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PC Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 480244 views.
Mara1022 said:

and if I knew how to edit my post I would do just that. 

Welcome to the game and the forum. In the future if you need to edit your posts all you have to do is hit the down arrow next to the Reply button in your post. You'll get 2 options, Edit or Delete. Hit the Edit button, make your changes and then Save Changes, it's that easy.

Once again welcome!!


From: LvlSlgr


Hi Mara1022. I just sent you an invitation. Good thing you posted your ID # because there are 54 players who go by the name of "Mara". My game name is the same as here - LvlSlgr. I'm not sure why you couldn't find me because right now I don't have any thing extra added to my game name. Sometimes if I take my wishlist down I'll add "-catchup gifting" but I removed that at least 24 hours ago. It really doesn't matter. All's good.

Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


Will send invite. Have to PC games Robert And Robert1.  Do not worry about gifting, my wish list's are set up for egg  collecting to help other players.


From: Honeyphan


I have a question about the friends wish list to those who have a lot of them and can answer -

How many friends can a game hold before it starts lagging or, perhaps, going bonkers?

I want to be able to help out those who are new or have lost their games and are starting over, needing new friends, etc., but I'm just not sure how many I can add before game starts causing problems. Or can problems even start with a lot of friends?

I have 231 friends right now (in my main game), if that helps...

Thanks in advance to any and all who can answer this! :)

Msg 9.1563 deleted

From: Mara1022


Hi Tannie2018!!  I've not figured out the whole concept of "swapping".  Can you explain it to me?  And feel free to add me as a friend.  My ID is 858255. Thanks bunches!

I'm level 70, btw.  


From: Mara1022


Thank you so much, Tammy, for that info and for the warm welcome.  blush


From: datsalotta


Hi Honeyphan*

I have 100 and more in each of 4 games. So far the only "lagging" or "bonkers" LOL I experience is that not all my friends show up when I first open a game. What I do then is go to my private room(s) and choose the gold chest gift and some butterflies. After that I go to my friends and find all have appeared.

Sometimes the game freezes when I'm doing friends' stuff. "Please Wait" When that happens I sometimes wait - quite a while - and the game may come back. But I don't always wait. I sign out and start over.

Over 200 friends WOW. The way I play, I don't think I'll ever increase my friends that much. It may take a few times opening the friends "social page" to have that many show up.

One thing I find is if looking for one friend and don't see it, I will then go to search in friends and sure enough the friend is there.

Glad you asked this question because I wanted to share my own experiences about this. Thank you

datsalotta on PC and ipad...*piesy...datsdat both on PC

If anyone wants to add me as a friend please pm me. Thank you


From: Honeyphan


Thank you, datsalotta! :)

I also have that problem - of friends not all showing when I first log into game - I usually spend that time while the friend area builds up to claim my gifts and then go to the friends area - by that time they all show and I can gift whoever is next.  I also have had the experience of a friend not showing (at any time of the day, not just log in) - who is next on my list to gift - but I have found if I click out of friends and click in again, their name always pops back up.

The "invisibility" usually happens if they are at the end of a row or a page - for some reason, it doesn't always register and you have to bump their name back into place by clicking out and opening the friends tab again (like with the wish list - it doesn't always delete the item you want, but if you click out friends and click in again, that item has then disappeared. lol
Am learning all the little tricks to jar things into place, kinda like the Fonz hitting the jukebox. ;-)

You're welcome, happy to help!!