JW Jules RHTC(ran out of room so can’t play on this old Kindle any more).

IOS: Jules Jules02(old work phone I don’t have any more so not valid).

I used to have a ladydi NY and lots of dianes but I don’t see your name on the master list. 
please feel free to request my ids if you would like to add any of my games!


From: Susanna502MC


Hi Jules -

I have you on my android Susanna game (JW Jules RHTC). I noticed you're not as active. Maybe you could switch to my PC Ginger Sue game. I also have a PC Navy Blue game. (Maybe 2 on one game and 3 on the other?) Let me know and I will DM you with the IDs or you can DM me with your IDs.

Jules (Jues1102)

From: Jules (Jues1102)


Hi Susanna!

My Android games just got the recent update. Send gifts out but not many give back - a lot of red so always looking for new people. Trying to do quests for achievements but it’s slow going.  Send a DM for the ids you would like.

FYI I finished the Magic Miser quest on all games except for IOS game. If you need IB’s I’ll put on my list to trade.

Apologies Jules, you are not on my Friends List. I could swear that I did see you awhile back, but you are not now. Are there other Jules?

I have never gone by any other name (in Midnight Castle), and I only play one game on my PC.  Lady Diane is the only name that I go by, in the game.